Genshiken – Episode 3

“Problems and Merits of Local Culture Promotion”
“Chiiki Bunka Shinkō no Mondaiten to sono Kōseki” (地域文化振興の問題点とその功績)

Genshiken goes on a club trip to Comiket, a large comic convention; Madarame seriously injures his hand, but pretends to be fine in the name of fandom until the pain becomes too great to bear. Continue reading “Genshiken – Episode 3”

Genshiken – Episode 2

“Comparative Classification of the Modern Youth through Consumption and Entertainment”
“Shōhi to Yūkyō ni yoru Gendai Seishōnen no Hikaku Bunrui” (消費と遊興による現代青少年の比較分類)

Genshiken takes Sasahara to Akihabara for dōjinshi shopping while Kohsaka and Kasukabe go to Harajuku for clothes; Kasukabe discovers Kohsaka’s hentai collection and gets an introduction on the subject from the others. Continue reading “Genshiken – Episode 2”

Elfen Lied – Episode 13

No Return ~ Erleuchtung (lit. Illumination)

Mariko regains the ability to use her vectors and stages one final meeting with Lucy. They meet, and Lucy goes into a state of shock after losing one of her horns. Kurama, accompanied by Nana whom he rescued after she fell off the bridge where she battled Mariko, encounters their fight. Here, Mariko realizes that Kurama is her father and meets him for the first time, beginning to cry after finally encountering her father, who appears to have abandoned her for Nana. Kurama exchanges final words of reassurance to Mariko just before the final bomb inside her is detonated, killing them both. The Director of the facility that had been holding Lucy, Nana and Mariko reveals that he is a diclonius. Lucy, who makes it out of the fight alive, reveals her remorse and emotion for Kohta and they kiss before she leaves to encounter the security team. However, Lucy’s ultimate fate is unknown except that her other horn is broken, although it is possible that she died as the shots of the guns continue, even after her horn is broken. The “family” of Kaede house, including Nana, settles down. As they are about to eat, Wanta barks at someone at the door. When Kohta goes to check, the music box playing “Lilium” stops and he sees a figure standing at the front door. He then hears the grandfather clock, which Lucy had repeatedly attempted to repair, ticking again. Continue reading “Elfen Lied – Episode 13”

Genshiken – Episode 1

“Study of the Modern Visually Oriented Culture”
“Gendai ni okeru Shikaku o Chūshin to shita Bunka no Kenkyū” (現代における視覚を中心とした文化の研究)

An introduction episode explaining how Kohsaka, Kasukabe and Sasahara got involved with Genshiken; after some uncertainty, Sasahara decides to fully participate in the club. Continue reading “Genshiken – Episode 1”

Elfen Lied – Episode 12

Quagmire ~ Taumeln (lit. Tumble)

The past which Kohta had tried to forget eight years ago comes back to him as he remembers that Lucy took revenge on Kohta’s lie about the gender of his cousin by killing Kohta’s father and his sister Kanae. As Shirakawa dispatches Mariko to kill Lucy, Bando is paid by Kurama to kill her as well. Mariko is about to kill Nana (as well as Kohta and Lucy), until Nana uses her vectors to deactivate Mariko’s and falls off the bridge, as Mariko’s vectors fail and she is taken away. Shirakawa discovers Lucy’s Nyu personality and identifies her as the target diclonius, only to be killed along with the security forces enlisted to guard against Mariko. Continue reading “Elfen Lied – Episode 12”

Elfen Lied – Episode 11

Complication ~ Vermischung (lit. Intermixing)

Mariko is revealed to be the true identity of No. 35. Under supervision from staff at the facility, she is released as a last effort to retrieve Lucy. Nana senses Mariko’s presence and her desire to kill her through their ability to locate each other. Mariko and Nana meet on a bridge on the shore and they battle. Kurama, who supposedly “had to leave”, has joined Bando to kill Lucy on his own beyond the knowledge of Shirakawa and the staff. Continue reading “Elfen Lied – Episode 11”