Koihime Musou – Episode 4

“Bachō Tries to Attack Sōsō”
“Bachō, Sōsō o Utan to Suru no Koto” (馬超、曹操を討たんとするのこと)

Sōsō and her troops return to Shao after defeating the army of bandits. While there, she meets Rinrin when she is suddenly attacked by Bachō who claims Sōsō killed her father, Batō, before being subdued by Rinrin & Sōsō’s guards. Aisha, after hearing the news, meets Sōsō & asks her to spare & release Bachō. She agrees, on the condition that Aisha sleeps with her that night. However, their night together is interrupted when an Assassin tries to kill Sōsō but Aisha manages to save Sōsō. Thankful, Sōsō frees Bachō for Aisha. Kakou Ton, Sōsō’s commander, while escorting Aisha, reveals the truth of what happened to Bachō’s father. On the night he died, Batō was ordered to have a match with Sōsō, but she refused since he was too drunk to fight. Embarrassed, he left the palace where he unfortunately fell off his horse getting seriously injured. Ton & her men found him & she promised to keep the secret of how he died. However somebody did see them and mistakenly believed that Sōsō sent her troops to kill Batō. Sōsō decided not to do anything about the rumor, since she wanted to protect Batō’s honor to make it seem like he died a warrior’s death (A warrior who died drunk falling from his horse is considered an embarrassment.). Bachō refuses to believe it and accuses Ton of lying, who is insulted and challenges Bachō to defend her honor. Before they began their match, Bachō realizes that Ton was telling the truth when she notices her fighting stance & remembering her father’s words that “A noble warrior with no secrets or regrets, will show it in their fighting stance”. Realizing her mistake, she breaks down and cries. In the end, Bachō decides to return to her home to tell her people the truth, while Rinrin is confident they will meet again. Continue reading “Koihime Musou – Episode 4”

Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 4

“The Rumored Accepted Student”
“Uwasa no Hennyūsei” (噂の編入生)

Since returning to the Academy, Saito and Louise have spent less quality time together, since Saito has been busy with the Knights of Ordine. Tiffania shows up as a transfer student, who attracts attention from the boys, and who rouses jealousy not only from Louise but also from a noble student named Beatrice, who later bullies Tiffania until Saito and Guiche intervene. The next day, Tiffania reveals her elven heritage in front of a class, and Beatrice uses her religious authority to put Tiffania through an interrogation where she must get into a pot of boiling water. Saito tries to intervene, but after Guiche warns him that his actions would put his beloved in danger, Saito begs Beatrice for mercy. When she refuses, Saito draws his sword; he and the Ordine knights fight Beatrice’s knights until Louise, who was having a pleasant dream about Saito, ends the conflict with a giant explosion. She then clarifies that Beatrice has no authority to conduct the trial, Beatrice gives up but Tiffania forgives her. In the infirmary, Tiffania asks Saito to check her breasts to see if they are real or fake, but Louise and Siesta show up in time to witness this. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 4”

Code Geass R2 – Episode 16

Chōgasshūkoku Ketsugi Daiichigō
United Federation of Nations Resolution Number One

The Black Knights rally forty-seven countries to form the United Federation of Nations (UFN); they then declare war against Britannia to liberate Japan. In anticipation, the Knights of the Round and the bulk of Britannia’s military are transferred to Japan. Nina Einstein has the Lancelot equipped with a warhead called the Field Limitary Effective Implosion Armament (FLEIJA). The Emperor interrupts the Federation’s announcement to challenge Zero to a battle for the world itself. Fearing for Nunnally’s safety, Lelouch admits his identity to Suzaku and asks him to save her. Suzaku agrees, on the condition they meet alone. Continue reading “Code Geass R2 – Episode 16”

Koihime Musou – Episode 3

“Chōhi and Bachō Fight Each Other”
“Chōhi, Bachō to Aiutsu no Koto” (張飛、馬超と相打つのこと)

Enshou, the arrogant noble of Shao meets Sōsō, the young queen of Wei, who has asked permission to have her troops enter Enshou’s land to destroy an army of bandits there on behalf of the Imperial capital. Sōsō leaves but not before humiliating & insulting Enshou & her assistants, Bun Shou & Ganryou, for their idiocy & not dealing with the bandits in Shao. She later meets Aisha who she develops an interest in. Meanwhile, Aisha & her friends are working at a Maid Restaurant in order to earn money but Chōhi decides to earn money another way where she meets Bachō, and both of them decide to enter a fighting tournament hosted by Enshou. Both of them make it to the final round which ends in a “draw”, which impresses Enshou, who decides to ask them to join her group. Bun Shou & Ganryou, aren’t pleased since both of them fear they will get fired so Enshou decides to hold a 3 round contest between the two groups. Both groups win a round (Chōhi and Bachō in Beauty & Bun Shou & Ganryou in Intelligence) before the third round begins where they are asked to fight in a Sumo match while wearing a humiliating Sumo attire. In the end, Bun Shou & Ganryou win the contest by default when Chōhi and Bachō decided to forfeit & not embarrass themselves, while Chōhi decides to introduce Aisha & Sei to Bachō. Continue reading “Koihime Musou – Episode 3”

Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 3

“The Return of the Hero”
“Eiyū no Okaeri” (英雄のおかえり)

Tiffania travels back to Tristain with the group. While introducing herself to the Queen, she is asked to remove her hat, and she reveals her elven heritage with her long pointed elf ears. Although elves are shunned by human society, Tiffania explains that she is in fact a half-elf: Her mother was an elf who died years earlier, and her father was the Archduke of Albion. Henrietta shows compassion for Tiffania. They discuss Sheffield’s comment about other Void mages. Henrietta offers to knight Saito again and he accepts. Siesta then announces she is Saito’s maid by order of the Queen, much to Louise’s frustration. Tiffania is also revealed to be cousins with Henrietta, and she stays at the castle until she figures out what she wants to do. Saito, Louise, and Siesta return to the academy to a big celebration. Guiche is now the captain of the student corps known as The Knights of Ordine, and as appointed Saito their vice-capain. Reynald, Malicorne, and the Ordine knights carry Saito away. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 3”

Code Geass R2 – Episode 15

Shī no Sekai
The C’s World

Suzaku, realizing he cannot stoop to Lelouch’s level to achieve his goals, forgoes the interrogation; he investigates Ashford Academy and discovers the Special Division has been compromised. Ohgi and Villetta meet in the woods, where she intends to kill him, but Ohgi confesses he has fallen in love with her. Meanwhile, Charles has become immortal after killing and gaining V.V.’s powers. C.C. transports Lelouch to her unconscious mind to protect him from Charles. There, Lelouch witnesses her past, and returns to the Sword of Akasha to save C.C.; the two return to reality where Lelouch discovers C.C. has become amnesiac. Continue reading “Code Geass R2 – Episode 15”

Koihime Musou – Episode 2

“Kan’u is Going to Die With Chōun”
“Kan’u, Chōun to Shichi ni Omomuku no Koto”
(関羽, 趙雲と死地に赴くのこと)

Kōsonsan, a local feudal lord and Chōun (also known as Sei), another warrior, ask Aisha (Kan’u real name) to help to find a hidden base belonging to Bandits so they can be eliminated. Aisha agrees and she & Sei hide in a merchant’s crate so the bandits will steal it and take it to their base. After finding their base, Chōun and Aisha fight off some of the bandits & rescue the prisoners held by them before finding themselves in a dead-end. However, Rinrin arrives & helps the prisoners escape while Chōun and Aisha defeat the rest of the bandits. Kōsonsan is not happy hearing this since she wanted to showoff her White horse in battle. Chōun decides to join Aisha & Rinrin in their travels since Kōsonsan, while a noble person, isn’t strong enough to unite the country and its rival factions. Continue reading “Koihime Musou – Episode 2”

Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 2

“The Elf of the Forest”
“Mori no Yōsei” (森の妖精)

Saito, Louise, and Agnès travel to Tiffania’s village, and Siesta joins them. Louise gets into another fight with Saito and walks off. Agnès made a wooden sword, and spars with Saito. The next day, they found Tiffania, whose chest size shocks Louise and Siesta, and is happy to see Saito again. Later tonight at Tiffania’s hut, when Saito tries to clear up a misunderstanding Louise runs away and Siesta follows, but they are attacked by Sheffield who summons wolves. Louise loses her wand and Siesta tries to help but is knocked down. Louise’s magic isn’t strong enough; out of desperation, she performs the summoning, and Saito surprisingly appears again, forcing Sheffield to retreat. They renew their contract with a kiss, and Saito gets his “Gandálfr” runes burned onto his hand again. Saito and Louise are about to share an intimate moment until Siesta interrupts. Meanwhile, Sheffield reports to her master, Joseph. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 2”

Code Geass R2 – Episode 14

Giasu Gari
Geass Hunt

Rolo admits to causing Shirley’s death; rather than blame Rolo specifically, Lelouch blames the existence of Geass itself. In retaliation, he mounts an assault on the Geass Order, slaughtering everyone within the stronghold. V.V. pilots the Siegfried in an effort to stop the Black Knights but is defeated by Lelouch and Cornelia li Britannia. Lelouch is then transported to a separate dimension known as the Sword of Akasha where he is confronted by Charles. Elsewhere, Suzuka suspects Lelouch murdered Shirley and decides to interrogate Kallen with drugs. Continue reading “Code Geass R2 – Episode 14”

Koihime Musou – Episode 1

“Kan’u Makes a Vow of Sisterhood With Chōhi”
“Kan’u, Chōhi to Shimai no Chigiri o Musubu no Koto”
(関羽, 張飛と姉妹の契りを結ぶのこと)

Kan’u, a traveling warrior who fights bandits, visits a town where she encounters Rinrin and her troublemaker friends. While most of the town find their antics funny, the Mayor doesn’t. Then he decides to send his soldiers to catch her until Kan’u volunteers to do it herself. After meeting and fighting her which ends in Rinrin’s defeat, Kan’u realizes that her antics are just her way of getting attention after being lonely after her grandfather died. After making a vow of sisterhood with Chōhi (Rinrin other name), Rinrin apologizes to the mayor and leaves her hometown with Kan’u but not before saying goodbye to her friends. Continue reading “Koihime Musou – Episode 1”