Green Green – Episode 8

Asaburo de Sutta Mon Da
Morning Bath Free-for-all

Alone in the outdoor bath, Reika delivers a surveillance report on Midori and her attempts to attract the interest of Yuusuke. Soon after “signing off”, she is joined by Chigusa-sensei and the rest of the girls. Continue reading “Green Green – Episode 8”

Da Capo – Episode 9

Nazo no poemā
The Mysterious Poet

Various poems anonymously appear across Nemu’s path, from a secret admirer who is also an obsessive eavesdropper. In the end, the secret admirer guy deserts Nemu when realizing she thought he was a girl the whole time. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 9”

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – Episode 2

“Hostility Passing-By”
“Surechigai no Hosutiriti” (すれ違いのホスティリティ)

“A Fruitless Lunchtime”
“Karamawari no Ranchitaimu” (空回りのランチタイム)

After Sousuke causes a panic at the school’s bread stand, Sousuke and Kaname have to fill in for the stand’s lunchtime duties, which raises the ire of the physical education teacher. He attempts to sabotage their bread, but he falls for Sousuke’s booby traps, when Sousuke was expecting that someone would tamper the bread.

Sousuke forgets Kaname’s notes at home and they make a frantic dash to retrieve them and return before lunchtime ends. Despite their tardiness, they find out that the notes were not needed since their teacher coincidentally fell sick. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – Episode 2”

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – Episode 1

“The Man From the South”
“Minami Kara Kita Otoko” (南から来た男)

“A Hostage With No Compromises”
“Dakyō Muyō no Hosutēji” (妥協無用のホステージ)

A secret admirer leaves a love letter in Sousuke’s shoe locker. Instead of finding the letter, he deduces that his locker was tampered with and promptly blows it up. From its fragments, Sousuke misinterprets the letter as a death threat and confronts his “stalker”.

After Sousuke’s encounter with a gang leaves its members disrespected, their leader decides to take Kaname hostage. Instead of giving in to their demands, Sousuke holds the gang leader’s little brother hostage and proposes an exchange. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – Episode 1”

Green Green – Episode 7

Poolside de Bisshobisho
Splish-splash by the Pool

After repeated failures to win Futaba’s heart by following the dubious recommendations of a dating guidebook, Hikaru turns to Midori for help, with the rest of the Baka Trio in tow. Continue reading “Green Green – Episode 7”

Da Capo – Episode 8

Da Capo – Episode 8

Utamaru no haru (sōshūhen)
Utamaru’s Spring (Recap Episode)
Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 8”

Green Green – Episode 6

Taiiku Souko de Acchicchi
A Steamy Time in the P.E. Storage Room

Midori and Yuusuke are assigned to scout for locations for a school affair. Midori decides to treat the assignment as a date, and gets Reika to promise not to interfere. Continue reading “Green Green – Episode 6”

Da Capo – Episode 7

Mizukoshi-ke e goshōtai!
Welcome to the Mizukoshi Residence!

Jun’ichi helps Moe Mizukoshi get to school under the nose of the hall monitors, and she invites him to a nabe meal in return at the Mizukoshi’s residence by using a live duck for cooking. Nemu heads to a hospital as an excuse after a quarrel between Sakura and Yoriko. She finds Jun’ichi there and leaves together without having dinner at all. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 7”

Green Green – Episode 5

Hokenshitsu de Battankyaa
Instant Sleep in the Nurse`s Office!

Sanae misplaces her medicine box, but Yuusuke helps her find it. His good deed is seen and misinterpreted by Reika, who decides to try to bring the two together. Continue reading “Green Green – Episode 5”

Da Capo – Episode 6

Da Capo – Episode 6

Umi e yukimashō!
Let’s Go to the Beach!

Jun’ichi reluctantly invites his friends to the beach, little realizing a certain promise he made earlier for Nemu to have gone just by themselves. Miharu does banana racing. Sakura and Nemu request Jun’ichi to put sun lotion on their backs. Anyhow they all enjoy fireworks as Jun’ichi goes finding Nemu at the scenery. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 6”