Seto no Hanayome – OVA1

A new semester begins where Nagasumi, Sun and the others are third grader seniors. Everyone got into the same class except Nagasumi got sent to the eighth middle school, class zero where in a classroom full of delinquents. Unable to cooperate with his new class, their homeroom teacher Shark Fujishiro plans to make a killing spree session on his first day of homeroom. Meanwhile, a new student has come to Sun and Lunar’s class who turns out to be Lunar’s Papa who is dressed in a female middle school attire along with an apron. This disgusts Lunar and makes a whole ruckus in the class. When Seto Gozaburo asks them to quiet down, Lunar’s father tells him to not interfere and the two start a fight. Lunar and Sun leave to find Nagasumi and get him back to his seat to clear their situation. Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – OVA1”

Clannad After Story – Episode 9

Sakamichi no Tochū
En Route on the Sloped Road

Tomoya and his friends are nearing graduation, and are discussing what they will be doing after they graduate. Kyou wishes to be a kindergarten teacher, Ryou hopes to go to a nursing school, Kotomi wants to study in America, and Youhei aspires to be a model. Tomoya still has not decided on what to do yet. Nagisa’s sickness returns, making her unable to go to school and take exams. On the day of graduation, Tomoya returns home to Nagisa who wishes to take a walk with him, while holding hands. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 9”

Chaos;Head – Episode 8

“Rendō” (連動)

Takumi is still waiting for Rimi to show up in school. She has not appeared in school since the day of the earthquake. Kozue comes to ask Takumi to accompany them to attack the headquarters of the Nozomi Technology Group to destroy Noah II. Takumi refuses so Kozue starts crying to force him to join them. He then took her outside the school avoid troublesome rumors. Sena was waiting for them outside and convinces him to join them. They entered through the front of the building and reached the underground research facility with the help of Sena who projected a delusion that caused the people around them to see the trio as corporate executives. Meanwhile, Rimi is shown in a hospital room talking to an old man in a wheelchair, shown as Shogun, who Takumi saw previously in the streets of Shibuya. The trio apparently finds Noah II but Genichi Norose, the president of the Nozomi Technology Group appears to stop them. Takumi sees visions of Sena’s past and that her real name is Sena Hatano and not Sena Aoi. When they were about to lose, Ayase suddenly appears and helps them. She then collapses after the fight. Norose was frozen due to Ayase’s projection of her delusion but he makes Sena and Kozue fight each other by causing them to see delusions that made them think the other is Norose. Takumi unconsciously cancels the delusions Sena and Kozue were seeing. Sena apparently defeats Norose and Kozue destroys Noah II. They then find out that it was not Noah II, but just a prototype machine and that the Norose they defeated was simply a delusion real-booted by that machine. Takumi goes to school the next day and is overjoyed to see Rimi. Norose is shown in a dark office in a high building talking to someone, apparently another Gigalomaniac, who is trapped and held up in his massive Di-Sword. Continue reading “Chaos;Head – Episode 8”

Clannad After Story – Episode 8

Yūki Aru Tatakai
Valiant Fight

Tomoyo speaks to Yukine and the others about hearing that the police will start to get involved in the fight between the two gangs if it gets any worse. Trying to stave off a major brawl, Yukine goes with Tomoya to try to talk the other gang out of a fight, and the leader settles on a fight between him and Yukine’s brother Kazuto. Youhei reluctantly goes to stand in for Kazuto, but is incapacitated along with everyone else but Tomoya after eating Sanae’s bread, so Tomoya fights the leader of the opposing gang. Yukine impersonates Kazuto to end the fighting, and finally reveals to everyone that did not already know that Kazuto has been dead for some time, and his wish was to end the fighting in the town. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 8”

Chaos;Head – Episode 7

“Jikaku” (自覚)

After the earthquake, Takumi searches for Rimi at school. Ayase jumps off the school roof, but Takumi unwittingly creates a flowerbed to save her from the fall. Later, nasty rumors begin to circulate around the school that it was Takumi’s relationship with Ayase that caused her to jump. As his class is teasing him, a feminine voice begins speaking to Takumi in his head. After school, Takumi gets beat up by a group of paid thugs, but is saved by Kozue who is apparently able to communicate telepathically. She is revealed to be another Di-Sword wielder as well as a friend of Sena Aoi, the girl that Takumi met in the streets a few days ago. Sena explains that people who are able to see and obtain Di-Swords are called “Gigalomaniacs”, and that they are capable of projecting their delusions to other people, with the help of their Di-Swords. The Nozomi Technology Group has a meeting and it is revealed that they are using a machine called Noah II to synthetically use the powers of the Gigalomaniacs for their own purpose. To this end, they have recruited several people, called “Porters” who carry special devices in backpacks to allow Noah II’s signal to reach people. The backpack device destroyed by Sena in the previous episode is revealed to be one such mobile transmitter port for Noah II’s signals. Takumi learns that he, Sena and Kozue are all Gigalomaniacs with the power to project delusions into reality, using a process called “real-booting. Takumi is said to be special in that he is unknowingly capable of real-booting delusions even without a Di-Sword. When a Noah II created delusion of a runaway digger appears and cause people to panic, Sena and Kozue jump into action to destroy the mobile transmitters carried in backpacks by the Porters nearby. The Nozomi Technology Group vows to remove all obstacles to their plans. Takumi, Sena, and Kozue form a group to stop Nozomi, and Kozue urges that they take a commemorative picture in a nearby photo booth. Continue reading “Chaos;Head – Episode 7”

Clannad After Story – Episode 7

Kanojo no Ibasho
Her Whereabouts

Tomoya, Nagisa, and Youhei finally find out that Yukine is respected by the two rival gangs in the city since she helps both sides’ members after they get hurt. Her older brother, Kazuto is the leader of one of the gangs, and a young boy named Yu comes to her to find his older sister who apparently is dating a guy in Yukine’s brother’s gang. Youhei tells Yu that he is Yukine’s brother for a time, but the truth is later revealed after Yukine takes Yu, along with Tomoya, Nagisa, and Youhei, to a bar where her brother’s gang hangs out. Yukine’s brother has been in the hospital since he saved a friend and got in a car accident. While heading home, three members of the rival gang think Youhei is Yukine’s brother and try to fight him and Tomoya, but Tomoyo intervenes, stopping them single-handedly. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 7”

Chaos;Head – Episode 6

“Hōyō” (抱擁)

Yua comes to Takumi’s class and he runs away screaming. Takumi is found by Rimi near the courtyard and finally agrees to allow Rimi to support him and he begins walking to and from school with her. After school, Takumi and Rimi go to a café and he begins to fill her in on his encounter with Shogun. At this time, a protest against the New Generation events passes by the café. Back at his place Takumi tries to call upon his real Di-Sword while holding the fake one, but Rimi stops him. Rimi leaves to get more soda, and while she is gone Takumi finds out that his old psychiatrist has been killed as the victim of the fifth New Generation incident. Meanwhile, Sena destroys a device made by the Nozomi Technology Group in someone’s backpack. The next day, Takumi learns more about finding his Di-Sword from Ayase. After school, Rimi walks Takumi home and he tries to tell her about his possible power to make delusions real but she does not believe him. Ban goes to see Katsuko Momose to learn more about the New Generation events. Meanwhile, Takumi apparently gets a call from Shogun, but when he answers it all he hears is a strange tune, the one from the pedestrian scramble and street crossings, and then suddenly a strange earthquake hits Shibuya with a very loud alarm-like noise and causes the sky to momentarily turn white. Continue reading “Chaos;Head – Episode 6”

Clannad After Story – Episode 6

Zutto Anata no Soba ni
Forever By Your Side

After getting over Igarashi, Misae starts hanging out with Shima more and starts falling in love with him. One day, Shima realizes after going to his house with two of Misae’s friends that he is in fact not Shima Katsuki, but a cat who was sent by the real Shima Katsuki, who was dying, to grant Misae’s wish. At the autumn festival, Misae confesses she has come to love Shima, but that night he disappears shortly after Misae made her wish for him to always be with her. After Tomoya wakes up, and realizes the cat showed him all this, Tomoya later tells Misae some things Shima did not get a chance to tell her. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 6”

Chaos;Head – Episode 5

“Sendō” (先導)

Takumi finds out from Rimi and Daisuke that the detectives are investigating the school. Yua catches Takumi in his attempt to hide from her after she requests to meet with him again. She tells him he has multiple personalities and that he should stop killing people. Takumi runs, but he is pursued and eventually runs into Ayase who helps him escape. Ayase takes him to the subway. There Ayase shows Takumi her Di-Sword by pulling it out of empty space. She tells Takumi the swords come from parallel worlds existing in the same dimension as the real world, which she refers to as delusions, delusions projected into the real world by people with certain powers. When Takumi gets home he finds an e-mail from Grim with a link to a video of the first New Generation case, called the “Group Dive”, and Takumi realizes the video was filmed by Shogun. Continue reading “Chaos;Head – Episode 5”