ef – A tale of memories – Episode 12

Renji reflects over his past memories with Chihiro and is still very depressed over what happened with Chihiro throwing away her diary entries that contained accounts of Renji. After talking with Yu and Kuze, Renji starts collecting the missing diary pages; he only manages to find a handful of them. He takes them to the train station where he and Chihiro first met and finds her still sitting there. Renji discovers that Chihiro has not forgotten about him since she could not stop thinking about him for thirteen hours. Renji promises that they will always be together. The rest of the story concludes with showing scenes between Renji with Chihiro, Hiro with Miyako, and Kyousuke with Kei. Yuko finally reunites with Yu at the old church. Continue reading “ef – A tale of memories – Episode 12”

Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun – Episode 12

Let`s Walk Forward!
Shungo races to find Mayu before she runs out of energy, but must deal with Reika’s inner personality, who orders Hosaka to fight him. Reika’s original personality comes to terms with her inner self, and takes her body back, however, she cannot cancel the orders. She restores some life to Shungo, but when Shungo delivers a knockdown blow to Hosaka, Mayu interferes and gets hit by Hosaka’s punch. Shungo wants to kiss the collapsed Mayu but when Reika rushes forth, she trips and kisses her, restoring her life. With everything back to normal, Irori and Tasuku remark that Shungo has more challenges ahead. Continue reading “Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun – Episode 12”

ef – A tale of memories – Episode 11

Chihiro finishes her novel and wants Renji to read it, though she does not want to be around when he does. Renji proposes they go out on a date, which Chihiro happily agrees to, though she promises Renji that they will become lovers for only one day. After their date, Renji confesses his love to her once again on the school rooftop, and shortly after they make love while still on the rooftop. Later that night, Chihiro gives Renji the novel to read, and she goes up to the school rooftop to wait for him to finish. After realizing the bleak ending of the novel, Renji runs up to the balcony to meet Chihiro, though she tells him that they should break up while she can still love him with all her heart. Chihiro throws all her diary pages containing accounts of Renji into the air, effectively forcing Renji to break up with her. Continue reading “ef – A tale of memories – Episode 11”

Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun – Episode 11

Don`t Run Away!
Reika’s inner self has taken over, using her corporate muscle to capture Shungo. She takes him to their childhood home to have him remember his past and the promise for them to be together. When Reika drugs and later tries to mount him, her forces are attacked by Ryoko, Mikihiro and a returning Shinobu. Irori and Tasuku free Shungo. Realizing that Mayu may die without energy, he goes after her. Continue reading “Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun – Episode 11”

ef – A tale of memories – Episode 10

Kyosuke confronts Hiro about what happened with Kei, telling him that he always does things halfway. Miyako calls Hiro to tell him that it is too painful to be with him since she does not want to be eventually forgotten by him. Hiro goes to see Kei and is able to come to an understanding with her, even though he is in love with Miyako. Right before she is going to leave town, Miyako calls Hiro one last time. The calls cuts out at a pivotal moment, which leads Hiro to rush out on his bike, managing to find her at a public public telephone booth near a church where they kiss. Continue reading “ef – A tale of memories – Episode 10”

Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun – Episode 10

Let`s Go Have Fun!
Following Irori’s kiss, Shungo feels lethargic, but is pressured to go with Irori until Mayu steals Shungo away and takes Reika along. The three spend the last day in Kyoto having fun together, like they did back when they were children. Tasuku tries to break them up by using his family’s ninja clan to attack them. Tasuku and Shungo fight, but Irori stops them and tells Tasuku that she only loves him. Later, Shungo is surprised to see Ryoko and Mikihiro in the news; he is then arrested, while Mayu has disappeared. Continue reading “Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun – Episode 10”

ef – A tale of memories – Episode 9

Hiro finds Miyako at a public telephone booth in town and after a stroll on the beach where they kiss, Hiro takes her back to his place where they make love. The following morning, Kei finds Miyako in Hiro’s bed, which causes her to run away in tears, eventually collapsing on the road as Kyosuke rushes up to her with his bike. Renji continues to stay with Chihiro despite the pain he feels and manages to smile when around her. Chihiro rereads her diary three times and eventually comes to act like the person described in her diary, but she thinks that person is already dead. After hearing this, Renji vents his frustration and continuously repeats that this is not true. Continue reading “ef – A tale of memories – Episode 9”