Akikan! – Episode 12

“A Toast to the Brilliant Future!”
“Kagayaku Mirai ni Kanpai!” (輝く未来に乾杯!)

After recovering from their injuries, Kakeru, Najimi and Kizaki chase after the Mixed Juice Akikan. Kakeru begs the Mixed Juice Akikan to return Melon to him, but she just responds by sending a Zero of her to attack her. However, the Zero hesitates to finish Kakeru, and he uses his emotions to recover Melon’s juice to her can. Otoya appears with Misaki, and recovers Yell and Budoko’s cans, allowing Najimi and Misaki to recover them as well. The Mixed Juice Akikan sends all of her Zeros to attack them, but Melon, Yell and Budoko defeat them all, and combine their attacks to defeat her. She explains that her owner is a cat who ran off the moment they had met, causing her to hate Akikans with owners. Kakeru decides to give her the name, Miku, and Otoya points her in the right direction to finding her owner. Everyone heads back to Kakeru’s house for a toast to the future. Continue reading “Akikan! – Episode 12”

Clannad After Story – Episode 24

Midori no Ki no Shita de
Under the Green Tree

Tomoya tells Ushio of the past events that happened from when he first met Nagisa, until after Ushio is born and Nagisa survives. When Ushio falls asleep during the story, he begins to quite clearly recall a more tragic set of circumstances. At the end of this retelling, Tomoya, with Ushio and Fuko who are both asleep, are shown under a tree at the present time having a picnic. Ushio wakes up, just before Nagisa calls the three of them (off screen), saying that it is time to head home. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 24”

Akikan! – Episode 11

“Shockingly! The Strongest Akikan”
“Shinkan! Saikyō Akikan” (震撼! 最強アキカン)

A mysterious Akikan attacks Otoya and leaves Kizaki hospitalized. The next day, Misaki approaches Melon and Kakeru saying that Budoko has gone missing. A possessed Budoko shows up and fights Yell, but she is defeated when the mysterious Akikan takes a shot at Najimi, and then absorbs Yell. Kizaki explains that the attacker was ‘the strongest Akikan’ who attacks Akikans regardless of being steel or aluminium. Later, Melon gets attacked by Yell and Budoko, who Kakeru deduces are copies. They manage to defeat them, but then the mysterious Akikan attacks. She reveals herself as a Mixed Juice Akikan, who can absorb other Akikans and use their powers to summon Zeros. Melon attacks the mysterious Akikan, but to no avail. She absorbs Melon’s powers and leaves Kakeru with the empty can, leaving him devastated. Continue reading “Akikan! – Episode 11”

Clannad After Story – Episode 23

Ichinen Mae no Dekigoto
The Event from One Year Before

One year before the events of the beginning of the story, Tomoya is beginning his second year, and Nagisa her first time as a third-year student. Nagisa is having trouble making friends as usual, while Tomoya and Youhei are busy being delinquents and carrying out pranks at Kyou’s, and inadvertently Nagisa’s, expense. After Nagisa is knocked out by a falling metal pan that Tomoya and Youhei had set up as a prank for first-year students, a classmate of Nagisa’s finally finds the chance to talk with her and they become friends. Nagisa keeps the banner from the prank (with a message to instill confidence written by Tomoya), because she feels it attributed her to making a new friend. The message saying, “Don’t give in to the hardships ahead of you”. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 23”

Akikan! – Episode 10

“Acknowledgement of a Never Changing Day”
“Kawaranu Kyō ni Kansha!” (変わらぬ今日に感謝!)

This episode shows how the Akikans spend their day at home when their owners aren’t around. Melon tries to wash and dry the clothes while batting off the hot weather. Budoko is shocked to find a cat had messed up her hair while she was sleeping, only to find an opportunity to have some fun with a new hairstyle. Yell cuts out some coupons, learns what ‘Yell’ stands for, attracting several cats in the process, and tidies up the house, only to wreck it again while chasing a dragonfly. Continue reading “Akikan! – Episode 10”

Clannad After Story – Episode 22

Chiisana Tenohira
Small Palms

The girl in the Illusionary World is dying in the snow, and the robot regrets having her take the journey. The girl can finally hear the garbage doll, and tells him that they once existed in another world. As she hums the tune of “Dango Daikazoku”, the Illusionary World starts to collapse. As the robot is swept away, the girl calls him “Papa” and disappears with the world. The girl becomes light orbs that grant Tomoya his wish, to give him another chance with Nagisa.

Back at the hill, Tomoya sees Nagisa but is hesitant to call out to her recalling all of the terrible things that their “meeting” has caused her. In the end, Tomoya calls after Nagisa. She is relieved that he decided to do so and makes him promise to not regret having met her. Afterwards, Nagisa brings Tomoya through time, and together the voices of the robot and Tomoya note the end of his long journey.

Tomoya awakens to Ushio’s birth, but this time, Nagisa miraculously survives. After Nagisa watches Tomoya give Ushio her first bath, she and Tomoya see that countless orbs of light are floating throughout the city outside the window. They both sing to Ushio and from then on, Tomoya and Nagisa experience a happy life raising their daughter together, finally free of their cursed fate. Later, Fuko and her sister are walking to the new hospital to get a checkup. Fūko goes into the woods and spots the girl from the Illusionary World sleeping under a tree. When she approaches, it turns out to be Ushio sleeping under the tree; Fūko says that she would like to be friends, and that the fun begins there. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 22”

Akikan! – Episode 9

“The moment hearts connect”
“Kokoro, Tsunagaru Shunkan” (心、繋がる瞬間)

Melon gets a part-time job at a maid café ran by a transvestite in order to pay for her phone bill. While Kakeru teases her about it, Yell becomes intrigued by the idea of work, although Najimi tells her she doesn’t need to. As Melon goes home, she notices some kids playing catch. Yell goes missing overnight and while Kakeru, Melon and Najimi look for her, Melon becomes concerned about how close Kakeru and Najimi appear. They eventually find Yell working part time as a construction worker, and Najimi gets angry at her for not telling her, causing her to run off. When going over to Najimi’s house, Melon gets mad at Kakeru and runs off, and Kakeru notices she had written several unsent text messages saying she was lonely. Meanwhile, Najimi learns that Yell wanted to keep her work a secret so she could buy her a replacement for her watch that broke the other day. Najimi manages to find Yell, apologises and tells her she loves her, and Kakeru manages to find Melon and play catch with her. They then attend a Halloween themed birthday party for Yurika. Continue reading “Akikan! – Episode 9”

Clannad After Story – Episode 21

Sekai no Owari
The End of the World

Ushio’s fever does not back down and Tomoya decides to stay home to take care of her. In case he had to leave home, he calls for both Akio and Sanae to take his place. Ushio tells Tomoya that she wants to go on a trip again like last time, but he declines and tells her that it will happen once she gets better. After resigning from his work, Akio offers him some money, but Tomoya declines his kindness and Akio states that every man has something to protect. After several months, winter arrives, and Ushio’s fever still does not back down, and Tomoya seems to be getting sick too. Ushio once again ask Tomoya to go on a trip, and he ultimately accepts thinking that he might not be able to fulfill another promised wish. After they leave the house, Ushio’s fever worsens, and she dies in his arms right after telling her father that she loves him. Soon after, Tomoya collapses as well. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 21”

Akikan! – Episode 8

“Swimsuit Sensitivity!?”
“Mizugi de Binkan!?” (水着で敏感!?)

Kakeru goes with Najima to a swimming pool in order to fulfil his promise to take her on a date, although he is not as enthusiastic as she is about it. Melon and Yell, as well as Goro and Yurika, decide to tail them, and Yell starts to feel uneasy seeing Najimi with Kakeru. Otoya and Kizaki are also there on a day off, who tries to pull some moves on Goro; as well as Budoko, who tails Melon and Yell before being inadvertently scared off by Yell. After giving him swimming lessons and going down a water slide together, Najimi decides to take Kakeru on the Ferris Wheel, where she decides to make a confession to him. However, he falls asleep and misses the confession, and some rocking combined with misunderstandings leads Yell to go as far as leaping on top of the Ferris Wheel to stop them, with Melon having to break her off. Najimi decides to postpone her confession, and Yell contemplates her feelings and actions. Continue reading “Akikan! – Episode 8”