Love Hina – Spring Special

“Love Hina Spring Special – I wish Your Dream”
“Rabu Hina Haru Supesharu ~ Kimi Sakurachiru nakare!! ~” (ラブひな 春スペシャル 〜キミサクラチルナカレ!!〜)

The Toudai entrance exams have finally come (again) for Keitarou. With all his confidence he takes the test, but ends up falling asleep and dreaming about Narusegawa. Waking up with barely any time to complete the test, Keitarou thinks he will fail and tries to escape from Hinata Inn and forget all the memories with it. By a stroke of luck he meets Seta, but ends up on a faraway island with the whole cast looking for him. Continue reading “Love Hina – Spring Special”