Full Metal Panic! – Episode 21

“Deep Trap”
“Dīpu Torappu” (ディープ·トラップ)

Overcome with guilt over Melissa’s condition, Sousuke lashes out at Kaname telling her that she is a burden. Overhearing the conversation, Kurz hits Sousuke telling him that Sousuke made Kaname cry and it is men like him that turn into bad husbands. Realizing his mistake, he looks for Kaname to apologize; however, with help from SRT traitors, Gauron takes control of the Tuatha de Danaan AI with a special program, holding Kaname, Tessa, and the command crew hostage. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 21”

Chobits – Episode 9

新保·すもも 語る
Shinbo·Sumomo Kataru
Shinbo and Sumomo Chat

Sumomo is running low on memory space, so she asks her owner, Shinbo, what he wants to erase. He starts at Sumomo’s “congratulations on moving in” dance for Hideki, and then recalls several main events and funny incidents that have occurred in the series thus far. This episode serves mainly as a recap of the storyline. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 9”

Full Metal Panic! – Episode 20

“Venom’s Flame”
“Venomu no Hi” (ヴェノムの火)

Tessa shares with Kaname the nature of resonance between two Whispered. Meanwhile, the SRT prepares for a mission against terrorists led by Gauron, who survived the Helmajistan incident and is wreaking havoc at Palau’s Berildaob island. During the battle, Gauron is captured, but Melissa ends up gravely injured. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 20”

Chobits – Episode 8

ちぃ とまどう
Chii Tomadou
Chi Bewildered

During the events in the previous episode, Chi’s defense mechanism activates and puts her in a trance-like state that results in her jumping from building to building and that seems to disable all of the other Persocoms in the area. Hideki goes looking for Chi. Seeing him takes her out of the state, and Hideki takes her home. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 8”

Full Metal Panic! – Episode 19

“Engaging Six and Seven”
“Engēji Shikkusu Sebun” (エンゲージ·シックス·セブン)

Melissa recounts to Tessa and Kaname how she recruited Kurz and Sousuke into the SRT. She said they were unlikely candidates while she was searching for new members; however, the combat skills they exhibit during a mission changed her mind. Sousuke later takes Kaname on a tour of the submarine. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 19”

Chobits – Episode 7

ちぃ 働く
Chii Hataraku
Chi Works

Chi wants to find a job to so she can help Hideki pay for their expenses. But Chi, being Chi, manages to get an accidental job in a peep show, and Hideki must look for her. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 7”

Full Metal Panic! – Episode 18

“Deep Sea Party”
“Shinkai Pāti” (深海パーティ)

Kaname is nervous when Sousuke asks her to go to a secluded island with him, but is less enthused when the island turns out to be Mithril’s base. An emerging situation forces Sousuke to immediately report to the Tuatha de Danaan with Kaname still in tow. When she arrives aboard the Tuatha de Danaan, she is surprised at the royal treatment she receives and is invited to the submarine’s first anniversary party. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 18”

Chobits – Episode 6

ちぃ 弱る
Chii Yowaru
Chi Weakens

Hideki begins to worry because Chi seems to be tired constantly. He talks to Shinbo about this, and learns that Persocoms need to be charged. Normally, prolonged exposure to sunlight is fine, but in this case, Chi needs to be plugged in. When Hideki returns, he finds that Chi is very close to losing all of her battery power, but he cannot recharge her because he hasn’t paid his electricity bill. In a desperate attempt, he tries to take Chi to Yorokonde but gets horribly lost along the way. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 6”