Da Capo – Episode 26


Sakura, hearing about Nemu’s amnesia, tries desperately to stop the cherry blossom tree, which responds by blooming even more. Nemu wanders away from home in a daze, and Jun’ichi goes looking for her. Jun’ichi found Sakura and is able to get through to her and wither the cherry blossom tree at last. Nemu appears and Jun’ichi is happy to see her. Sakura now only wishes for Jun’ichi and Nemu’s happiness. The Hatsune-Jima sakura trees are now ordinary sakura trees; nevertheless, all the islanders will live normally from now on. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 26”

Tsukihime – Episode 12

“Lunar World”
“Gessekai” (月世界)

Shiki attempts to find Arcueid, but is confronted by Ciel. Ciel agrees to help Shiki find Arcueid after seeing his determination, and the two come upon Roa fighting Arcueid at the school. Despite Arcueid’s efforts, she is killed by Roa, and an enraged Shiki begins to fight with Roa. Although initially outmatched, a distraction by Ciel enables Shiki to destroy the entire walkway the two are situated on and get behind Roa, destroying him in the process. Ciel disappears, with no person in the school besides Shiki having any memory of her. Shiki then goes to the same tree he visited as a youth and thanks the same sorceress he saw, Aoko Aozaki. While waiting for Arcueid after school, Shiki sees her, and she thanks him for fulfilling his promise before disappearing. Continue reading “Tsukihime – Episode 12”

Da Capo – Episode 25

Kowareyuku kokoro
Breaking Hearts

Despite Nemu’s earlier recovery, she is still bedridden, and has resumed coughing cherry blossom petals. Sakura, upon discovering this, realizes that the magic cherry blossom tree had not died, and that she had not truly let go of Jun’ichi. Sakura decides to leave Hatsune-jima, to put distance between herself and Jun’ichi. Mako and Suginami visit Nemu, but they find that Nemu does not remember who they are and becomes anxious. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 25”

Tsukihime – Episode 11

“Misfortunate Night”
“Magatsu Yoru” (凶つ夜)

Arcueid flees, and Ciel explains that Arcueid was the White Princess of the True Ancestors until Roa offered her a rose with blood that caused her to undergo a cycle where she would awaken for brief periods to kill Roa and then go to sleep once more. Shiki goes to follow Arcueid but comes upon Roa and Akiha. Roa begins to overwhelm the two until Ciel arrives, but she is dispatched. Roa retreats and Ciel regenerates her wound. At home, Shiki finds that he was adopted, and that he swapped places with the actual Shiki Tohno after he went berserk. Shiki then goes to Arcueid, and makes love to her in her apartment. When he awakens, he finds a note with the words “Bye, Bye” on them. Continue reading “Tsukihime – Episode 11”

Da Capo – Episode 24

Kioku no tobira
The Door into Memories

Miharu the android, in order to become more like her human counterpart, attempts to search for Miharu’s memories within herself, despite the fact that they weren’t a part of her programming design, and the fact that such searching greatly shortens her lifespan. Jun’ichi spends the last moments with her. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 24”

Tsukihime – Episode 10

“Crimson Red Moon”
“Ake no Kōgetsu” (朱の紅月)

As Shiki lays in bed, Arcueid visits him and asks him to take her on a date. After vising several locales, she then asks Shiki to take her to his school. In a classroom, Arcueid expresses her fear that should she go to sleep again, she will awaken and Shiki will be gone. Shiki then makes a promise with her that after the events are over, he will go on another date with her. Afterwards, they visit the tea room, and Shiki inquires about Ciel. Arcueid reveals that Ciel used to be Roa’s incarnation. The two are then attacked by Roa’s minions, but after Arcueid dispatches them, Shiki collapses. The sight of his blood awakens Arcueid’s vampire nature, and she is separated from Shiki by a sword sent by Ciel. Continue reading “Tsukihime – Episode 10”

Da Capo – Episode 23

Sugao no kokuhaku
An Honest Confession

Jun’ichi has a dream about Kotori. Kotori realizes that her telepathic power is fading due to have the cherry blossom tree been wither, sensing only painful noise when she tries to probe anyone but Jun’ichi. She focuses her attention on him, as being able to sense his thoughts puts her at ease; however, her friends point out that she is also falling in love. Jun’ichi learns from Kotori that she was actually adopted into the Shirakawa family and gained the ability to read minds from the wish granting cherry blossom tree. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 23”

Tsukihime – Episode 9

“Shi” (死)

Shiki, in pain due to his wound, is watched by Akiha through the night. The following day, Kohaku reveals that the Tohno family carries inhuman characteristics, and the one with those characteristics designated the head of the family. With Akiha absent, Hisui allows Shiki into Akiha’s study, where he finds a key. Trying doors throughout the house, he manages to open one that leads to a dungeon cell with “Help Me” scrawled on the walls in blood. Running outside, he recalls how there was another boy in his childhood also named Shiki and how he had killed him. Akiha, furious at him discovering this knowledge, reprimands Hisui and Kohaku. Continue reading “Tsukihime – Episode 9”