Da Capo Second Season – Episode 18

Sakurairo no shinkirō
A Mirage the Color of Cherry Blossoms

A blond-haired, voluptuous young woman with twin ponytails is spotted on the island. Thinking that Sakura has returned, the Asakuras, and their friends follow Utamaru to see if he leads them to her. Jun’ichi and Nemu found “Sakura” on a flower hill, and cherish their reunion. Aisia is surprise when she learns that Sakura is related to Grandma Yoshino as well. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 18”

Shuffle! – Episode 15

Torimodoshita Mono
What Was Regained

Rin, Kaede, Nerine and Sia have gone to the Demon Realm in order to see Primula again and try to help her in any way. Ultimately, things take a turn for the worse when she starts to lose control of the magic stored in her body. What can Rin do to save her?

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Da Capo Second Season – Episode 17

Nemu to Jun’ichi
Nemu and Jun’ichi

Aisia tries to compete with Nemu in looking after Jun’ichi (to no avail), and accompanies them on a date. She begins to understand how much Nemu cares for him, but is confused by his seeming lack of understanding or gratitude. Nemu explains it’s only natural for a relative to be thankful to one another even if they don’t show their gratitude properly. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 17”

Shuffle! – Episode 14


After Nerine ran to the nearby park, she tells Rin about the past she had with her clone Lycoris and how it all ties in with Primula. Later, after Asa collapsed at Kaede’s house, Rin goes to see her at her own home where Asa tells him some of her own past.

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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 13

“Continuing Day By Day”
“Tsuzuku Hibi” (つづく日々)

Still demoralized by Gauron’s claims of killing Kaname, Sousuke still refuses to function until Kaname finally appears to get him back on his feet. Inspired by her presence, Sousuke pilots the Arbalest again to destroy Gates and his men. Kaname returns home to Japan. Sousuke faces the Mithril command, which grants his request to stay with Kaname even if his wages are reduced. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 13”

Da Capo Second Season – Episode 16

Mebaeta omoi
Blossoming Memories

Aisia develops feelings of rivalry towards Nemu, and of affection towards Jun’ichi. Still perplex with love she visits the cherry blossom tree; Misaki arrives and discuss knowing how the way things are for the best or not. Throughout the day, Aisia took meetings with Tamaki, Nanako, the Mizukoshi sisters, and Miharu and Alice whom all give the same kind of answer. Aisia takes a walk with Jun’ichi following the sunset. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 16”

Shuffle! – Episode 13

Shayō no Ie
House of Twilight

With Primula taken back to the Realm of the Demons, Rin and Kaede try to cope with their missing family member. Ultimately, Primula’s condition comes out in the open and the one and only cure is revealed. Continue reading “Shuffle! – Episode 13”

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 12

“Burning Hong Kong”
“Moeru Honkon” (燃える香港)

Xia Yu Fan leads Sousuke to Gauron while she runs off to fight Clouseau, Melissa, and Kurz in Hong Kong as Northern and Southern China teeter on the brink of hostilities. Now crippled and about to die, Gauron explains the truth about Amalgam and taunts Sousuke by claiming to have killed Kaname because it changed him into someone weak. Enraged, Sousuke kills Gauron and gets out of the building just as a bomb under his bed explodes. Gates and his Amalgam team also arrive to kill Xia Yu Fan. Tessa launches the Arbalest despite Mithril’s orders not to. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 12”

Da Capo Second Season – Episode 15

Utagoe o todoke ni
Delivering a Singing Voice

Aisia bewildered about the feelings of love that others endure for Jun’ichi. She tries to push Kotori closer to Jun’ichi when having her make dinner for them; though it wasn’t to her content. Tonight everybody goes to a summer festival. Jun’ichi goes to invite Kotori since she’s gloomy from earlier, and they go to the festival and have fun. Kotori accepts she won’t have Jun’ichi to herself and that she is happy with the way things are. This concludes the end of Jun’ichi’s Support Team. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 15”

Shuffle! – Episode 12

Itetsuita Natsu
Frozen Summer

With the summer almost at an end, everyone is still trying to finish their summer homework before the deadline. Later on, Primula falls ill and Rin learns of her terrible past.

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