Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 9

“Louise’s Change of Heart”
“Ruizu no Henshin” (ルイズの変心)

Louise continues her lovey-dovey behavior towards Saito, which freaks him out, as well as causing misunderstandings with Siesta. In desperation, Saito demands that Montmorency create an antidote, but she refuses to help, until he blackmails her into helping (Saito learned from Siesta that love potions are illegal). As the antidote requires “the tear of a water elemental”, Montmorency and Guiche lead Saito and the love-struck Louise to Lagdorian Lake where they make contact with the Water Spirit. She is flooding the land so that she can search for her stolen precious treasure but she is being hindered by magic users. Saito volunteers to deal with them and he and Guiche fight the intruders who turn out to be Kirche and Tabitha. Saito promises to find whatever the Water Spirit has lost. The spirit trusts his word as “Gandálfr”, and gives him the antidote. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 9”

Utawarerumono – Episode 22

“The Accursed Contract”
“Imawashiki keiyaku” (忌まわしき契約)

As the forces of Emperor Kuuya descend upon Tusukuru’s capital, Hakuoro realizes that the evacuation is going to take longer than they have, and so decides to sacrifice himself to draw their attention away. However, Aruruu isn’t prepared to let this happen, and shows up riding Mukkuru. The immortal Mutikapa is able to attack the Avu-Kamuu without being hurt, but Aruruu is hit with a single blow and died. However, the pool of blood growing behind Aruruu begins to bring back Hakuoro’s memories, and new questions start arising in his mind: What is he? What unknown powers does he harbor? Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 22”

Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 8

Chūkagai ni Yōkoso!
Welcome to Chinatown!

Tatsuhiro is desperately attempting to clean his dirty apartment before his mother comes, and Misaki helps him. The two and Tatsuhiro’s mother later have lunch in a Chinese restaurant. When Tatsuhiro leaves to go to the bathroom, his mother tells Misaki that she knows this was all a setup because she could always tell whenever he was lying. Tatsuhiro overhears this and starts feeling even guiltier. However, in his presence, his mother goes along with the story and does not give Tatsuhiro a chance to clear himself. Tatsuhiro and Misaki later get carried away with their fake relationship. Continue reading “Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 8”

Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 8

“Tabitha’s Secret”
“Tabasa no Himitsu” (タバサの秘密)

It’s summer vacation, and many students are traveling back to their families. Kirche goes along with Tabitha to her home. As a result, Louise and Saito are alone for once; however, mischief is still plentiful. Kirche learns that Tabitha’s real name is Charlotte, that she is the Princess of Gallia, and that she has a rather tragic past. Her reason for returning home is revealed to be a mission from her uncle, the King of Gallia. Meanwhile, Montmorency is upset that Guiche has been flirting with other girls, and makes a love potion to try to slip into Guiche’s drink. Saito obtains a large pot that was about to be thrown away and, at night, fashions it into a hot tub, similar to those in Japan. While Saito relaxes in the tub, Siesta passes by and joins him, much to his embarrassment. Louise sees the two together and becomes so frustrated that she interrupts Guiche and Montmorency, and chugs the drink with the love potion in it. When Saito returns to her room, Louise gets flustered and falls completely in love with him. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 8”

Utawarerumono – Episode 21

“The Great Seal”
“Daifūin / On Rīyāku” (大封印)

Kuuya, convinced by her bloodthirsty advisers, starts a war against every nation in order to unite the whole continent. Soon the war reaches Hakuoro’s empire. The avu-kamuu of Kuuya seem unstoppable, and Hakuoro decides to evacuate the capital. Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 21”

Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 7

Moratoriamu ni Yōkoso!
Welcome to the Moratorium!

Traumatized by his latest panic attack, Tatsuhiro refuses to leave his apartment. Under the guise of a summer flu, he gets Kaoru to buy him his daily necessities. Later, he is surprised by a phone call from his mother who tells him that she would like to visit him and discuss his future. He prevaricates, fearing the assumptions of his mother, claiming that he has a job and a girlfriend whom he plans to marry. This leads Tatsuhiro in even deeper trouble, and he gets Kaoru to help him create a fake video game developing company. Misaki later volunteers to be his girlfriend. Continue reading “Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 7”

Inukami! – Episode 20

Emotions to White Cloth!

Furano and Tensō think Gokyōya has a crush on Keita after seeing a photo that looks like him in her hand while she was sleeping. After seeing this they go ask Keita to date her, something that Yōko dislikes to hear. It is later revealed that the photo is of Keita’s father and that Gokyōya was kicked out of the Kawahira household by Keita’s father’s jealous wife. Keita later says sorry to Gokyōya for his father’s actions as his son. Elsewhere Boss receives some panty/bra stealing advice from his teacher and both go after the Inukami’s panties and bras much to their dismay and anger. Continue reading “Inukami! – Episode 20”

Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 7

“Louise’s Part-Time Job”
“Ruizu no Arubaito” (ルイズのアルバイト)

Henrietta congratulates Louise for capturing Fouquet; she offers her hand to Saito, but misunderstanding Louise’s prompting, he kisses her on the lips! Henrietta asks Louise and Saito to work undercover in town to determine if nobles are taking advantage of the commoners. Louise loses all of their money in a casino where she was hoping to increase their funds so as to be able to afford an expensive hotel room. Refusing to ask for more money, Saito and Louise find work at a tavern called Charming Fairy Inn run by Scarron and his daughter, Jessica. Louise takes a position as a waitress and Saito works as a scullion washing dishes where he is in close contact with Jessica much to Louise’s displeasure. Scarron holds a contest for the waitresses: whoever gets the most tips gets a large reward plus the chance to wear a special maid outfit. Louise is unable to earn any waitress tips because of her temper, but her moment of salvation comes when an arrogant noble enters the bar. After bringing him to justice, the noble runs off, but leaves a large amount of money; the “tip” enables Louise to win the contest. Even though she and Saito now have to leave she wears the special maid outfit just for him. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 7”