Utawarerumono – Episode 13

“Battle of Bloodshed”
“Chinurareta Tatakai” (血塗られた戦い)

Hakuoro’s plan to defeat the Kuccha Keccha succeeds and he confronts Emperor Orikakan; the result of their encounter however, is quite unexpected. Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 13”

Utawarerumono – Episode 12

“Dōyō” (動揺)

Kuccha Keecha turns out to be a more formidable opponent than originally anticipated, more so now that they have the support of the Evinkuruga Touka. Hakuoro tries to find another way to attain victory. Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 12”

Fate/stay night – Episode 24

Subete Tōki Risōkyō
The Ever-Distant Utopia

By combining their powers, Shirō and Saber are able to defeat Gilgamesh and Kirei together. The final order Shirō commands to Saber is to destroy the Holy Grail. As Saber disappears, she admits her love for Shirō. An epilogue then takes place, with everyone returning to their normal lives, as if awakening from a long dream, and with Shirō satisfied with the life he has led forever remembering Saber and to enjoy a good life with Rin, Ilya, Sakura and Taiga. Meanwhile, Saber has returned to her own time, where she tells Bedivere that she had a wonderful dream, and asks if one can relive dreams, to which Bedivere replies “of course”. She then asks Bedivere to return Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake and, moments after Bedivere has accomplished her order, Saber peacefully dies under a tree. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 24”

Utawarerumono – Episode 11

“The Eternal Promise”
“Eien no yakusoku” (永遠の約束)

Kuccha Keccha attacks Erurū’s former village and massacres the inhabitants. In response to continued attacks, Tusukuru is forced to declare war with them. Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 11”

Fate/stay night – Episode 23

Holy Grail

After Ilya is taken by Kirei, Shirō and Saber head to the Ryudōji shrine in order to defeat him. Saber fights with Gilgamesh while Shirō goes after Kirei. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 23”

Utawarerumono – Episode 10

“The Mercenary”
“Yōhei” (傭兵)

A powerful mercenary is brought to the castle and held captive until she is able to show her worth as a fighter and joins Hakuoro’s army. Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 10”