Shuffle! – Episode 11

Natsu no O-jō-san-tachi
Girls of Summer

During the summer break, Mayumi goes to eat at the restaurant Kareha works at, though forgets her wallet, so she must work off her debt for the day. During this time, Rin’s teacher is finding it difficult to find a good man to be with.

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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 10

“Two Hong Kongs”
“Futatsu no Honkon” (ふたつの香港)

Xia Yu Lan’s twin sister, Yu Fan, hijacks a Venom AS to become an agent provocateur between the Northern and Southern Chinese Army units in Hong Kong. Sousuke and Melissa are deployed by Gavin Hunter to the area in a team of SRT/PRT personnel of East Asian origin to find the AS, but his feelings for Kaname nearly places the Mithril reconnaissance force in danger. After a tough sermon from Melissa touches a raw nerve, Sousuke deserts the team. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 10”

Shuffle! – Episode 10

Tsukiyo no Kokuhaku
Moonlit Confession

After what happened at the beach, rumors start flying around that Rin and Sia are to be wed. As emotions start flaring up, will the rumors turn out to be true? Continue reading “Shuffle! – Episode 10”

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 9

“Her Problems”
“Kanojo no Mondai” (彼女の問題)

Kaname confronts Agent Wraith about Sousuke’s departure, but as she is about to get answers, Xia Yu Lan ambushes the two. Kaname outwits her pursuer until Leonard Testarossa, another Amalgam agent who is also Tessa’s brother, shows up and kills Xia Yu Lan. He reveals that the assassin was a rogue agent acting outside of Amalgam’s interests. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 9”

Da Capo Second Season – Episode 13

Aisia no natsu
Aisia’s Summer

The class suffers through the summer term exam. Tamaki offers the gang over for a relaxation. As Jun’ichi and Nemu plan for the imminent summer vacation, Aisia continues her solo magic training. Aisia reveals about her grandma who taught her how to use magic while traveling from village to another in Northern Europe. Early morning, she meets Misaki and chat with her again. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 13”

Da Capo Second Season – Episode 12

Da Capo Second Season – Episode 12

Hatsune-jima no daburu sutã
The Two Stars of Hatsune-Jima

Aisia and Alice Tsukishiro put together a talent show for the hospitalized children at a hospital where Nemu works at, in particular for a young girl who loves the circus. Aisia and Alice rescue the girl when she’d run out on a raft out in the ocean. Alice’s talents satisfy the girl. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 12”

Shuffle! – Episode 9

Kaisuiyoku de Sabaibaru
Survival Swimming at the Beach

Now that summer’s here, Rin and the girls have decided to go to the beach to have some fun. Everything goes smooth for a while, but when Rin and Sia are stranded offshore, what will they do? Continue reading “Shuffle! – Episode 9”

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 8

“Jungle Groove”
“Janguru Gurūbu” (ジャングル·グルーブ)

After Sousuke arrives back at Merida Island, Tessa berates him for emotionally involving himself with Kaname and neglecting his other duties. Lt Belfangan Clouseau, the pilot of the AS seen in the Sicily operation, transfers to the SRT as its new commander. After he clashes with Kurz at the bar upon offending the memory of the SRT’s dead comrades, Clouseau stages an AS duel to help Sousuke properly operate the Arbalest. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 8”

Da Capo Second Season – Episode 11

Tadaima shippitsu chū!
Writing In Progress!

When Nanako Saitama has trouble making a deadline for the final chapter of her magical girl manga comic, Aisia decides to provide some inspiration. In the end, when Aisia cheers up a boy with her magic Nanako takes the initiative to create another series for her manga. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 11”

Air in Summer – Episode 2

夏特別編(後編): あめつち -universe-
Natsu Tokubetsu hen (Kouhen): Ametsuchi – Universe
Air in Summer II: Universe

This episode/summer special essentially runs concurrently with episode 8, and before the events in episode 9.

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