Chobits – Episode 13

ちい 遊ぶ
Chii Asobu
Chi Plays

Hideki gets a DVD player and an online game from Minoru. He, Chi, Sumomo and Shinbo play the game together. However, Chi is somehow not with them in the game, and Hideki searches around in-game to find her despite the fact that he has no experience in playing online games. While doing so, he accidentally finds himself confronting an undefeatable boss monster and is eventually rescued by Chi, although afterward Chi claims that she has no memory of the incident. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 13”

Full Metal Panic! – Episode 24

“Into the Blue”
“Intu za Burū” (イントゥ·ザ·ブルー)

Sousuke and Gauron fight each other within the confines of the Tuatha de Danaan hangar. As they struggle, Gauron activates his AS’s self-destruct mechanism to destroy both himself and the Tuatha de Danaan. With Kaname’s help, Sousuke jettisons Gauron’s AS from the submarine just as it explodes. Back at Merida Island, Tessa sends home the remains of two SRT members killed during the takeover. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 24”

Chobits – Episode 12

ちぃ 確かめる
Chii Tashikameru
Chi Confirms

Hideki is scared of a room in the apartment because of a horror story he heard at Minoru’s house when he was asking about the internet through Minoru’s custom-made Persocom Yuzuki. He becomes paranoid thinking about the story and, believing that his apartment building is haunted, has several self-induced hallucinations. The apartment number in the story is 104, as 4, or shi. “Shi” is the Japanese word for Four (四) and Death (死), and because of this, the number four is unlucky in Japan. According to the story, a woman who was hoping to rendezvous with her lover was killed in that room. Hideki and Chi along with Shinbo, Minoru and Yuzuki decide to investigate. At the end, Hideki and Chi discover that it is all a misunderstanding. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 12”

Full Metal Panic! – Episode 23

“Field of Giants”
“Kyojin no Fīrudo” (巨人のフィールド)

Kaname connects herself directly to the Tuatha de Danaan computer system and re-programs it while Sousuke heads to the Tuatha de Danaan bridge. He rescues Tessa and the crew, but Gauron manages to escape. As Gauron is about to destroy the Tuatha de Danaan with his Venom AS, Sousuke activates his Arbalest. The U.S. Navy calls off the attack on the submarine. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 23”

Chobits – Episode 11

ちぃ 出会う
Chii Deau
Chi Meets

Hideki gets a date with Yumi. While he’s out, Chi reads the sequel of her book, which awakens a part of her memory. As a result, she meets a mysterious girl who looks exactly like her, named Freya, who seems to know everything about Chi’s past that Chi does not. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 11”

Full Metal Panic! – Episode 22

“Jack in the Box”
“Jakku in za Bokkusu” (ジャック·イン·ザ·ボックス)

To discredit Mithril, Gauron uses the Tuatha de Danaan to attack the USS Bunker Hill (CG-52), which is patrolling just nearby. Using resonance, Tessa communicates to Kaname a plan to regain control of the submarine, then creates a diversion that allows Kaname to escape. Gauron’s men pursue her, but Sousuke and Kurz arrive in time to help. Kalinin visits the Bunker Hill to convince the U.S. Navy not to respond in force after Gauron fires two Harpoons at the ship. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 22”

Chobits – Episode 10

ちぃ 買う
Chii Kau
Chi Buys

Chi decides to use her money to buy the sequel to the book “A City with No People” and a porno magazine for Hideki, who learns from Shinbo that Persocoms need bathing. Since he doesn’t have money to buy bathing software for Chi, he has to teach Chi how to bathe. At the public baths, after some awkward, unsuccessful attempts to instruct Chi on how to bathe herself, Hideki eventually finds a way to avoid the task when he meets his landlady, who helps bathe Chi. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 10”