Seto no Hanayome – Episode 5

School in the Crosshairs

Newly enrolled Sun makes quite a splash among her classmates on the first day of school, but Nagasumi is more concerned with some of the new teachers – Sun’s dad and his goons! Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – Episode 5”

Lucky Star – Episode 4

“A Question of Motivation”
“Yaruki no Mondai” (やる気の問題)

Summer vacation is almost here, and Konata is still staying up late playing online video games, reading manga, and watching anime, instead of studying. It is revealed that her homeroom teacher, Nanako Kuroi, plays the same game as Konata. Kagami and Tsukasa’s birthday is around the corner, and Konata and Miyuki celebrate with them. Konata reveals to the sisters how she came to like manga and anime. Continue reading “Lucky Star – Episode 4”

Death Note – Episode 28


Near suggests that he and Light cooperate to rescue Sayu. Soichiro takes the Death Note to the exchange point chosen by the kidnappers in Los Angeles, but Mello’s men hijack the plane he is on and drop him off in the middle of the desert. Light monitors his father via satellite, until he enters an underground facility. There, Soichiro exchanges the Death Note for Sayu. Most of the SPK members die soon after Mello grabs hold of the Death Note. Near then proposes to Light that the two cooperate completely in the future and shares his suspicions that Mello is behind these deaths and is playing a game to see who can catch Kira faster. Meanwhile, in the shinigami realm, a shinigami named Sidoh tells another, Armonia Justin, that he lost his Death Note. Justin informs him that it was stolen by Ryuk and dropped in the human world. He advises Sidoh to go retrieve it. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 28”

Claymore – Episode 4

“Clare’s Awakening”
“Kurea no kakusei” (クレアの覚醒)

Clare comes close to awakening when she uses too much of her Yoki (demon energy) in the battle against the Yoma, the Voracious Eater. She intends to commit suicide before her awakening is complete in order to find peace through dying while she is still human, but Raki pleads and begs her not to do it, saying that him meeting her was the best thing to happen to him. His pleas halt Clares awakening transformation, and one of the two knights fighting in the battle later gives Raki a sword in appreciation for what he and Clare have done for them while the other wishes for Raki to grow strong. Continue reading “Claymore – Episode 4”

Seto no Hanayome – Episode 4

It`s Tough Being a Man

Sun and Nagasumi leave Maki behind and venture out to take in the sights and sounds of the city. When Nagasumi has to confront a couple of bullies, they may wish the tiny terror was still around! Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – Episode 4”

Lucky Star – Episode 3

“Various People”
“Iroiro na Hitotachi” (いろいろな人たち)

The girls discuss various facts and myths about twins, and how, according to changes in classification, Kagami and Tsukasa might be identical, instead of fraternal. Then, Konata, Tsukasa and Miyuki compare notes on marriage. Later, when Konata, Tsukasa, and Kagami are hanging out together, they each pull their hair into a ponytail to see how it would look. Continue reading “Lucky Star – Episode 3”

Inukami! – The Movie

Inukami! The Movie
In 2007, the Punishment of Sexual Perversions Law came into effect. The city is surrounded by a squadron wearing protective suits and they begin to arrest those who look like perverts. No wonder that Inukami Master Keita and Inukami Youko are wanted for Class A perversions. What will happen to Keita, Youko, Kaoru’s Inukami, and the other lovely perversions? Continue reading “Inukami! – The Movie”

Death Note – Episode 27


Orphanage caretaker Roger Ruvie informs L’s true successors, Mello and Near, that L has died. Relinquishing the opportunity to succeed L, Mello leaves the orphanage to pursue Kira on his own, backed by the American Mafia. Near allies himself with the President of the United States. Along with Steve Mason of the FBI, he forms an organization whose goal is to catch Kira, the Special Provision for Kira (SPK). Mello eventually abducts the director of the NPA and demands the Death Note under Light’s task force’s possession as ransom. As soon as Light discovers this, he kills the director. Mello then decides to kidnap Light’s sister, Sayu. While scrambling to find a way to rescue Sayu, the investigation team receives a phone call from Near, who reveals that he knows of L’s death and that someone has attempted to replace him. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 27”

Claymore – Episode 3

“The Darkness in Paradise”
“Mahoroba no yami” (まほろばの闇)

Clare is hired to kill a “Voracious Eater” in a holy city where Claymores are not allowed. Forced to use a special drug to disguise her Claymore-specific characteristics, she has difficulty sensing where the Yoma is hiding. She poses as a human in order to infiltrate the church and meet her organization’s client. At night, she makes her way to the church again and is caught fighting two suspicious knights, but escapes. The next day, the same two knights barge into the inn room she and Raki are staying at and accuse her of being a Claymore. Raki comes to her defense saying he believes that she is more kind than anyone and doesn’t deserve being accused as a monster. After the two knights leave when they find no proof of Clare being a Claymore, she tells him to give up searching for kindness within her as he will ultimately end up disappointed. At night she goes back into the church to look for the Voracious Eater, but the two knights interfere and when it shows up they only complicate the fight between it and Clare. Ultimately, as it is about to kill them, Clare does everything she can to protect them, including jump into the path of it’s deadly claws. Continue reading “Claymore – Episode 3”

Seto no Hanayome – Episode 3

The Island Closest to Heaven

Nagasumi has to tell Sun that it’s time for him to return home. While he tries to find the right moment, Sun’s tiny bodyguard, Maki the Conch, looks for her own perfect moment – to assassinate Nagasumi! Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – Episode 3”