Green Green – Episode 3

Mori no Naka de Dokkoisho
Whoops-a-daisy In the Forest!

Outraged over a prank pulled on her by the Baka Trio, Futaba decides to leave Kanenone for home. In her search for a short cut to the bus stop, she gets lost in the surrounding forest and injures her ankle. Continue reading “Green Green – Episode 3”

Da Capo – Episode 4

Sakura no shita no kanaria
The Canary Under the Cherry Tree

A mishap with Sakura and Nemu causes Jun’ichi to go hungry for much of the day, but the girl idol of the school Kotori Shirakawa who has telepathic power, whom he hears singing at the oldest living cherry blossom tree on Hatsune-Jima in Sakura Park, offers him one of his favorite foods, yakisoba. Later, she faints from a headache due to the amount of reading thoughts by other students, and Jun’ichi takes her the infirmary where Koyomi who happens to be Kotori’s sister asks him to care of her. And the two eventually become friends. Upon returning home, Nemu surprises Jun’ichi with yakisoba. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 4”

Green Green – Episode 2

Rotenburo de Suttenkororin
A Tumble in the Open-Air Bath

The girls are dismayed at the antics of the Baka Trio and the spartan facilities at Kanenone, but are cheered up when they discover the place boasts an outdoor hot spring. Continue reading “Green Green – Episode 2”

Da Capo – Episode 3

Banana! Nandesunē~
So, it’s Bananas, eh?

Although Miharu Amakase is reported hospitalized, Miharu appears in her classroom to everyone’s astonishment. She is an android based on Miharu’s appearance and personality, and Jun’ichi is charged with her care by his homeroom teacher Koyomi who also a researcher at the Amakase Laboratory. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 3”

Green Green – Episode 1

Yamaoku de Dokkidoki
Hearts Pounding Deep in the Mountains!

A busload of girls from an all-girls school is on its way to Kanenone Gakuen for a month-long trial run of integrating the two schools. At Kanenone, Yuusuke leads the boys in preparing a welcoming.
Continue reading “Green Green – Episode 1”

Da Capo – Episode 2

Ura-Nemu, Bakuretsu desu
The Explosive Anti-Nemu

Sakura’s insistent affections (and ill-timed kiss) upsets Nemu’s mood. She treats Jun’ichi coldly all day long. In class, Suginami gossips about their reaction. At dinner, Jun’ichi makes Nemu’s favorite food, but she declines and has a cup of noodles instead. While Nemu is in the bath, Jun’ichi walks up to the door and sincerely apologizes, so she forgives him. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 2”

Da Capo – Episode 1

Suki ni naccha dame desuka?
Can’t I Fall In Love?

On the crescent moon island of Hatsune-Jima where cherry blossom (sakura) trees bloom all year long. Jun’ichi Asakura who can observe the dreams of others, and his adopted sister Nemu wake up in the morning as they leave for school. A new transfer student at Kazami Academy, Sakura Yoshino, who happens to be Jun’ichi’s cousin, arrives back from America to the Asakura siblings’ surprise. The biggest surprise was that she hasn’t aged a day since she and Jun’ichi last met six years ago. At the end of the episode, Sakura sneaks into Jun’ichi’s bedroom window as Nemu is entering his room, Sakura kisses Jun’ichi on the lips. This upsets Nemu and she calls him a pervert before leaving the room. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 1”