Chobits – Episode 22

ちぃ 求める
Chii Motomeru
Chi Wants

Chi is still missing, and Hideki is enlisting as much help as he can to find her. A strange e-mail image gets sent to him and Shinbo from the house of the infamous hacker “Dragonfly”. It turns out that this is Chi’s abductor, and he is carrying out research to find out what Chi is. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 22”

Chobits – Episode 21

ちぃ 待つ
Chii Matsu
Chi Waits

Chi is still in the hands of her abductor as Hideki searches for her. After he talks to Mr. Ueda about Chi missing work, they decide to search for Chi together, and Mr. Ueda talks about his marriage to his last Persocom. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 21”

Chobits – Episode 20

ちぃ いなくなる
Chii Inaku Naru
Chi Disappears

While Chi is on her way to work, she notices the third part of the book series “A City With No People” on the shelf of a bookstore. While she flips through the pages, she is grabbed from behind and is kidnapped. Hideki comes home from prep school and returns to find Chi missing. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 20”

Chobits – Episode 19

ちぃ 手伝う
Chii Tetsudau
Chi Helps

Ms. Hibiya is cleaning the apartments, and Hideki and Chi offer to help her. When Hideki goes to clean the electronics room, Sumomo accidentally falls onto some wires and gets electrocuted. Ms Hibiya then reveals that she used to build Persocoms, and she repairs Sumomo. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 19”