Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 10

“Outside Looking In”

Tomoko is depressed that Miyabi no longer wants her as a friend. Eikichi tries to cheer Tomoko up and enters her into a beauty contest to help her out with her self-esteem. Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 10”

Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 9

“Onizuka and the Art of War”

Eikichi goes head-to-head with the P.E. teacher Hajime Fukuroda. Meanwhile, Miyabi Aizawa enlists her friend Tomoko Nomura to frame Eikichi as an underwear thief. When she accidentally incriminates Mr. Fukuroda instead, Miyabi berates Tomoko for her stupidity. Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 9”

Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 8

“Bungee Jumping Made Easy”

When Kunio and his friends are confronted by local punks, they believe they are saved when Eikichi arrives. However, he refuses to help, believing their predicament will teach them about taking responsibility. Faced with a bungee jump, Kunio proves how far he will go to prevent his mother from dating Eikichi. Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 8”

Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 7

“The Mother of all Crushes”

While preparing for parent-teacher meetings, Eikichi learns that one of his students, Kunio Murai, has a very young mother. He decides that “dates” are an excellent way to get to know the parents, much to Kunio’s dismay. Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 7”