Samurai Champloo – Episode 19

“Unholy Union”
“Karma and Retribution / Ingaōhō” (因果応報)

A cynical charlatan fleeces the hidden Christian flock, Fuu gets closer to the Sunflower Samurai, and a truth is finally revealed. Continue reading “Samurai Champloo – Episode 19”

Air – Episode 4

はね -plume-
Hane: Plume

Kano strangles Yukito in her zombie-like state near the shrine hard enough to leave a mark before falling unconscious. Back at the clinic, Hijiri apologizes for Kano’s behavior and explains when and how Kano’s unusual symptoms started. Continue reading “Air – Episode 4”

Samurai Champloo – Episode 18

“War of the Words”
“Pen in One Hand, Sword in the Other / Bunburyōdō” (文武両道)

Fuu gets a facelift when kids trade in the sword for the graffiti brush; Jin keeps a promise to a long-lost friend and confronts the shock of the new, while Mugen learns to read and conquers a castle. Continue reading “Samurai Champloo – Episode 18”

Air – Episode 3

こえ -whisper-
Koe: Whisper

Surroundings of Yukito and Misuzu briefly change from the shrine to a cropland as a result of Kano’s experience. After a confrontation with Hijiri, Yukito and others briefly go to the clinic. Yukito and Misuzu leave the clinic for home. Continue reading “Air – Episode 3”

Air – Episode 2

まち -town-
Machi: Town

Yukito explains to Misuzu the quest of the cursed girl with wings that had been in his family for generations. The next day Yukito’s puppet show only manages to attract a dog named Potato, while scaring others. Continue reading “Air – Episode 2”

Air – Episode 1

かぜ -breeze-
Kaze: Breeze

Yukito Kunisaki arrives to the town in hopes of making money for food with his puppet show. He meets Misuzu Kamio, a strange girl living in the town. Misuzu manages to lure Yukito to her house with food at which after a discussion she offers him residence. Continue reading “Air – Episode 1”