Da Capo Second Season – Episode 22

Minna no jikan
Everyone’s Time

With summer vacation ended everyone goes back to school, Sakura, including Moe and Nemu wear a school uniform as special students today. Sakura and the other girls try to get Nemu and Jun’ichi together during the midsummer school day. At night, Suginami and Kanae help set up a ghostly act to persuade Nemu holding onto Jun’ichi till they reach the top spot of a nice view of shooting stars. Aisia once again desperately attempts to revive the cherry blossom tree. A single new flower is shown growing on a branch. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 22”

Shuffle! – Episode 19

Wasure Enu Omoi
Unforgettable Sentiments

Rin starts spending most of his time with Asa and completely ignores Kaede. Kaede’s past is shown and her yandere personality is revealed.

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Da Capo Second Season – Episode 21

Futari no mahōtsukai
Two Magicians

Sakura talks Aisia out of trying to revive the cherry blossom tree, vitally remove the magic is so it would remain wither, and magic doesn’t always solve everyone’s difficulties. At home, Sakura speaks that she okay with her feelings and Jun’ichi’s decision, but Aisia questions her desire to be with Jun’ichi, believing her to be dishonest, since Sakura hasn’t age due to her own unrequited love for Jun’ichi. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 21”

Shuffle! – Episode 18

Rin no Suki na Hito
The One Rin Loves

Rin goes out on a date at an amusement park targeted towards couples which is planned by Itsuki, Mayumi, Nerine and Sia so that Rin would voice how he feels towards Asa. Continue reading “Shuffle! – Episode 18”

Da Capo Second Season – Episode 20

Modoranai kisetsu
The Season That Won’t Return

Confused by Sakura’s rejection, Aisia asks Jun’ichi seriously about what happened two years ago. He refuses to tell her (the incident when Nemu had become ill cause of the cherry blossom tree) entirely. Meanwhile, Sakura remarks a story to Jun’ichi how Grandma Yoshino met a woman at a magic academy in London. Aisia wonders around till she finds Kotori. Kotori reveals the telepathic ability that she once had and is fine without it now, so she can be her true self, and the feelings that Jun’ichi and Nemu held for each other for a long time. Aisia still can’t believe the way things are, and she decides to see if everyone’s desire can come true through the magical cherry blossom tree again. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 20”

Shuffle! – Episode 17

Sunao na Kimochi
Honest Feelings

After Sia’s other self surfaces, Rin and she go out on a date completely led by Sia herself, with Rin more or less as her captive. How will Rin get out of this awkward situation? Meanwhile, the girls at school start to worry about where he’s gone missing. Continue reading “Shuffle! – Episode 17”

Da Capo Second Season – Episode 19

Sakura no kotoba
Sakura’s Words

After a welcoming party for Sakura, the Asakuras and their friends repair the neglected Yoshino house. Sakura shoots down Aisia’s hopes of magic lessons, and she attempts to explain the dangers of magic. The cherry blossom tree that once helped make people happy on Hatsune-Jima, by answering a person’s pure feelings, began to create sadness on the island and withered away after Sakura’s wish 2 years ago. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 19”