Iketeru Futari – Episode 16

Cheers to the Good Couple!
Sashūkai Iketeru Futari ni hanataba wo!
最終回 イケてる2人に花束を!

Saji is losing and losing badly in the basketball match, mostly because he is up against his childhood friend Yuki. With Koizumi still not there, Arigase and Amakasu leave to search for her. Will Saji manage to win without her? And will Koizumi really go to L.A. with her father? Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 16”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 15

The World’s Greatest Kidnapping, Where to Koizumi-
Shijōsaidai no Yūwaku♥Koizumi yo izuku e?

Right before the match between Hitachi and Saji are having over Koizumi, Yuki boldly confesses to Saji about how she feels. However Saji seems to have only have Koizumi on his mind and rejects her, which leads him to have to go up against Hitachi and another player in the basketball match. How will things turn out, with Koizumi not there to watch? Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 15”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 14

Memories, Punyo Punyo. A Challenge from the Unknown!
Omohide, Ponyo Ponyo Michi kara no Chōsen!
おもひで、ぷにょぷにょ 未知からの挑戦!

Yuki’s spots Saji daydreaming on the bench and before she can do anything Saji is approached by his basketball rival, Hitachi. After hearing how things have been going between Saji and Koizumi, Hitachi decides to make an interesting challenge. Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 14”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 13

Wet Hunt, Amakasu’s Tale
Nureteru Tantei, Amakasu Monogatari

Everyone still finds Koizumi to be a mystery and with her going to see her dad, Amakasu and Saji use this as an opportunity to discover something new about her. With both of them stealthily following Koizumi, what secrets will they discover? Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 13”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 12

Pajama Party, Fly Into Outer Space!
Pajama Pāti Uchū e kabe!!
パジャマパーティ 宇宙へ翔べ!!

Arigase and Amakasu are inviting Koizumi to a sleep over, however Koizumi is reluctant to go. Saji somehow manages to convince Koizumi to go, but what is his ulterior motive for doing it? Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 12”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 11

Good Times with the Kotatsu, the Night of Kitty Print
Kotatsu degu~! Nyanko Purinto no Yoru
コタツでグ〜! ニャンコプリントの夜

When Koizumi gets home she arrives to find out that her central heating is broken and it’s snowing heavily outside. As a last resort she accepts the super pervert, Saji’s invitation, to stay at his place again. Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 11”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 10

Everyone’s Idol, Sakurai-Kun
Minna no Aidoru, Sakurai-kun♥Pao

A young boy named Sakurai approaches Koizumi and she appears to be blushing and very embarrassed. Saji and everyone else immediately gets the impression that Sakurai likes Koizumi and that she likes him, nonetheless Saji just can’t get this notion out of his mind. Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 10”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 9

Intiative! Koizumi Akira’s Night of Burning Passion!
Sakite! Shōzen no Moeru Yoru
先手! 小泉明の萌える夜♥

Koizumi’s dad is back and it seems as though he is unaware of the kinds of stuff his daughter gets into. Later on Saji confronts Koizumi who is busy pulling the same prank on men again and because she forgot her key-card, she ask Saji if she can spend the night at his place.less- Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 9”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 8

Sweet Heart Valentine Special
Suwīto Hāto Barentain Supesharu

It’s Valentine’s day and Saji seems really busy fantasizing rather than thinking of what to do. He later comes up with the idea to make her chocolates, but how will things pan out? Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 8”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 7

Broke Up! A Prickling Attack Helps…Right-
Sekkō! Ni wa Chiku-chiku Kōgeki ga… Chiku?
絶交! には、チクチク攻撃が…チク?

It doesn’t take long for Saji to get on Koizumi’s bad side, by fantasizing about her during class. Saji is lost in trying to figure out their relationship and tries his best to win over Koizumi, again with help from her classmates. Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 7”