K-On! – Episode 13

“Winter Days!”
“Fuyu no Hi!” (冬の日!)

As the cold winter weather moves in, Yui offers to have nabe with everyone, but the girls are drawn away from each other by various concerns and obligations. Mio retreats to the beach alone to get inspiration for her lyrics, Tsumugi gets a part-time job at a fast food restaurant, Ritsu goes to a movie with her little brother Satoshi, and Azusa looks after Jun’s pet kitten. However, Mio cannot think of any lyrics, Tsumugi buckles under the pressure of her first job, and Azusa is left panicked and uncertain what to do when the kitten seems to be ill. A random, silly text from Yui cheers up the others and she goes to help Azusa with the kitten, who was just coughing up a hairball. They all meet up for burgers at Tsumugi’s restaurant later, where Ritsu is shocked to learn that what she thought was a love letter addressed to her were actually song lyrics Mio wrote. Continue reading “K-On! – Episode 13”

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Episode 13

“Endless Eight”
“Endoresu Eito” (エンドレスエイト)

Somehow summer vacation has repeated like the previous episode. Kyon is wracked by a sense of déjà vu. Itsuki is likewise troubled, while Yuki seems even more detached than usual. They finally figure out that Haruhi has put the last two weeks of August into an infinite loop because she refuses to let summer end. They find out that the loop has repeated 15,498 times with slight variations, but none of them can devise anything to stop the cycle from repeating. Upon their last meeting in a restaurant on last day, Kyon calls out after Haruhi in a last-ditch attempt to stop her from leaving, but fails to think of anything he can do, and she leaves. As the last day of vacation arrives, Kyon, resigned to the loop repeating itself, goes to bed without finishing his summer homework. Continue reading “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Episode 13”

K-On! – Episode 12

“Light Music!”
“Keion!” (軽音!)

Yui is still sick from her cold, which is possibly attributed to her wearing a short yukata for too long. As the band tries to make do with Azusa as lead guitarist, Yui supposedly shows up over with her cold. However, her playing is too perfect and when she accidentally messes up her honorifics, it is revealed that she is actually Ui, who had managed to play after a few days practice. Yui appears, but is still in no condition to play, so Mio tells her to stay home and recuperate until the day of the live performance. Yui eventually makes it in time, but forgets her guitar at home, so Sawako fills in for her while she goes to get it. Yui returns in time for the second song and the performance goes well, and the band even does an encore. Continue reading “K-On! – Episode 12”

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Episode 12

“Endless Eight”
“Endoresu Eito” (エンドレスエイト)

Kyon’s relaxing summer vacation is interrupted by a sudden phone call. It appears that Haruhi wants the SOS Brigade to join her in summer activities and unfortunately for Kyon, Haruhi has a long list of activities she wants to try out. As such, the group is taken on a whirlwind tour of summer activities for the next two weeks. They relax at the swimming pool, attend the upcoming summer festival, shoot off fireworks, hunt for bugs, take on a part-time job, stargaze, and play baseball at a batting range. They also watch a fireworks display, compete in a fishing tournament, travel through a cemetery, watch a blockbuster, go to the beach, go bowling, and sing karaoke. Finally, having gone through Haruhi’s entire list, the last day of August arrives. Though Kyon tries to make up for his lost time by doing his neglected summer homework, he eventually gives in to distraction and goes to bed without finishing it. Continue reading “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Episode 12”

K-On! – Episode 11

“Pinchi!” (ピンチ!)

When Ritsu is reminded by Nodoka to fill in the stage-use application form in advance, the band members notice they do not have a name yet. Azusa inspects the rust on Yui’s guitar strings, and it becomes apparent that Yui has never given her guitar maintenance before. They take it to the guitar shop, where Mio is entranced by rare left-handed bass guitars. After the guitar is repaired Yui realizes that she has to pay for the maintenance service, but has not brought any money with her. Though Tsumugi offers to pay instead, the shopkeeper, refusing to take money from her, tells her to consider it a free service. Later, Ritsu starts to become jealous of Mio spending time with Nodoka and begins to fall out with her. She ends up with a fever, so Mio visits and smooths things over, joined later by the other girls. Back at school, a recovered Ritsu gets in trouble for failing to turn in the application form on time, but Nodoka backs her up in front of the student council. Since the girls are unable to decide on a name for the band, Sawako makes an executive decision and assigns the name “After School Tea Time” to the band. Yui unfortunately ends up catching Ritsu’s cold. Continue reading “K-On! – Episode 11”

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Episode 11

“Remote Island Syndrome (Part Two)”
“Kotō Shōkōgun (Kōhen)” (孤島症候群(後編))

The SOS Brigade attempt to find clues to the murder of Keiichi. Yutaka Tamaru is initially suspect due to having been seen leaving the island the previous day before the storm hit. Kyon and Haruhi head outside during the storm, but find nothing, not even the boat. While drying off inside a cave, Haruhi comes to a startling conclusion about the murder, though there was a flaw to her story. They return to the villa and set to devising a plan to solve the mystery, but Haruhi later gives up trying to crack this case. Itsuki tells Kyon another theory to how the murder occurred, which leads the latter to prevent this from being known to the others. It is soon revealed that the murder was just a hoax to spur up excitement. Haruhi explains how she knew that the murder was faked. As the SOS Brigade set sail from the island, Itsuki says to Kyon that this was a plan to get Haruhi to keep her mind free from strange thoughts. Continue reading “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Episode 11”

K-On! – Episode 10

“Another Training Camp!”
“Mata Gasshuku!” (また合宿!)

Azusa and Ui hang out together for the first time for lunch, joined later by a stealthy Ritsu. Yui and Ritsu invite Sawako to join their next training camp, but she appears uninterested. The gang arrive at an even larger villa than last year, though Tsumugi apologetically points out that it is still not as large as the one she had desired. Yui and Ritsu want to play and Mio and Azusa want to practice, but Tsumugi casts the deciding vote in favor of playing. Although Azusa objects, she ends up having the most fun anyway, even getting sunburned in the process. After practice, dinner, and fireworks, Ritsu suggests a test of courage, and Mio and Azusa are shocked by the sudden appearance of Sawako. In the middle of the night, Azusa discovers Yui practicing the guitar, and they bond. Azusa meets up with Ui again, saying that despite not practicing much, she enjoyed the trip as she got to know more about the group. Continue reading “K-On! – Episode 10”

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Episode 10

“Remote Island Syndrome (Part One)”
“Kotō Shōkōgun (Zenpen)” (孤島症候群(前編))

A supposed distant relative of Itsuki, later recognized as Keiichi Tamaru, allows the SOS Brigade, along with Kyon’s sister, to stay at his newly built island villa. On their first day there, they enjoy the facilities and play outside on the beach, but are soon drawn inside by the arrival of a storm. While waiting for the storm to pass, Haruhi and her friends play games indoors and have fun together. Later, Keiichi disappears, and everyone starts searching for him. Ultimately, the SOS Brigade members find Keiichi dead in his room. Continue reading “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Episode 10”