Samurai Champloo – Episode 23

“Baseball Blues”
“Heart and Soul Into the Ball / Ikkyū Nyūkon” (一球入魂)

An American sea vessel arrives in town and a canny ninja-turned-team manager enlists our heroes to do battle with them on the field of honor…which in this case is a baseball diamond. Behold Mugen’s pitching skills and tremble! Continue reading “Samurai Champloo – Episode 23”

Air – Episode 8

なつ -summer-
Natsu: Summer

This story takes place 1000 years before the Dream arc. Kanna is a girl with wings confined to a palace with a friend, Uraha, and body guard, Ryūya. When Kanna is to be sent to another temple, the 3 escape and go on a journey to find Kanna’s mother. Continue reading “Air – Episode 8”

Samurai Champloo – Episode 22

“Cosmic Collisions”
“Anger Shot Toward Heaven / Dohatsu Shōten” (怒髪衝天)

On the way to Nagasaki the trio fall through a mine shaft. They’re introduced to its charismatic owner and start working for a share of treasure. As the days drag on the things take a turn for the bizarre. Continue reading “Samurai Champloo – Episode 22”

Air – Episode 7

ゆめ -dream-
Yume: Dream

There are a number of flashbacks that Yukito has of his mother telling him about the girl with wings, about how she will forget everything and die when she dreams her final dream, and about how the person close to her will also die. Continue reading “Air – Episode 7”

Samurai Champloo – Episode 21

“Elegy of Entrapment (Verse 2)”
“Generous Elegy 2 / Hikakōgai sono ni” (悲歌慷慨 其之弐)

Jin learns the Way of Water, a woman’s sorrow comes to an end, and Mugen both gives and receives an assassin’s last gift. Continue reading “Samurai Champloo – Episode 21”

Air – Episode 6

ほし -star-
Hoshi: Star

After Minagi’s mother’s mental condition has caused her to forget she has a daughter, Minagi leaves home and joins Yukito. Yukito tells Minagi he’s leaving town and wants her to come with him, but instead leads her back home to face her mother. Continue reading “Air – Episode 6”

Samurai Champloo – Episode 20

“Elegy of Entrapment (Verse 1)”
“Generous Elegy 1 / Hikakōgai sono ichi” (悲歌慷慨 其之壱)

Fuu, Mugen and Jin meet up with a blind girl who is a traveling musician. Because of her blindness, she is able to sense the emotions of the group. Is this girl more than just a musician? Continue reading “Samurai Champloo – Episode 20”

Air – Episode 5

つばさ -wing-
Tsubasa: Wing

Yukito ends up spending the day with Minagi and Michiru while Misuzu is at school. Yukito walks Minagi home after being invited to go stargazing on the school’s rooftop when he first learns of her mother’s mental illness. Continue reading “Air – Episode 5”