Death Note – Episode 16


Light decides to tell L that he thinks that he may be Kira subconsciously and wishes to be confined. Light’s father also believes it is a good idea that he himself be confined to a cell as he cannot risk his emotions getting the better of him in this investigation. Light concocts a plan whereby he tells Ryuk he will relinquish ownership of the Death Note at any time in a discreet discussion, while being monitored by L. After Light’s imprisonment, Kira’s executions stop and L’s suspicion is heightened. Light chooses this time to give up the Death Note, ensuring he will lose his memories of being Kira. His change in behavior puzzles L; Light goes from being calm to completely desperate. The Kira executions then resume and the new spate of killings confuses L. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 16”

Kanon – Episode 17

“Lieder ohne Worte of an Elder Sister and a Younger Sister”
“Ane to Imōto no Mugonka ~Lieder ohne worte~” (姉と妹の無言歌 〜Lieder ohne worte〜)

With Shiori’s birthday coming, Yuichi decides that he will try to do as much as he can for her, while she still has time. A week before her birthday, Shiori gets permission from her doctor to attend school for the remaining week, just like a regular student. Meanwhile, Kaori still insists on avoiding her, and warns Yuichi that Shiori might not survive long after her birthday passes. Continue reading “Kanon – Episode 17”

Code Geass – Episode 15

Kassai no Mao
Cheering Mao

C.C. explains her history with Mao and how his inability to turn his Geass off drove him insane. An injured Villetta wakes up in Ohgi’s apartment and he discovers she has selective amnesia. C.C. leaves Lelouch to take care of Mao herself, but Mao gains the upper hand when he incapacitates her. Lelouch utilizes his intellect to fool Mao and rescue C.C. using the Britannian Police to surround and shoot Mao. Safe on a rooftop away from the scene, Lelouch reaffirms his contract with her, promising not to fall victim to his power as Mao did. Continue reading “Code Geass – Episode 15”

Death Note – Episode 15


Frightened at the prospect that he might be murdered, as he is convinced the two Kiras have met, L demands that in the event of his death, Light should be arrested. Later, Light and L meet each other outside college. Much to the anger and frustration of Light, Misa appears and converses with the two. Minutes after Misa leaves, Light receives the news from L that she has been arrested on grounds of being the second Kira. Misa appears to be blindfolded and tied to a chair, while L instructs Watari to torture her to obtain information. A few days later, Misa relinquishes ownership of her Death Note, thus erasing her memories of its existence. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 15”

Code Geass – Episode 14

Giasu tai Giasu
Geass vs. Geass

Lelouch believes Shirley may have discovered his identity as Zero, so he and C.C. pursue her to Narita. Ohgi explores the battlefield of the previous night, discovering a wounded Villetta left for dead out of sight. Lelouch encounters Mao, a young man who uses his Geass mind-reading abilities to play on Shirley’s insecurities, manipulating her into shooting Lelouch. Shirly falters at the last moment and C.C. sends Mao away temporarily. With Shirley torn apart by grief and guilt, Lelouch uses his Geass to erase her memories of him. Continue reading “Code Geass – Episode 14”

Kanon – Episode 16

“Midnight Oratorio”
“Mayonaka no Seitankyoku ~oratorio~” (真夜中の聖譚曲 〜oratorio〜)

Keeping his promise to Shiori, Yuichi offers to take her around town for the day to some of Shiori’s favorite places. During the night, Shiori’s older sister Kaori meets with Yuichi, explaining why she denies her sibling relationship, and the mystery behind Shiori’s illness. Continue reading “Kanon – Episode 16”

Death Note – Episode 14


After Light introduces Misa to Ryuk, the two discuss their plans to get rid of L. Taking advantage of the situation and of Misa’s love for him, Light concludes that he can use her to mislead L, while furthering his plans for a better world. Misa’s shinigami, Rem, however, threatens to write down Light’s name in her own Death Note if Misa’s safety is compromised. In the meantime, L is thrown off the trail by the second Kira and is confused by the new audio tapes purposely denouncing the police’s attempt to make the first Kira appear as a pariah. L concludes that the two Kiras might have met and are working towards the same goal. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 14”

Kanon – Episode 15

“Sonatina of Hide-and-Go-Seek”
“Kakurenbo no Kosōmeikyoku ~sonatina~” (かくれんぼの小奏鳴曲 〜sonatina〜)

Yuichi and Mai continue to battle the monsters, and when Yuichi is attacked, he is shown something he should not have forgotten years ago, which are the memories between him and Mai who has a mysterious power. Continue reading “Kanon – Episode 15”

Code Geass – Episode 13

Shārī to Jūkō
Shirley at Gunpoint

Kallen and Lelouch separately reflect upon the deaths of innocents in the Narita campaign, with both vowing to press on. Villetta questions Shirley on Lelouch’s involvement with the Black Knights coaxing her to secretly follow Lelouch. There, she witnesses the battle between the Japan Liberation Front and the Britannian Army. Lelouch detonates the Japan Liberation Front freighter as the Britannian Knightmares begin to board it, killing all personnel on board and giving the Black Knights the element of surprise. Suzaku attacks Lelouch forcing him to eject and crash-lands near Shirley. She prepares to kill him to avenge her father, but hesitates when his mask falls off, revealing his identity to her. Continue reading “Code Geass – Episode 13”

Death Note – Episode 13


Detective Touta Matsuda and Light volunteer to meet with the second Kira. Possessing the shinigami eyes, however, Misa finds out that Kira’s real name is Light Yagami. Later, Misa confirms to the investigation team that she has found the real Kira. The team decides to change their approach and try to reason with her. They release a television broadcast condemning Kira as a heartless murderer who will kill anyone who discovers his identity. Furthermore, they offer to lessen the severity of the punishment the second Kira will face if she reveals information about the real Kira. Misa ignores this, finds Light and explains that she tracked him down because she loves him. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 13”