Love Hina – Episode 7

“First Date. Keitaro’s True Feelings: Nowadays”
“Hatsu dēto, Keitarō no shitagokoro Imadokina” (初デート、景太郎のしたごころ いまどきな)

Su has created a new device, Virtual-Kun, which allows you to see what a person desires in their heart. When used on Keitaro, it reveals his affection for Naru, and his intention to take her on a date to a newly-opened amusement park. But when one of Naru’s classmates, the calculating Kentaro, offers her the same deal, the two men end up in a competition for her affection. Continue reading “Love Hina – Episode 7”

Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 33

“Search and Rescue”

To teach Miyabi and her friends a lesson, Urumi orchestrates their kidnapping to hold them for ransom. Eikichi literally flies in to save the day and foils Urumi’s plans. Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 33”

Love Hina – Episode 6

“Keitaro’s First Kiss is with…? Journey”
“Keitarō, hatsu kisu? No aite Tabiji na” (景太郎、初キス?の相手 旅路な)

Keitaro and Naru continue their shared holiday, much to Naru’s disgust. They meet up with Mutsumi Otohime, the girl Keitaro ran into at their second exam, who is having difficulty in getting home to Okinawa. Keitaro offers to accompany Mutsumi, and Naru eventually tags along, but because of Mutsumi’s bad sense of direction, they end up in several other Japanese cities that aren’t Okinawa. Along the way they just miss the rest of the girls, whose efforts to find Keitaro and Naru lead them to unusual experiences. Continue reading “Love Hina – Episode 6”

Love Hina – Episode 5

“Wow. A Trip to Kyoto! Exciting”
“Kyūsekkin! Kyōto futari tabi Dokidoki harahara na” (急接近!京都二人旅 ドキドキハラハラな)

Keitaro and Naru, both embarrassed about failing the entrance exams again, both decide to go on a short holiday to Kyoto. They are oblivious to the fact that they are sharing the same seat on the train due to the fact that both their glasses are broken. They spend a day together and both think they have found an ideal match. They are forced into sharing a hotel room and they finally get their glasses back and realize that they spent the day with each other. Meanwhile the residents of the Hinata Apartments decide to mount a rescue mission which gets completely sidetracked because nobody knows where they are. Continue reading “Love Hina – Episode 5”

Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 32

“The Law of Probability”

Eikichi wins a Mercedes-Benz E-class sedan in a local contest, worth enough to pay for the trip. Unfazed, Miyabi arranges for a suicidal salaryman to jump in front of Eikichi’s car and ruin his chances of selling it. Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 32”

Love Hina – Episode 4

“The Tokyo U Promise from 15 Years Ago: Diary”
“Tōdai no yakusoku wa jūgonen mae Nikki na” (東大の約束は15年前 日記な)

Keitaro sneaks a peak at Naru’s diary and finds out about a promise that apparently she made many years ago to go to Tokyo U. Then Keitaro begins to think that he made his promise to her. She is very insecure about talking about it and repeatedly denies it. As it turns out, the promise was supposed to be to a man named Seta. Continue reading “Love Hina – Episode 4”

Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 31

“Destination: Okinawa”

Framed as an embezzler, Eikichi promises to make it up to all of the 3rd year students with a trip to Okinawa. He claims that he can pay for it with a winning lottery ticket (obtained as a collateral from Saejima), but when he finds out that the ticket was a fraud, he has to find another way to pay for the ¥8 million trip. Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 31”

Love Hina – Episode 3

“Kendo Girl in Love?: Swordplay”
“Koi suru!? Kendō musume Kengeki na” (恋する!?ケンドー娘 剣劇な)

Motoko Aoyama has returned to the Hinata Apartments and is shocked to find a man in charge. She tries to attack Keitaro with her wooden sword numerous times, yet eventually comes to more or less accepting him as the manager. Continue reading “Love Hina – Episode 3”