Utawarerumono – Episode 26

“The One Being Sung”
“Utawarerumono” (うたわれるもの)

After a climatic battle and the final pieces of Hakouro’s past being revealed, Hakouro makes a very difficult decision that will forever have an impact on the future. Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 26”

Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 13

“Louise the Void”
“Kyomu no Ruizu” (虚無のルイズ)

Saito tells Louise that he wants to return home to Japan during the upcoming solar eclipse, and he gets angry when she brushes it off as if she doesn’t care. He waits for Louise to return from her meeting, where war between Albion and Tristain is declared inevitable. Princess Henrietta assembles a military force that conscripts the boys from the academy. Louise walks in on a sleeping Saito whereupon she says goodbye. The next morning, Saito wakes to find a letter in which Louise has written, “You’re fired! Just go wherever you want!” Louise decides to join the princess in war. The next day, Saito gets in his Zero fighter plane while Henrietta advances with the Tristain military to intercept the invading Albion force at the village of Talbes. Instead of flying straight into the eclipse, Saito attacks Albion’s dragon squadrons, who are unable to keep up with the plane’s speed. Saito runs out of bullets and is attacked by Wardes on a wind dragon. Tabitha, Kirche, and Louise rush to help Saito. Louise jumps from Sylphid to Saito’s plane, guided by Tabitha’s magic. Swept up by her feelings at the thought of Saito being harmed, Louise and Saito finally made a connection. Louise unlocks her Void magic for the first time and casts a powerful spell known as ‘Explosion’ which destroys the entirety of Albion’s aerial attack force including Wardes. After the battle, with the solar eclipse past and the Zero Fighter nearly destroyed, Saito and Louise sit by the plane’s wreckage where they have an argument once again about Saito’s firing. They end up kissing, and renew the contract between them. Elsewhere, Cromwell tries to hypnotize Kirche and Tabitha with the Ring of Andavari, but Guiche saves the girls by hitting him over the head with a tree branch. Later, the four aristocrats are awarded medals by the princess, and Tabitha is given the Water Spirit’s ring to fulfill her promise. Louise is so excited about her medal that she rushes to show it to Saito only to find him chatting with Siesta. In typical fashion, Louise overreacts and punishes Saito using her explosion spell. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 13”

Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 12

Ofukai ni Yōkoso!
Welcome to the Offline Meeting!

Tatsuhiro and Hitomi meet up with the other members of the internet group, and they head off to a beach island. The dark and grim atmosphere of the group makes Tatsuhiro suspicious of their true intentions. Continue reading “Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 12”

Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 12

“Zero Treasure”
“Zero no Hihō” (ゼロの秘宝)

Louise informs Henrietta of the prince’s death, and the princess’ wedding is cancelled. Louise also warns Osmond about the Reconquista. Osmond then tells her about Void magic and Gandálfr. After another argument with Louise, Saito leaves the academy and accompanies Siesta to her home village of Talbes. Louise and others follow them and they locate the rare dragon, which Siesta’s family has kept as an heirloom. Saito finds a tombstone with Japanese epitaph on it. The dragon turns out to be an A6M Zero Fighter, a Japanese aircraft used in World War II. It is revealed that Siesta’s great-grandfather was Japanese and that he was magically transported to Halkeginia. They bring the fighter back to school where Colbert explains that two “dragons” had flown during a solar eclipse, but one disappeared. Colbert suggests that the timing of the second pilot (Siesta’s great-grandfather) was off, and that the solar eclipse ended before the second pilot was able to fly through the portal. Saito concludes that the other pilot returned home, and this is his chance to return home as well. Albion declares war on Tristain, wanting to use the country as a base from which they can conquer the rest of the continent and plan to launch their attack in three days time, on the day of the solar eclipse. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 12”

Utawarerumono – Episode 25

“Traces of the Ancient Dream”
“Taiko no yumeato” (太古の夢跡)

The episode begins with the fate of Kuuya being revealed. Hakuoro rushes to Onkami Yamukai to rescue Kamyu, but all is not as it seems. Hakouro’s true identity is confirmed and he remembers more of the Iceman’s heartbreaking story. Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 25”

Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 11

Inbō ni Yōkoso!
Welcome to the Conspiracy!

Hitomi’s feelings of isolation lead her to join a mysterious internet group, where she makes up stories about being beaten up by her lover, for whom she imagines to be Tatsuhiro. Meanwhile, Tatsuhiro and Kaoru have finished making the game for NatsuComi and are preparing for the trip. It is shown that Hitomi is having dinner with Akira Jōgasaki, however she is disappointed to see him caring more about his work. Tatsuhiro is contacted by her, and the two spend the night, as he eventually finds out about the offline meeting. Continue reading “Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 11”

Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 11

“Louise’s Marriage”
“Ruizu no Kekkon” (ルイズの結婚)

That evening, Louise and Wardes board the ship after he convinces her that the boys have returned home. He persists in his suit and Louise accepts his proposal. In truth, Guiche and Saito have been delayed by the appearance of Fouquet and her golem. They are saved by Kirche and Tabitha who show up on Sylphid. Saito is able to reason out that Wardes and Fouquet were working together and that Louise is in trouble. Wardes and Louise arrive in Albion, where they meet with Prince Wales. Louise delivers a letter from Henrietta, receives the letter that she was sent to retrieve and learns of the power behind the uprising of nobles in Albion, the Reconquista. Their mission completed, Wardes insists that they get married in Albion with Wales as a witness. He reveals that he is a member of the Reconquista and Louise realizes that Wardes is a threat to Wales. Louise tries to refuse, but one of Wardes’ allies, Cromwell, arrives with the Water Spirit’s ring and forces her to consent using mind-control. The marriage proceeds with the Prince officiating, and is nearly complete when Saito bursts into the church and snaps Louise out of her trance. He and the others have arrived in Albion on Sylphid and found Louise using Verdandi’s amazing sense of smell. The marriage ceremony ruined, Wardes kills Prince Wales, steals Henrietta’s letter from Louise, and tries to kill Saito. However, Wardes treatment of Louise has aroused Saito’s feelings and he is able to unlock his abilities as Gandalfr and fully utilize Derflinger. He defeats Wardes’ magic attack who then flees but not before bringing the church down on Louise and Saito. The two of them are rescued by Kirche and Tabitha and Sylphid flies everyone home. Saito, holding Louise in his arms, kisses her and she, unexpectedly, doesn’t object. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 11”