Genshiken – Episode 8

“Comparative Study in Production Models and Processes”
“Ryōsan-gata Seizō Katei ni okeru Hikaku Kenkyū” (量産型製造過程における比較研究)

Ohno and Sasahara start a plamo project and get the whole club involved, while Kasukabe learns an important lesson. Continue reading “Genshiken – Episode 8”

Genshiken – Episode 7

“Aspects of Behavioral Selection in Interpersonal Relationships”
“Taijin Kankei ni okeru Kōdō Sentaku no Tokuchō” (対人関係における行動選択の特徴)

Two freshmen take an interest in Genshiken and join them for a night out on the town. Kasukabe, however, has no intention of making them feel welcome. Continue reading “Genshiken – Episode 7”

Genshiken – Episode 6

“On Connecting with Others through Subculture”
“Sabukaruchā o Meguru Tasha to no Kankei-ron” (サブカルチャーをめぐる他者との関係論)

Kasukabe tries to make herself more appealing to Kohsaka by taking an interest in his hobbies by trying to learn how to play Puyo Pop Fever. Sasahara’s sister Keiko also makes an appearance and calls on her brother for help. Continue reading “Genshiken – Episode 6”

Genshiken – Episode 5

“Limits of Rejection and Receptiveness as Observed in Autonomous Behaviour”
“Jiritsu Kōdō ni Miru Haiseki to Juyō no Kyōkai” (自律行動に見る排斥と受容の境界)

Due to Genshiken’s lack of “activities” as defined by the school, the club is threatened with closure; salvation comes from an unlikely source as Kasukabe intervenes personally. Continue reading “Genshiken – Episode 5”

Genshiken – Episode 4

“The Sublimating Effects of the Dissimulation Brought on Through Makeup and Costume on Mental Obstacles”
“Funsō to Kasō no Ika ni yoru Shinri-teki Shōheki no Shōkasayō” (扮装と仮装の異化による心理的障壁の昇華作用)

Ohno is introduced as she joins Genshiken, while Genshiken takes part in a university club fair and Kasukabe’s ex-boyfriend pays her a visit. Continue reading “Genshiken – Episode 4”