Air – Episode 12

そら -air
Sora: Air

The summer festival has finally arrived, but unfortunately it rains that day and thus the festival is canceled. Wanting to do anything she can for Misuzu, Haruko brings her to the local shrine. Continue reading “Air – Episode 12”

Samurai Champloo – Episode 26

“Evanescent Encounter (Part 3)”
“Circle of Transmigration 3 / Shōji Ruten sono san” (生死流転 其之参)

As Fuu finally confronts the Sunflower Samurai, Mugen and Jin face their ultimate tests. While Mugen must face the remaining brothers, Jin continues his battle with Kagetoki Kariya. And there’s the small matter of their own duel. Continue reading “Samurai Champloo – Episode 26”

Air – Episode 11

うみ -sea
Umi: Sea

Misuzu’s curse is getting more serious. Soon, she has forgotten who Haruko is and begins to act strangely, playing cards by herself and not wanting to go outdoors. Haruko is depressed, but tries hard to restore the memories Misuzu lost. Continue reading “Air – Episode 11”

Samurai Champloo – Episode 25

“Evanescent Encounter (Part 2)”
“Circle of Transmigration 2 / Shōji Ruten sono ni” (生死流転 其之弐)

As Jin duels Kagetoki Kariya, the most powerful man in the shogunate, Mugen has to contend with three brothers who want his head. Will they survive? Continue reading “Samurai Champloo – Episode 25”

Air – Episode 10

ひかり -light
Hikari: Light

The events of the Dream arc are retold from the point of view of a crow Misuzu found and named Sora. Continue reading “Air – Episode 10”

Samurai Champloo – Episode 24

“Evanescent Encounter (Part 1)”
“Circle of Transmigration 1 / Shōji Ruten sono ichi” (生死流転 其之壱)

Fuu, Mugen and Jin have finally arrived in Nagasaki to find Ikitsuki island in search of the Sunflower Samurai. There seems to be one small problem that might keep them from getting there though. A group of assassins are following closely behind. Continue reading “Samurai Champloo – Episode 24”

Air – Episode 9

つき -moon-
Tsuki: Moon

Kanna’s mother claims to be “tainted”. They all escape from the mountain but their pursuers manage to kill Kanna’s mother. Before she dies, she passes the ancient prayer to Kanna. Continue reading “Air – Episode 9”