School Days – Episode 12

“School Days”
“Sukūru Deizu” (スクールデイズ)

Sekai disappears, and Makoto is wandering around aimlessly until he meets up with Kotonoha again, under the town’s Christmas tree. As they pass the night together and Sekai witnesses the two of them heading back to Makoto’s place. Just to make sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her, Sekai heads over to his place… Continue reading “School Days – Episode 12”

Claymore – Episode 26

“To the Successors”
“Uketsugu mono e” (受け継ぐものへ)

Clare, nearly fully awakened, continues the battle, but Priscilla still dominates the fight with apparent ease, until Clare, spurred by flashbacks of Teresa, finally hits her with multiple devastating attacks. Priscilla reverts to her human form and is about to be killed when Raki intervenes, but Clare, unable to control herself, attacks him as well. Jean takes the blow instead and, although fatally wounded, manages to have Clare revert to her human form, leaving Clare tormented with grief for the death of her comrade. Priscilla is then retrieved by Isley. In the last scenes, Miria, Helen, Deneve, and Clare announce their wish to leave the Organization and depart on separate journeys, with Helen traveling with Deneve, and Raki with Clare. Continue reading “Claymore – Episode 26”

Seto no Hanayome – Episode 25

The Family Game

Nagasumi’s feeling some emotional turmoil after his first spat with Sun, but when he learns her whole family could be in grave danger, he and his friends jump into action! Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – Episode 25”

Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi – Episode 12

“The Farewell Wedding Ceremony”
“Sayonara no Kekkonshiki” (さよならの結婚式)

Saito rescued Louise from the rebellion. Later, Louise was secretly approached by Henrietta’s adviser, Mazarin, and is asked to hold the enemy off while the Queen and everybody prepare their escape; she accepts. Knowing it’s a suicide mission since Albion has assemble an army of 70.000, Louise plans to send Saito to safety, but first expresses her desire to marry. They both buy two magical flowers. Saito knows of Louise’s plan, so he uses the sleeping potion on her after they wed, and asks Julio to take care of her as he sets out to meet Albion’s advancing troops. Louise faints before she can tell him she has always and still loves him. Despite his valiant efforts, Saito falls on the battlefield and dies. Back at the Tristain academy, almost everyone is saddened for the loss of their hero – Saito. Louise collapses in grief at Saito’s death; however, suddenly the magical flower that is connected to Saito comes back to life. Louise runs out and meets Saito who is very much alive. Saying that a Fairy saved and revived him, but mentions that she had large breasts; Louise flies into a jealous rage and shoots explosion spells at Saito again. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi – Episode 12”

Claymore – Episode 25

“For Whose Sake”
“Ta ga tame ni” (誰が為に)

The fight between Clare and Priscilla rages on inside of a volcano while Isley observes the battle. Priscilla, who does not realize that she is an Awakened Being, easily repels Clare, who she believes to be Teresa. Meanwhile, Jean and Raki travel towards the battleground. As Clare is about to be killed by Priscilla, Miria, Helen, and Deneve save her. They manage to acquire an advantage, but Priscilla fully releases her power, as she had not fully awakened at that point. She effortlessly defeats the three Claymores. Determined to avenge Teresa, Clare fully releases her energy in an effort to defeat her. Continue reading “Claymore – Episode 25”

Seto no Hanayome – Episode 24

Farewell Friend

Rumors spread that Kai is deathly ill, and when the whole gang goes out of their way to make his “last days” extra special, he begins to believe it himself! Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – Episode 24”

Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi – Episode 11

“The Silver Pentecost”
“Shirogane no Kōrinsai” (銀の降臨祭)

Henrietta’s forces enter Gothia and claim it as their own. Meanwhile, Louise gets mad at Saito for not understanding her, while Saito thinks the same thing about her. A while later, Henrietta asks for Louise and Saito to scout the enemy forces. As Louise sees Saito, who is fixing the plane, she asks Julio to do the mission with her instead, as he agrees; Saito comes and is confused with what they are doing. Filled with fury, Louise orders Julio to go soon and he did. Albion’s dragon forces attack them, but they manage to get away. As they come back, Louise is advised by Derflinger to exchange roles with Saito for a day. Saito unexpectedly meets Siesta and her uncle and cousin whose revealed to be Scarron and Jessica. The gang discovers Louise in a cat costume; she lies to Saito saying it was for Julio. As Guiche arrive and shows his Medal of Honor for coming back from the dead, no one believed him. Saito becomes frustrated with Louise about her arrogant ways of being loyal to the Queen. Siesta takes Saito to a room alone and kisses him then gives him a sleeping potion as a gift. Meanwhile, Sheffield, uses the Ring of Andavari to make Henrietta’s army follow her orders and causes a rebellion. They soon attack Henrietta, which causes the death of Henrietta’s general, Porche. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi – Episode 11”

Lucky Star – Episode 24

“To Be Announced”
“Mitei” (未定)

Konata and her friends prepare for the school’s cultural festival. Patricia decides to have the girls do a cheerleading session set to the show’s theme song, which hassles the girls between preparations for their class’ cultural displays and preparations for the routine. At first, Patricia has a hard time trying to convince her friends, but then she bribes Konata with a ticket to an Aya Hirano event, where people could shake hands with her. Konata gets her friends to help out, and even though Kagami is initially against it, she becomes the most enthusiastic of the bunch to do the routine. Akira Kogami has been invited to the school as a special guest, but she and Minoru still despise each other. At the end of the day, Konata, Tsukasa, Kagami, Miyuki, Ayano, and Misao reflect on their last cultural festival. The next day, at the opening of the festival, the girls get ready emotionally for the dance, and as the curtain rises, the screen fades to white. Continue reading “Lucky Star – Episode 24”

School Days – Episode 11

“Everyone’s Makoto”
“Minna no Makoto” (みんなの誠)

Christmas is coming around the corner, and although Makoto is dating Sekai, it seems as if he wants out of it. So it appears as if he is haphazardly getting himself involved in other relationships, despite his promise to Setsuna. Now things are going terribly wrong, as Kotonoha loses herself, Sekai finds out about Makoto’s infidelity, Setsuna’s move to France and most importantly a sudden change to her body… Continue reading “School Days – Episode 11”

Claymore – Episode 24

“Critical Point (Part 2)”
“Rinkai ten (II)” (臨界点(II))

Unable to return to her normal state, Clare requests that Helen decapitate her so she will not awaken, while Raki takes refuge in an alleyway. Meanwhile, Priscilla recognizes Clare’s energy, and believing her to be Teresa, has her memories return. Noting Priscilla’s presence, Clare gives chase to Priscilla. Intrigued by the situation, Isley orders his forces to remain on the sidelines as he observes the situation. In response to the situation, the Organization dispatches Galatea to examine the conflict in the north. Continue reading “Claymore – Episode 24”