Code Geass R2 – Episode 25


Suzaku and Kallen’s duel intensifies, leading to a final exchange which disables the Guren and destroys the Lancelot. Lelouch uses his Geass to force Nunnally to give up the key of Damocles. With the fortress under his control, Lelouch unites the world under his tyrannical rule. Two months later, Lelouch prepares to oversee the public execution of the leaders of the UFN and the Black Knights. Accordingly to their plan, dubbed as Zero Requiem, Suzaku disguises as Zero and kills Lelouch during the execution. As a result, the world unites in hatred of Lelouch and begins an era of peace. Continue reading “Code Geass R2 – Episode 25”

Lucky Star – OVA

“Original Visual Animation”
“Orijinaru na Bijuaru to Animēshon” (オリジナルなビジュアルとアニメーション)

The story is split up into several chapters.

The Beginning and End of Cherry’s Day (チェリーちゃんの一日のはじまりとおわり Cherī-chan no Ichihibi no Hajimari to Owari?)- Minami’s pet dog, Cherry, is paid a visit by the other characters. While Minami tells her to behave, Cherry shows reluctance to participate. At the end of the day, Minami is concerned that she’s not eating any food.

Online Gaming with Friends (ネットゲーにはまる人たち Nettogē ni Hamaru Hitotachi?)- Kagami and Tsukasa join Konata and Nanako in the MMORPG that she often plays in the series. Kagami is confused by all the leetspeak and Tsukasa has trouble figuring out the game mechanics.

Kagami Reluctantly goes to the Ball (ぶとうかいに渋々出かけていくかがみ Butōkai ni Shibu deka Keteiku Kagami?)- Kagami has a Cinderella-esque dream where Konata (dressed in the witch outfit Yuki Nagato sometimes wears) uses magic to take her to the ball dressed as Hatsune Miku. The ball turns out to be a mixed martial arts tournament held by Misao where the winner will become her bride. She is excited to see Kagami and offers to help her through the contest, which Kagami flatly declines, insisting that she be sent home. Konata’s magic runs out before Kagami’s house can be returned, so Konata makes Kagami say something embarrassing which Tsukasa hears when Kagami wakes up.

The Volleyball Battle against Big Sis! (バレーボールでお姉ちゃんと対決! Barēbōrū de Onee-chan to Taiketsu!?)- A volleyball game ensues in the high school gym in which Misao encourages Tsukasa to defeat her sister and rise out of the ranks of ‘side character’.

Four People on the Perplexing Road (道に迷った4人 Michi ni Mayotta Yonnin?)- Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa and Miyuki get lost in the woods whilst on a nature hike, trying to figure out where to go and how to survive. Konata provides little to no help towards the situation.

The Mysterious Occurrence at the Pet Shop (ペットショップでの不可思議な出来事 Pettoshoppu deno Fukashigi na Dekigoto?)- The girls go to an odd pet shop where they find a rabid Sgt. Frog and Private Tamama and somehow wake up as various frogs.

The seventh segment, also the shortest segment of the OVA, shows the manga shop owner Meito Anizawa in the same MMORPG that the Lucky Star girls were playing, again resulting in his failed attempt to sell Konata in-game items after waiting for her for a long time while she was away from her keyboard. Continue reading “Lucky Star – OVA”

Koihime Musou – Episode 12

“Kan’u Fulfills Her Ambition”
“Kan’u, Kokorozashi o Tsuranuku no Koto”

Ryūbi and his army attend an imperial war meeting between other loyalist army commanders hosted by the Commander-in-Chief of Imperial forces, General Kashin to discuss the recent uprisings the empire is facing. Rinrin stays back after getting a fever with Shuri staying to take care of her. During the meeting, General Kashin ask on how to defeat an army of rebels who have fortify a mountain. Sōsō suggests a Siege strategy where they will cut off the rebels supply routes to deprived them of supplies which will starve them and affect their morale and an offer of clemency to those who surrender. But Kashin is not interested of showing mercy to the rebels and wants them to be eliminated quickly as a lesson to others. Ryūbi takes the offer to fight them head-on with the promise of bringing the leaders head. Kashin, impress of his willingness, agrees to give him the mission and reward him as her aide in the government if he succeeds. Meanwhile, the bandits that Ryūbi’s army defeated have united and launched a surprise attacked on Touka to get their revenge.

When news of the attack reaches Ryūbi, Aisha suggest to immediately go back and save the village. But Ryūbi decides to abandon Touka and focus on the fighting the rebels and seducing Aisha to join him. Realizing that Ryūbi never care about the people and was more interested in power, she slaps him and goes to Touka to save her friends with Bachō following her. Bachō asks Sōsō for help but she refuse citing Aisha foolishness to follow Ryūbi but when Bachō begs on her knees, she tells Shunran to lead the Black Riders cavalry unit on “reconnaissance” at Touka. At Touka, the defenders and villagers are forced to fall back into the lord’s mansion. When the bandits finally breach the mansion gates, they are stop by a sick but angry Rinrin who declares that no one shall pass through. Just as Rinrin reaches her limit, Aisha finally arrives and helps Rinrin defend the gate. Together with the help of Kōchū and Sei, the arrival of Bachō, Shunra and the Black Riders, the bandits are quickly defeated.

After the battle, Aisha ask Shunra if she can thank Sōsō herself but Shunra tells her not to as she might end up in Sōsō’s bed again. While asking where Sei has been all this time, she replies that she died and was revived by a mysterious being only to tell everyone it was a lie. Ryūbi’s army without the help of Aisha and Bachō, could not breach into the rebels mountain fortress and had to give up and return to Touka after three days which Sōsō army took over and succeeded using her siege strategy. Ryūbi was strongly reprimanded by Kashin for his failure and embarrassing the imperial court. He tries to save face by returning to Touka only to unexpectedly meet Kōchū and Riri who recognized him as the man who kidnap her and made Kōchū do the assassination, he quickly runs away. Kōchū concludes that he was a criminal and impostor, who got tired of doing dull crimes and decides to gain riches and fame by claiming to be a descendant of Liu Sheng.
The series ends with an epilogue detailing what everyone was doing now; Aisha and the group along with the villagers celebrate under the peach blossom trees while Rinrin playing with Riri and the village children, Shunra doing official work while Sōsō is relaxing with Keifa and Shūran in bed under the peach blossom trees, Sonken and Kannei inspecting the Wu Navy at the Yangtze River while her sister Shōren gets chase by the Qiaos Sisters, Sonsaku, Shuyu and Rikuson viewing the moon from a balcony, Enshō, Bunshū and Ganryō finding the Hot Springs treasure again with the help of the bear that chase them before, Ryofu sparing with Kayū while Tōtaku and Kaku watch them along with Ryofu’s dogs, Kyocho winning another eating contest, Chōryō working at a maid restaurant, Kōsonsan dreaming leading with her white horse and Shibaki receiving a letter from Shuri. The last scene ends with Aisha and Rinrin reaffirming their sisterhood vows with the narrator telling how the 6 heroines and their new adventures will be told some other time, some other place. Continue reading “Koihime Musou – Episode 12”

Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 12

“Wings of Freedom”
“Jiyū no Tsubasa” (自由の翼)

Louise has a nightmare in which she loses the ability to cast magic. Saito finds Tabitha reading a book in the forest, and she began to teach him the words, but Louise interrupts, telling Saito that she can no longer use magic. Tabitha says that she will protect Saito since Louise is unable to do so. In Tristan, Henrietta dispatches the Ostland and Colbert to rendezvous with Saito, carrying a type of cannon which seems to be a German FlaK 36, and Agnès offers the assistance of the Musketeer Force. Saito, under Tabitha’s guidance, learns to read quickly, while Louise broods over her inability to cast magic. Overhearing Tabitha telling Saito that under the influence of Gandálfr, the heart will experience changes, Louise wonders if Saito loves her because of Gandálfr’s influence. Just before crossing the border, the Jormungand; Square-class golem, with Sheffield on its shoulder, lands in front of the carriage and blocking off the route into Tristan. Illococoo and Tabitha fly to the air, in order to lure Sheffield away. Saito realises her objective is Louise, but Louise jumps out of the carriage and gets caught. Guiche, Kirche, and Tabitha’s attacks prove ineffective against the golem. Saito’s attacks are easily stopped by Counter, and Louise decides to sacrifice herself for her friends. Saito leaps to attack the golem again, releases Louise, and Slyphid saves them in time. Colbert has unloaded the cannon, which Saito examines using his powers. He quickly fires at the golem, but is stopped by Counter. Colbert, Kirche, and Malicorne unleash their most powerful spells, and manage to stop its advance. Derflinger tells Saito that Dispel needs to be cast onto the shells, and Louise refuses, saying she can’t do it. Tabitha then kisses Saito, eliciting feelings of intense jealousy in Louise, causing her Void powers to be activated again. Louise casts Dispel on the ammunition, which successfully pierces the Counter and destroys the golem. On the Ostland, Louise awakens to see Saito; he hugs her, saying he does not love her just because he is Gandálfr. Then they looked at each other and kissed. Back in Tristan, Louise kneels before the Queen, awaiting punishment for defying her. Henrietta instead awards her the royal mantle, declaring that Louise is now her sister and second successor to the throne, as well as returning Saito, Malicorne, and Guiche their chevalier cloak reinstating their noble status. She then welcomes Tabitha as Princess Charlotte back to Tristan. The ending credits show when Louise tries to explode Saito when she sees Tabitha holding onto Saito, Sylphid grabs Saito and escapes with Tabitha. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 12”

Code Geass R2 – Episode 24

Damokuresu no Sora
The Grip of Damocles

Using Nina’s FLEIJA Eliminator, Lelouch and Suzaku successfully bypass Damocles’ barrier. Believing Lelouch to be trapped, Schneizel sets the Damocles’ self-destruct sequence and attempts to leave. However, Lelouch uses Geass on Schneizel and forces him into obedience; afterwards Lelouch confronts Nunnally, who has regained her sight. Continue reading “Code Geass R2 – Episode 24”

Koihime Musou – Episode 11

“Kan’u Meets Ryūbi”
“Kan’u, Ryūbi to Deau no Koto”

Aisha walks out of the cave that she Rinrin and Shuri slept where she finds herself in battle between Bandits and Militias. Immediately both she and Rinrin fight the off the bandits which forces the bandits to retreat. After the battle, the commander of the Militia’s introduced himself as Ryūbi (Real name Gentoku) and thanks the girls for their help. He realize that Aisha is the Black hair Beauty bandit Fighter which at first she thinks he will question her beauty and is surprised and embarrassed when he says the stories of her beauty are true. At the village of Touka, the feudal lord explain how Ryūbi who claims to be a descendant of Liu Sheng, with his followers came to his village to help them fight against the bandits which he agree by helping him form an army. Unfortunately Ryūbi’s army was defeated 7 times which at one point the lord was thinking of kicking him out the village should he lose again.
With Aisha and Rinrin fighting skills and Shuri’s strategies, Ryūbi army are defeating the bandit armies. Aisha is enamored with Ryūbi ambitions to save people from misery and his resemblance to her late brother. While the girls were searching for medical herbs, Shuri finds a special plant and plucks it and is scared to find underneath the plant, an almost dead Bachō. While recovering, Bachō explain that she accidentally ate a poisonous mushroom which sent on her on hallucinatory trip until she fell on the spot the girls found her and would have died if she wasn’t found. Following Shuri’s advice, the lords mansion is fortified with watchtowers and a ditch surrounding it. Rinrin makes friends with the village children and learns from them the village name comes from the peach blossom trees growing here. At the same time, Sei, Kōchū and Riri travels to Touka after hearing about their friends exploits there. Continue reading “Koihime Musou – Episode 11”

Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 11

“Captive in Al Hambra”
“Āhanbura no Toriko” (アーハンブラの虜)

Using her talents at persuasion, Kirche discovers that Tabitha is being held in Al Hambra. Upon arriving there, the gang decide upon a plan of attack. Under the pretext of having a show, they plan to make the soldiers drink alcohol laced with sleeping potion. When Kirche doesn’t assign anything to Louise, she gets angry and demands to be given something to do. Kirche reveals that she knows the Louise is a Void mage, and apologises for her past behavior, and invites her over to Germania. Later on, Derflinger advises Saito to say something to her, saying that Void magic is dependent on emotional strength. Saito decides to do so, and finds her posing in front of a mirror in a dancing costume. Louise begins to tempt Saito, and Saito pushes her onto the bed, but they are interrupted by Guiche. In Tristan, Agnès frees Colbert. She says that she cannot forgive him for burning her village, but has a chance to end the cycle of hatred that would erupt should she kill Colbert. Back in Al Hambra, the Baron wants Louise to attend to him personally, and she agrees, planning to drug his wine, but discovers that the sleeping potion has slipped out of her bra. Saito and Tiffa discovers the bottle and go to rescue Louise, Tiffa using her Memory spell to wipe the Baron’s memories. Having drugged all the soldiers, they encounter Bidashal Vitartial an Elf, who easily defeats their attacks using Counter. Derflinger tells Louise to cast Dispel on him, which she does, allowing Saito to break through Bidashal’s Counter. Tiffa stops Saito from killing Bidashal, who tells them where Tabitha is and lets them go, and warns them that Joseph is a cold-blooded man, and that it wouldn’t end there. Tabitha is awakened by Illococoo, and cries upon seeing the gang, as Sheffield spies on them using her butterfly. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 11”

Code Geass R2 – Episode 23

Shunaizeru no Kamen
The Schneizel’s Guise

Schneizel unveils his plan to position the Damocles in such a way as to strike every warring nation in the world, thus enforcing peace through threat of annihilation. Lelouch declares Nunnally his enemy during their conversation, but hesitates in opposing her. With some words from Suzaku and C.C.’s comfort, Lelouch comes to his senses and focuses on his original task. Schneizel, backed by the Black Knights and the remaining Knights of the Round, wages war with Lelouch’s army. Continue reading “Code Geass R2 – Episode 23”

Koihime Musou – Episode 10

“Sonsaku’s Life is Threatened”
“Sonsaku, Inochi o Nerawareru no Koto”

The kingdom of Wu under Queen Sonsaku has been rapidly expanding it territory’s. While their wars has made them famous abroad, at home it has cause concern to Princess Sonken and some nobles who fear these wars may destroy the kingdom. At a banquet, Sonsaku secretly reveals to her strategist & lover Shuyu, that her actions were the last wishes of her late mother Sonken. She wishes to unite the country and later abdicate the throne in favor of her sister Sonken who she knows will heal the damage her wars has cause to the nation. At the same time, a group of nobles led by Choushou, launches a plan to end Sonsaku reign. Meanwhile, Aisha group has arrive at Wu where Shōren is scolded by her aunt Sonsei for running away. Sonsaku thanks them for taking care of her sister by having them stay overnight. The next day, Aisha, Rinrin, Shōren goes on a hunting trip accompany by Kannei. While alone, Aisha notices Sonsaku on her balcony from a top of a hill. When they return, Aisha is arrested by Sonken orders. When they were away, Sonsaku was shot by a poison arrow and is now in a coma. According to the witnesses, the arrow came from the same hill Aisha was at and they believe she was the culprit since she was there and there wasn’t anyone who was with her to prove she wasn’t the one who did it. Kōmei counter the claim and believes Kannei is a suspect since she too was alone during that time and she could have a motive since a vassal is more likely to kill her master rather than a stranger. Before the insulted Kannei can harm Kōmei, Shuyu manages to stop her and tells Sonken to let Aisha go since there is no proof she done it and Sonken is acting base on her feeling. Later that night, an assassin tries to kill the unconscious Sonsaku who suddenly tells the assassin to stop who is reveal to be Sonsei. Her attempt on her life at balcony was actually an act to catch the dissenting nobles with Aisha unfortunately being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Choushou, the leader of the dissenter is reveal to be working with Shuyu and Sonsaku and was secretly getting the names and proof of the collaborators. Sonsei reveals that she and the dissenters felt the blood shed from her wars has cause so much damage that it will come back to haunt the family which Sonsaku responds she knows since her acts are for the betterment of the kingdom and has her aunt arrested. Kōmei, Aisha and Rinrin leaves on a ship on the Yangtze River before Shōren, Rikuson and Sonken who came to apologize to Aisha sees them off. Before everything ends, Kōmei points that all that incident seemed to be planned by somebody else. Shuryu then reveals herself to Rikuson as the author of that whole scenario, and ask her about her thoughts about Koumei. Rikuson thinks that Koumei will be quite a great strategist someday, and she looks forward to see her in the future, while Shuryu says that someday maybe she’ll stands in their way. Continue reading “Koihime Musou – Episode 10”

Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 10

“Border Mountain Pass”
“Kokkyō no Tōge” (国境の峠)

Saito and company take refugee in the Charming Fairy Inn while the search for them continues. A plan is created to use the Ostland to fly towards Germinia as a decoy, while everybody else goes across the Gallia border directly. Scarron provides disguises for them, while Colbert, Seista, Gimili, and Reynard proceed to liberate the Ostland. Siesta shows doubts at first of not having any powers but is encouraged by Saito that she could still help. She hugs him so Louise kicks him in the groin from behind. In Gallia, Joseph and Sheffield uncover a massive object, which Joseph calls Jormungand, covered with pulsing veins with a single large eye. Posing as a traveling circus, Saito and company cross the border, while Louise broods over no longer being an aristocrat, realising she only has Saito left. Back at the castle, using Siesta as a distraction, Gimili and Reynard take out two guards and they board the Ostland, after dispatching two more groups of guards. Colbert quickly fires up the Ostland, eventually ripping it free of the chains. Agnès falls for the ploy, ordering guards to watch the Germinia border. Louise sprains her ankle, and Saito tells her to rely on him, carrying her on his back. She wonders how Saito can be so strong, despite being alone in this world. The Ostland is eventually stopped by Tristan dragon knights, and Agnès nearly kills Colbert upon seeing him. Meanwhile, Saito and the gang arrive in Gallia. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – Episode 10”