Haibane Renmei – Episode 13

“Reki’s World — Prayer — Epilogue”
“Reki no sekai — Inori — Shūshō” (レキの世界 — 祈り — 終章)

Rakka discovers that Reki’s entire studio is painted like her cocoon dream. Rakka gives Reki the wooden tablet containing her true name, which fills the latter with despair. She has regretted ever being born in this world seven years ago, exiling herself from others and showing no trust in them. She wanted to always be there for Rakka in order to finally find salvation for herself. She throws Rakka out of her studio, confronts a crumbling stone manifestation of herself, and relives her dream. Rakka finds out the truth about the struggle Reki is going through via her diary, realizing that Reki wanted to protect her all along. Rakka goes back inside the studio, but is stopped by the manifestation. After Reki calls out for Rakka, the manifestation disappears. She saves Reki from being hit by a foggy image of a train. Reki departs on her Day of Flight, something all the Haibane will never forget. As spring nears, Rakka sees two cocoons beginning to sprout out of the ground inside a room. Continue reading “Haibane Renmei – Episode 13”

Haibane Renmei – Episode 12

“Bell Nuts — Passing of the Year Festival — Reconciliation”
“Suzu no mi — sugikoshi no matsuri — Yūwa” (鈴の実 — 過ぎ越しの祭 — 融和)

The Haibane go into town to buy bell nuts, gifts of reconciliation for the upcoming Passing of the Year Festival. Reki gives one to Hyoko a week early, saying sorry for dragging her into her personal problems. Hyoko and Midori later reveal that Reki convinced Hyoko to climb over the wall by putting a wedge in it during a downpour in hopes of finding Kuramori on the other side, which led Hyoko to nearly bleed to death. The Communicator tells Rakka that the Day of Flight for a Haibane will come when they realize their true identity. He gives her a wooden tablet containing her true name inside. The Circle of Sin describes that because one cannot forgive themselves for their sin, only someone staying by their side must recognize their sin as well. The Communicator also gives a wooden tablet containing Reki’s true name, and Rakka is task to give it to her after the festival has passed. During the festival at night, the Haibane, except Reki, visit the people in town, giving them bell nuts as a sign of appreciation. Rakka brings Midori to Old Home to show Reki the yellow fireworks launched by Hyoko from Abandoned Factory, a message of forgiveness to Reki. Continue reading “Haibane Renmei – Episode 12”

Haibane Renmei – Episode 10

“Kuramori — Haibane of Abandoned Factory — Rakka’s Job”
“Kuramori — Haikōjō no Haibane tachi — Rakka no shigoto” (クラモリ — 廃工場の灰羽達 — ラッカの仕事)

In a flashback, Kuramori and Remu witnessed Reki being born with black-spotted wings. Kuramori promised Reki that she would stay by her side forever. Kuramori takes Reki to see the Communicator, who gives Reki her name and shows Kuramori how to prepare the special medicine. One day, Kuramori falls ill due to her poor health, and Reki and Nemu cook breakfast for her overnight. The next morning, Kuramori lets Reki live in the guest room to take on the responsibility to take care of any newborn Haibane. In the present, Reki goes to the Communicator to ask for help for the ailing Rakka, so he tells her that Rakka is no longer sin-bound. He also says that Nemu always worries about her. Rakka feels better after Reki gives her the special medicine. As punishment for touching the wall, Rakka is given her own job within the wall around the city, as she is to gather light leaves to make halos and to purify the rusted name tags. Hyoko and Midori offer a tentatively friendly gesture from Abandoned Factory to Old Home. Reki tells Nemu not to think of her as a burden for worrying about her so much. Continue reading “Haibane Renmei – Episode 10”

Haibane Renmei – Episode 11

“Parting — Darkness in the Heart — Irreplaceable Thing”
“Betsuri — Kokoro no yami — Kakegae no nai mono” (別離 — 心の闇 — かけがえのないもの)

Rakka go to Abandoned Factory to meet up with Hyoko and Midori there. Midori hints to Rakka that Hyoko almost died because of Reki when the two once ran away together. During her work underground, Rakka hears Kuu’s voice as drops of puddles flow down the stream. The Communicator later tells Rakka that while she had the birds to offer her forgiveness, Reki will not accept help from anyone and has little time left. Rakka vows to try and help Reki, already knowing she probably will not ever see her again. Since Nemu is sick, Rakka visits the library, coming across one of the petrified books, which Sumika says that it was turned to stone by some sort of magical force. Rakka becomes upset when Reki views that their moments together will not last forever. Continue reading “Haibane Renmei – Episode 11”

Haibane Renmei – Episode 9

“Well — Rebirth — Riddle”
“Ido — Saisei — Nazokake” (井戸 — 再生 — 謎掛け)

The Haibane leave Old Home in search for Rakka, who realizes that the crow that died in the well represents someone who cared about her in her old life. The Toga find and rescue her from the well, but they do not know what has happened to Kuu, much to her dismay. She believes she heard Kuu’s voice behind the cold wall, but the Communicator catches her touching it. Now having a sprained ankle, the Communicator leads her home. The Communicator says that the crow had finished its purpose before dying, but Rakka sympathizes for this crow showing what her dream meant. The Communicator also remarks how she is sin-bound due to her black-spotted wings that she tried to hide. He then gives a riddle, which he calls the Circle of Sin, stating that to recognize sin is to have no sin. As the Communicator departs, Reki and the others find her. However, Reki realizes that Rakka has touched the wall, feeling her cold body. Rakka becomes ill and Reki takes her home to take care of her. It is hinted that Reki may have been in a similar situation in the past. Continue reading “Haibane Renmei – Episode 9”

Haibane Renmei – Episode 8

“The Bird”
“Tori” (鳥)

Hikaru gives Rakka a pair of wing covers that will protect her from the cold atmosphere, though she uses it just to hide her wings. After Reki helps Rakka move Kuu’s bed into her room, Rakka questions her purpose for her existence, to which Reki suggests she must find out on her own. They take the Young Feathers to buy winter clothes. After talking with the store owner, a woman tries to touch Rakka’s wings. She flees out of the store, and, as she trip onto the pavement, one of the wing covers comes loose. A man helps her back up and gives her back the wing cover, and she ashamedly runs into the Western Woods, led by the crows, who take her to an old well where she learns about her cocoon dream. Rakka feels both nostalgic and amnesiac of the crow she has seen in this dream. Continue reading “Haibane Renmei – Episode 8”