Death Note – Episode 5


Light waits one week before killing Raye Penber. He follows Raye onto a train forces him to write down the names of his fellow agents on a piece of the Death Note by threatening Raye’s family. Because of the simultaneous death of these twelve FBI agents in Japan, the police are scared to continue investigating, and the American President pulls the FBI off the Kira case. However, Penber’s fiancée, a former FBI agent, seeks to find Kira for revenge. Light has another criminal leave a third coded note for L which finishes the phrase ‘L, do you know? Gods of Death love apples’. Although there is truth to this, L determines that Kira is only mocking him as he considers his next move. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 5”

Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 17

Hapinesu ni Yōkoso!
Welcome to Happiness!

Tatsuhiro meets up with an old high school friend, his class representative Megumi Kobayashi. When he divulges to her about being a hikikomori, she tells him she knows someone who can help cure his dilemma. She ends up whisking him off to an old dilapidated building where he finds himself listening to a sales pitch on a pseudo detergent product. Tatsuhiro manages to escape, but Megumi chases after him and tells him her depressing story. He buys the washing powder from her. Continue reading “Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 17”

Code Geass – Episode 4

Sono Na wa Zero
His Name is Zero

Jeremiah Gottwald and the purebloods within the Britannian Army wish to scapegoat Suzaku for Clovis’ death as an excuse to rid the army of Honorary Britannians, citizens who become Britannians after their country had been conquered. Lelouch dons the pseudonym Zero and with the help of Kallen and Kaname Ohgi, uses Geass on Jeremiah allowing them to escape with Suzaku. As Zero, Lelouch asks Suzaku to join him to rebel against Britannia; Suzaku refuses, believing Britannia should be changed with legal means and departs for his trial. Continue reading “Code Geass – Episode 4”

Kanon – Episode 4

“Holiday Caprice”
“Kyūjitsu no Kisōkyoku ~caprice~” (休日の奇想曲 〜caprice〜)

Yuichi reminisces about events of the past seven years ago concerning his first meeting with Ayu. Nayuki makes Yuichi return to school to retrieve her school notes she borrowed to him, and as he is leaving the premises, he runs into a third-year student, Mai Kawasumi, who is wielding a sword. Continue reading “Kanon – Episode 4”

Death Note – Episode 4


Light tells Ryuk that he is trying to create an ideal world where no criminals are left unpunished and that as the God of such a world he cannot sacrifice half of his life for the shinigami eyes. Light begins experimenting to find out how much control he has over how a criminal dies. He tries to have prisoners escape or draw L’s face before they die. When they fail to do so, he learns that the Death Note is not all-powerful. Using this knowledge, Light devises a plan to find out who has been following him. Light has a drug dealer touch the Death Note and makes him highjack a bus before he dies. During the highjacking, Light gets his tracker to reveal that he is Raye Penber, a Federal Agent from the United States employed by L and his associate Watari. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 4”

Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 16

Gēmu Ōbā ni Yōkoso!
Welcome to the Game Over!

Misaki walks in to a rather disheveled Tatsuhiro within a cluttered room, as he has apparently relapsed into his old hikikomori ways. When Tatsuhiro decides to search for an item to sell, his partner Mia invites a party along for dragon slaying. Misaki attempts to free Tatsuhiro from his obsession, however Tatsuhiro finally ceases when he realizes that the catgirl partner Mia turns out to be Kaoru. Continue reading “Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 16”

Code Geass – Episode 3

Itsuwari no Kurasumeito
The False Classmate

Having reason to suspect the death of Marianne vi Britannia, his mother, was planned by one of his relatives, Lelouch questions Clovis about her murder before killing him. He returns to Ashford Academy and realizes his classmate, Kallen Stadtfeld, is part of the terrorist group. Using Geass, he learns about her motivations for joining the terrorist group and discovers Geass only works once per person. Kallen suspects Lelouch’s involvement in the previous battle, but is fooled when Lelouch prepares a pre-recorded phone call. Soon after, the news announces Suzaku is convicted for Clovis’ murder and is to be trialed. Continue reading “Code Geass – Episode 3”

Kanon – Episode 3

“A Forgotten Partita”
“Kioku no nai Kumikyoku ~partita~” (記憶のない組曲 〜partita〜)

Bringing the girl that attacked him home, Yuichi finds out she has amnesia and it quickly becomes apparent that the only thing she is able to remember is that she has a grudge against him. Despite Yuichi wanting to hand her over to the police, Akiko lets the girl stay, and as she begins to stay longer, she recalls her name being Makoto Sawatari. At school, Yuichi sees the same first-year student from the day before standing in the courtyard; she introduces herself as Shiori. Continue reading “Kanon – Episode 3”

Death Note – Episode 3


Police authorities discuss the “Kira case” with L. Upon inquiring about the time of death of the victims, L concludes that Kira is likely a student with a naive concept of justice. He requests data on how the victims were publicized and begins to suspect that Kira has access to police information. Because the police officer in charge of the Kira case, Soichiro Yagami, is Light’s father, Light can monitor the authorities’ movements. Meanwhile, Ryuk tells Light that he is being followed. He also explains that not only do shinigami get the lifespans of people they have taken before their time, their eyes can see everyone’s name and lifespan floating above their heads. He gives Light the option to trade half his remaining lifespan for the eyes of a shinigami, just like Ryuk’s. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 3”

Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 15

Fantajī ni Yōkoso!
Welcome to the Fantasy!

Tatsuhiro deliberately searches for a job after learning that his allowance is cut in half. Ultimately, he decides to join a MMORPG called “Ultimate Fantasy” in order to make some cash by selling game items for real money. His obsession with the MMORPG deters him to slack off on his eroge scenarios with Kaoru, as well as to miss counseling sessions with Misaki. Meanwhile, on the MMORPG world called Vina Teelo, Tatsuhiro meets a catgirl called Mia, forming a party with her. Continue reading “Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 15”