Full Metal Panic! – Episode 17

“The Wind Blows at Home, Part 3”
“Kokyō ni Mau Kaze Kōhen” (故郷に舞う風·後編)

Sousuke fights and eventually kills Zaied while Gauron finishes off the remaining Mithril team. After Zaied falls, he then confronts Gauron and when their Lambda Drivers collide, Sousuke emerges as the sole victor. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 17”

Chobits – Episode 5

ちぃ 見つける
Chii Mitsukeru
Chi Finds

Hideki is facing his first practice exam and goes to the book store to buy an English dictionary since he forgot his own at his parents’ place. At the store, Chi finds a picture book called “A City with No People,” which sparks Chi’s curiosity. Hideki buys it for her rather than his dictionary, and Shinbo lends his to Hideki. While Shinbo is teaching Hideki how to use the dictionary, Chi finishes the picture book and something unusual happens. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 5”

Full Metal Panic! – Episode 16

“The Wind Blows at Home, Part 2”
“Kokyō ni Mau Kaze Chūhen” (故郷に舞う風·中編)

Sousuke and the remaining team members take refuge in a cave hideout. However, he is unaware that an old friend from his child soldier days, Zaied, is fighting alongside Gauron. Zaied’s insight into Sousuke’s tactical planning gives him and Gauron the strategic advantage. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 16”

Chobits – Episode 4

ちぃ おつかい
Chii Otsukai
Chi Goes on Errands

Hideki comes to realizes that Chi doesn’t have “pantsu” (“Underpants” in the dub). Since he’s too embarrassed to get them himself, he lets Chi go to a lingerie store to buy them with the help of Sumomo’s navigation system. After several mishaps and mistakes, Hideki finally plucks up the courage to run into the store and buy them himself and run back out. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 4”

Full Metal Panic! – Episode 15

“The Wind Blows at Home, Part 1”
“Kokyō ni Mau Kaze Zenpen” (故郷に舞う風·前編)

Sousuke is sent to Helmajistan after Gauron is found to be alive. He is temporarily assigned to an AS squad from Mithril’s Indian Ocean corps in a mission to kill Gauron, but because of his young age, his presence is met with derision. They ignore Sousuke’s advice and their first encounter with Gauron ends in disaster. They also commandeer a nuclear-armed ballistic missile Gauron was planning to sell on the black market. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 15”

Chobits – Episode 3

ちぃ おぼえる
Chii Oboeru
Chi Learns

Chi begins learning words from Hideki, who is running very low on money. He decides to get a job to pay for his living expenses. Unfortunately, all the jobs are taken, except for a position he stumbles upon by accident at Japanese pub called Yorokonde (“My Pleasure”), where he meets a high school girl named Yumi. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 3”

Full Metal Panic! – Episode 14

“Is Narashino Burning?”
“Narashino wa Moete iru ka?” (習志野は燃えているか?)

Sousuke, Kaname, and their friends visit the Narashino military festival during their summer break. At the festival’s annual AS competition, Sousuke helps out the Narashino team (an element of the 1st Airborne Brigade), who lose to the Nerima team every year. His classmate, Shinji Kazama, a military otaku, also reconciles with his father, who is the Narashino team’s commanding officer. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 14”

Chobits – Episode 2

ちぃ 出かける
Chii Dekakeru
Chi Goes Out

Hideki wants to find out more about Chi, so he takes her to Shinbo’s friend Minoru Kokubunji, who is a rich but very young expert on Persocoms. There, they find out she has some sort of learning program even though she has no OS (Operating System). Minoru concludes that Hideki is able to teach her and that she will be able to grasp information that she is given. While leaving the house, Minoru tells Hideki not to fall in love with her if he do not want to cry later. Later, at his room Hideki gives name to her “chi”. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 2”

Full Metal Panic! – Episode 13

“A Cat and a Kitten’s Rock & Roll”
“Neko to Koneko no R & R (Rokkunrōru)” (猫と子猫のR&R(ロックンロール))

During a heated argument with Melissa, Tessa challenges her to an AS duel. However, Tessa realizes that she may be in over her head and asks Sousuke to be her AS coach. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 13”

Chobits – Episode 1

ちぃ 目覚める
Chii Mezameru
Chi Awakens

Hideki Motosuwa is an 18-year-old student living with the short end of the stick. He’s short of money, has to go to prep school, and is still a virgin. Hideki dreams of getting into college and having a cute Persocom to surf the internet for pornography. While he’s out one night, he finds a Persocom in the garbage, activates her, and names her Chi, after her first word, which appears to be the only thing she can say. After trying to hide her from Hiromu Shinbo, his neighbor (and his mini-Persocom Sumomo), and trying and failing to hide her from his landlady, Ms. Hibiya, he decides to keep her, much to her joy. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 1”