Chobits – Episode 18

稔·柚姫 語る
Minoru·Yuzuki Kataru
Minoru and Yuzuki Chat

Minoru and Yuzuki tried to find what Chi really is and search for clues about the creator of the Chobits picture. Yuzuki reviews with Minoru what they know about Chi, and the only thing they can conclude with the information they have is that Chi is not a normal Persocom. This episode is another recap of the events that have happened so far in the series. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 18”

Chobits – Episode 17

ちぃ まかなう
Chii Makanau
Chi Provides

Hideki has lost his wallet and cannot buy anything to eat. Chi wants to give him a meal to make him happy, so she uses her work paycheck to buy the food and make it herself. Her attempt results in the smoke alarm going off, and Miss Hibiya teaches her to cook a more edible meal. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 17”

Chobits – Episode 16

ちぃ 何もしない
Chii Nanimo Shinai
Chi Doesn’t Do Anything

Hideki wakes up with Sumomo in his bag. Then he finds out that Shinbo has run away with Ms. Shimizu and eloped. Bewildered, Hideki goes to Minoru’s house and gets him to contact Shinbo via video call. Shinbo explains that Ms. Shimizu lost her trust in men when her husband bought a Persocom and became so enamoured with it he completely forgot about his wife. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 16”

Chobits – Episode 15

ちぃ もてなす
Chii Motenasu
Chi Entertains

Ms. Shimizu suddenly shows up at Hideki’s apartment and spends the night. She doesn’t say why, but she asks him if he prefers Persocoms over people. The next day, he finds out that Shinbo hasn’t slept at all. But when Hideki tells him what had happened overnight, Shinbo freaks out. Later, Hideki is walking home when he sees Ms. Shimizu and Shinbo locked in a romantic embrace. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 15”

Chobits – Episode 14

ちぃ 海いく
Chii Umi Iku
Chi Goes to the Ocean

Hideki, Shinbo, Chi, Ms. Hibiya, Yumi, and Ms. Shimizu (their prep school teacher) decide to go to Minoru’s Beach House over the Spring Break. There, dolphins catch their eye, Chi jumps overboard, and in an attempt to rescue Chi, Hideki nearly drowns himself. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 14”