Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 6

“Conspiracies All Around”

Following Anko’s “lesson”, Eikichi must face the PTA for his actions. During the hearing, Noboru shows the teachers and parents the extent of his pain – physically and emotionally. Anko’s mother, still unbelieving of her child’s actions, is forced to realize the truth when Yoshito plays a tape recording of Anko discussing the truth about her mother and Noboru with her friends. Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 6”

Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 5

“An Eye for an Eye, a Butt for a Butt”

Anko Uehara and her gang bullies Noboru for hanging out with Eikichi. They manage to tie him up and beat him to a pulp while he is nude, then take pictures for blackmail. After rescuing Noboru from suicide (again), Onizuka realizes the full extent of Anko’s behavior. However, Anko’s mother is an important member of the PTA, giving her a shield against punishment. Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 5”

Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 4

“The Secret Life of Onizuka”

Eikichi learns first-hand what tricks his homeroom students are capable of. Yoshito Kikuchi, a computer expert, releases fake images of Eikichi engaged in BDSM and homosexual acts. Instead of getting mad, Eikichi asks Yoshito if he can create nude celebrity pictures for him. Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 4”