Death Note – Episode 9


L’s suspicions are momentarily subdued, but he does not discard the possibility that Light may be Kira and decides to meet him in person. At the college entrance exams, Light notices a mysterious and eccentric student staring at him, who introduces himself as Hideki Ryuga, the same name as a famous idol. Light is shocked to realize that it is L. Since it would be too suspicious for L to die right after meeting Light, he decides to befriend L and kill him at a later time. He decides that the best course of action is to get closer to L, gather more information about his true identity and keep an eye on the police. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 9”

Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 21

Risetto ni Yōkoso!
Welcome to the Reset!

Tatsuhiro and Kaoru are ecstatic as they review the completed version of the True World eroge they created together. Their enthusiasm is, however, premature as the game sales at the FuyuComi turn out to be quite poor. After packing his things, Kaoru leaves for his hometown the following morning, accompanied by Tatsuhiro who is to be seeing him off at the railway station. Feeling alone, Tatsuhiro falls prey to his delusions of grandeur. Misaki informs Tatsuhiro she’ll be testing what he has learned since they began counselling by going out with him to Shibuya during New Year’s Eve. Momentariously distracted by his paranoid thoughts, Tatsuhiro loses sight of Misaki and runs into Hitomi. Continue reading “Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 21”

Kanon – Episode 8

“The Fantasia of Reminiscence”
“Tsuioku no Gensōkyoku ~fantasie~” (追憶の幻想曲 〜fantasie〜)

Yuichi starts to spend more and more time with Makoto, and they become closer. However, a girl named Mishio Amano gives him an ominous warning about Makoto, and Yuichi’s memories begin to resurface about her true identity. Continue reading “Kanon – Episode 8”

Code Geass – Episode 8

Kuro no Kishidan
The Black Knights

The Japan Liberation Force, a Japanese terrorist group, takes a hotel and its occupants hostage, including Lelouch’s friends and a disguised Euphemia. As such, Cornelia cannot make a move against the hostage takers, which Lelouch realizes and takes advantage of. He mounts a rescue operation with Ohgi’s resistance cell, and as he speaks with the hostage takers, Suzaku sinks the floating hotel using the Lancelot. However, Lelouch derails any rescue efforts by the army so he can take credit for the rescue. Broadcasting publicly to the nation, he announces the creation of the Black Knights, allies of justice who will protect the weak from those with power. Continue reading “Code Geass – Episode 8”

Death Note – Episode 8


L is close to discovering the identity of Kira. Misora’s disappearance causes L to shortlist the people who were being tracked by the FBI at the time of Raye Penber’s death. He requests surveillance equipment to be installed in the homes of those he suspects, including Soichiro Yagami’s son. Light, however, becomes aware that he is being watched and has the shinigami locate all the cameras in his room. Later, he deceives the surveillance team by watching the news on a portable television hidden in a bag of potato chips and continues to kill the criminals being reported. This throws off L’s suspicions that he is Kira. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 8”

Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 20

Fuyu no Hi ni Yōkoso!
Welcome to Winter Days!

Problems with the health of Kaoru’s father heralds his return home to the farm where the family has planned his life through to his death. This now means the game project to be presented at the Winter Comiket, otherwise known as FuyuComi, has to be sped up as Kaoru will soon leave Tokyo for good. As reference for a female reaction, Kaoru gets Tatsuhiro to secretly videotape Kaoru’s embarrassing confession to Nanako, his love interest, revealing his full otaku ways. Continue reading “Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 20”

Kanon – Episode 7

“The Runaway and the Kitten’s Fugue”
“Iede to Koneko no Tonsōkyoku ~fuga~” (家出と仔猫の遁走曲 〜fuga〜)

Makoto starts her job working at a local nursery, and while walking home with Yuichi, they find a small, stray kitten, which is very affectionate towards Makoto. While talking on a bridge, Makoto drops the cat onto oncoming traffic, but it manages to survive. Yuichi gets angry at Makoto for this which causes Makoto to temporarily run away from home. Continue reading “Kanon – Episode 7”

Code Geass – Episode 7

Kōneria o Ute
Attack Cornelia

Lelouch reminisces about his last meeting with his father; shortly after his mother’s death, Lelouch questions Charles about it and is exiled to Japan along with his sister Nunnally vi Britannia. Cornelia issues a challenge to Zero at Saitama Ghetto. Lelouch accepts and infiltrates a soldier’s Knightmare while giving orders to the Saitama rebels; the rebels disobey Lelouch’s orders and are defeated. Cornelia, having anticipated that Zero would disguise himself as one of her soldiers, prepares an inspection. Lelouch is saved when C.C., disguised as Zero, distracts the Britannian Army, allowing him to escape. Lelouch blames his defeat on the undisciplined rebels and resolves to build his own army. Continue reading “Code Geass – Episode 7”

Death Note – Episode 7


Light writes the name Maki on the Death Note. When nothing happens, he realizes that Penber’s fiancée has kept an alias and fears that she may lead the police to him. Ryuk starts pressuring Light to get the shinigami eyes, but Light coaxes her true name, Naomi Misora, out of her by pretending to work for L. As the Death Note takes effect, Light informs her that he is Kira and watches as Naomi walks away to commit suicide. Meanwhile, Watari reveals his identity in the meeting with Light’s father and the other detectives. He gives the detectives special gadgets embedded in clothing in the event Kira comes into contact with them or they are in trouble. Detective Shuichi Aizawa is sent to the police headquarters by L and just misses Penber’s fiancée. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 7”

Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 19

Aoi Tori ni Yōkoso!
Welcome to the Bluebird!

Megumi tells her tale of woe. Tatsuhiro talks to Yuichi via the game. The Mouse Road Corporation is found out and the leaders are arrested by the police. Megumi does not come home for a few days due to her being arrested, resulting in Yuichi’s starvation. Being so hungry, he runs away to beg for food at a local ramen shop and gets hired to deliver. Megumi, without her debts and brother, decides she may go back to college. Continue reading “Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 19”