Da Capo Second Season – Episode 26

Shiawase no Kane
The Bells of Happiness

Although everyone now has a fair chance of being with Jun’ichi, he and Nemu become depressed. Suginami and Kotori bring the two back together to challenge this reality. Nemu lets Jun’ichi read her letters, and Aisia realizes the stubborn power of the cherry blossom tree. In the end, Aisia finally truly understanding the feelings of those around her, uses her magic to once again withers the cherry blossom tree and return everyone’s memories, she then disappears after saying goodbye to Jun’ichi. By the end of the year, Nemu and Jun’ichi get married and a mysterious girl catches Nemu’s bouquet of flowers. After throwing it in the air and using magic to split it into enough bouquets for all the girls, she walks away, however Jun’ichi calls to her and she is revealed to be Aisia who joyfully turns around and runs to him. Finally everyone is happy in Hatsune-Jima. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 26”

Shuffle! – Episode 23

Akasareta Shinjitsu
The Truth Revealed

After Asa collapses once more, she’s rushed to the hospital, though the doctors cannot do much to improve her condition. Asa’s mother Ama reveals to Rin a deep dark secret about her past.

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Da Capo Second Season – Episode 25

Da Capo

Like a rewound clock, life becomes a semblance of what it was before Jun’ichi and Nemu became lovers. Sakura confronts Aisia’s world with a warning that everyone’s desired feelings cannot be granted at the same time. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 25”

Shuffle! – Episode 22

Atarashii Ashita e
Towards a New Tomorrow

Rin has packed up all his things and has already found a cheap apartment to move into. On the day of the move, several of his friends come over and help him out. Continue reading “Shuffle! – Episode 22”

Da Capo Second Season – Episode 24


Kotori felt something strange is happening so she went to see Sakura. Sakura, who hadn’t seen Jun’ichi or the girls for a day, suddenly discovers the magical cherry blossom tree revived! The memories of Nemu and Jun’ichi as lovers are being erased because of Aisia’s wish for everyone to share their feelings to Jun’ichi. Once the boys are now aware of this revelation, Nemu runs back to Jun’ichi, and they share a kiss under the cherry blossom tree as sakura flowers blossom all over the island. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 24”

Shuffle! – Episode 21

Kimochi no Yukue
Where Feelings Go

Kaede has completely shut herself off from everyone, trying to think on what to do next. Before long, Primula finds that Kaede is gone and Primula runs to Rin to inform him. During her outing, she meets Asa and they have a talk about their feelings for Rin.

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Da Capo Second Season – Episode 23

Chinmoku no natsu
The Summer of Silence

Jun’ichi organizes a study session to help finish his neglected homework, but the other girls are seemingly forgetting that he and Nemu are more than siblings, and even they begin to doubt their relationship. They had brought a pair of watches but soon can’t remember why did they. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 23”