Green Green – Episode 12

Kanenone ni Sayounara
Farewell, Kanenone Academy!

Confused by the memories of his past life and wary of going against fate, Yuusuke decides it is better for him and Midori to remain separated. Continue reading “Green Green – Episode 12”

Da Capo – Episode 13

Sakura no mune·sawagi!?
Sakura’s Breas—er, Apprehension!?

Suginami sponsors a trip for everyone to a jungle-themed resort, where Moe causes a bit of a ruckus. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 13”

Da Capo – Episode 12

Koibito gokko dakara ne!
We’re Only Pretending to Date, Okay?!

Moe’s sister Mako Mizukoshi asks Jun’ichi an unusual favor to help her turn down a persistent girl suitor by pretending to be dating. After the stalker has given up, Mako wonders about her own feelings for Jun’ichi. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 12”

Green Green – Episode 11

Unmei ni Funyafunya
Overwhelmed by Destiny

An accidental kiss from Midori reawakens Yuusuke’s past memories and feelings for her. Continue reading “Green Green – Episode 11”

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – Episode 5

“The Pure Yet Impure Grappler”
“Jun de Fujun na Gurappurā” (純で不純なグラップラー)

“Trespassing on Good Faith”
“Zen’i no Toresupasu” (善意のトレスパス)

Sousuke and Kaname ask the school’s karate club to vacate their dojo, which is slated for demolition. However, the club refuses to leave, challenging Sousuke to a duel where they’ll leave if they lose. Sousuke defeats the club’s members with relative ease until he faces the club’s captain.

As a test of superiority, Sousuke and the karate club’s captain compete to care for the injured school janitor; however, their overzealous efforts do more harm than good. The janitor tries to be patient, but finally goes berserk when they accidentally serve his prized koi pet to him for dinner. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – Episode 5”

Green Green – Episode 10

Toshoshitsu de Dottanbattan
Pandemonium in the Library

After a failed examination, Chigusa-sensei assigns Yuusuke to tutor Midori in the hope of bringing her grades up. As an incentive, she tells Midori that Yuusuke will give her a reward if her test results are above average. Continue reading “Green Green – Episode 10”

Da Capo – Episode 11

Soto ni deyō!
Let’s Go Outside!

While exaggerating the wonderful time of the outdoors, Jun’ichi, Nemu, Sakura, and Suginami try various plans to coax the hikikomori Yoriko outside by making Jun’ichi and Nemu act like a couple for her sake. Yoriko reveals how her mistress (Misaki) is always looking out at the world through her room window (but doesn’t specifically mention that she is her cat in form of a human now). Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 11”

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – Episode 4

“The Hamburger Hill of Art”
“Geijutsu no Hanbāgā Hiru” (芸術のハンバーガー·ヒル)

“Single-Minded Stakeout”
“Ichizu na Suteikuauto” (一途なステイクアウト)

During a field trip to the park, the class selects Sousuke to be the model for their art project. However, Sousuke misinterprets the modeling advice he receives from their art teacher, turning the assignment with his classmates into a game of life-and-death.

Kaname goes on a date with a former classmate to an amusement park while Sousuke and Kyoko follow her. Sousuke seems relieved that she’s simply on a date until a drunken yakuza group threatens Kaname. Not wanting to reveal that he was following her, Sousuke comes to the rescue disguised as the amusement park mascot. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – Episode 4”

Green Green – Episode 9

Kimodameshi de Sutakorachicchi
Hightailing It Out of the Test of Courage

Chigusa-sensei organizes a late-night “test of courage”, with the boys and girls pairing off. To Midori’s dismay, Yuusuke draws Futaba as his partner. Reika sees this as an opportunity to bring Yuusuke and Futaba closer. Continue reading “Green Green – Episode 9”

Da Capo – Episode 10

Anata ni kikasetakute
I Wanted You to Hear It

The school’s cultural festival is here, Sakura tries to set up her own Cosplay café. Miharu and Nemu hang out together. Suginami has Jun’ichi convinces Kotori to enter the beauty pageant in the cultural festival. Unfortunately, Jun’ichi also agrees to go to her recital and meet with Nemu at the same time. Reading his thoughts, Kotori lied her recital been canceled to have him spend time with Nemu instead. Kotori won the pageant, and later Jun’ichi secretly listens to her sing. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 10”