Chobits – Episode 26

ちぃ だけの人
Chii Dake no Hito
The Person Only For Chi

Chi has chosen Hideki as her “one and only,” and Freya has taken control from within Chi. At Freya’s request, Hibiya issues the command to shut them down and delete their programming, heedless of Hideki’s protests. Hideki then tells Chi/Freya that he loved her and tells her the meaning of happiness. Freya accepts that Chi has done the thing Freya couldn’t do while alive: to find her “one and only.” Freya subsides and disappears, leaving Hideki and Chi to live happily ever after. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 26”

Chobits – Episode 25

ちぃ 決める
Chii Kimeru
Chi Decides

Ms. Hibiya secretly leaves Chi the fourth book in the “A City With No People” series. Hideki meets with Shinbo and shares his feelings for Chi. He realizes he loves Chi, and back in Hideki’s apartment, when Chi tells Hideki that she loves him, he also tells her that he loves her. At this point, something triggers in Chi, and she flies out of the apartment window and onto the roof of the building. Finding Hideki and Chi on the roof, Hibiya reveals that she is Chi’s mother. She tells Hideki that Chi is a Chobit, and that Freya, the “familiar voice” other Persocoms had been hearing during Chi’s trances, was Chi’s sister who had died. Zima and Dita, two advanced Persocoms who had been observing from a distance for several episodes, wait nearby intending to stop Chi from launching her hidden program that they fear will destroy all Persocoms. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 25”

Chobits – Episode 24

ちぃ 着てぬぐ
Chii Kite Nugu
Chi Wears And Takes Off

Hideki takes Chi to work. There, Chi changes into the wrong uniform. Ueda tells her it’s the wrong one, but before she goes to change, Yumi sees her wearing it from outside the shop and runs away crying. As it turns out, Yumi used to work at the store, and that had been her uniform. When Yumi was working for Mr. Ueda, the two had started falling in love, but when Yumi learned about Mr. Ueda’s previous marriage to a Persocom, she concluded that he believed Persocoms to be superior to humans, so she quit her job at his bakery and broke off the relationship. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 24”

Chobits – Episode 23

ちぃ 答える
Chii Kotaeru
Chi Answers

Hideki and Chi help Shinbo move out of the apartment to live with Ms. Shimizu (who is now married to him). Then they arrive at Minoru’s house, where he is trying to find information on Chobits. Minoru, who has not been sleeping enough, passes out, and Yuzuki (Minoru’s custom-made Persocom) decides to try to hack the Chobits database herself. Continue reading “Chobits – Episode 23”