Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 30

“Money Talks, GTO Walks”

Led to believe that he spent the school’s money, Eikichi attempts to raise the money himself while his students investigate who set him up. The school’s faculty decides to hold a student assembly so Eikichi can take responsibility for his actions. Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 30”

Love Hina – Episode 2

“The Hinata’s New Resident, Shinobu: Arrow Signs”
“Hinata sō no Shinjūnin Shinobu Yajirushi na” (ひなた荘の新住人しのぶ 矢印な)

Shinobu Maehara is a girl going through troubling times. Her parents are going through a divorce, she has no friends & is moving away from Hinata. She has a chance encounter with Keitaro and ends up with his sketchbook which has drawings of her in it, smiling. Keitaro and the others hide her when her parents see that she is missing. Shinobu’s parents let her live at the Hinata Apartments, where Shinobu becomes the cook. Continue reading “Love Hina – Episode 2”

Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 29

“Studies in High Finance”

Before the annual class field trip, Miyabi and her friends steal the school’s trip money and blackmails the English teacher, Mr. Sakurada, into luring Eikichi to a fake “underground girls club” with the stolen money planted on him. At the “club”, Eikichi was goaded into drinking beyond his limits. Finally drunk, Eikichi was relieved of the money and thrown into a garbage pile on an unfamiliar street. He wakes and wonders why is he there? Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 29”

Love Hina – Episode 1

“All-girls Dorm with Outdoor Bath: Hot Springs”
“Rotenburo tsuki no Joshiryō: Onsen na” (露天風呂つきの女子寮 温泉な)

15 years ago, Keitaro Urashima made a promise to a girl,whose face and name he can’t remember, that they would go to Tokyo U together. Now he is trying to fulfill that promise more than ever. One day he goes to visit his Grandma Hina and ends up running the Hinata Apartments where all the residents are over-the-top girls. Continue reading “Love Hina – Episode 1”

Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 28

“Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong”

From getting bōsōzoku gangs to vote for Tomoko to questionable marketing ploys, Eikichi does whatever he can to make sure that Tomoko will win the contest. However, a contemptuous rival competitor undermines his efforts. Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 28”

Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 27

“GTO – Agent to the Stars”

Eikichi becomes Tomoko’s manager and arranges a series of innocuous commercial shoots to increase her national profile. Her commercials attract the attention of a popular magazine who wants her entered into their beauty contest. Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 27”