Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai – Episode 13

“Ore no Kōhai ga Konna ni Kusatteru Wake ga Nai”
“My Junior Can’t Be This Rotten”

As Kuroneko, whose real name is revealed to be Ruri Goko, enrolls in Kyosuke’s school, Saori feels a bit downhearted that she hasn’t heard from Kirino. Kyosuke notices that Ruri is having trouble making friends due to her personality. Kyosuke and Ruri decide to take a look at the Games Research club, which is run by Gennosuke Miura, the guy Kyosuke had borrowed the bike from, and they eventually decide to join. As Kyosuke and Manami try their best to help Ruri, Ruri accuses Kyosuke of treating her like a replacement for Kirino. A welcoming party is held at the club, where Kyosuke meets Kōhei’s younger sister, Sena Akagi, who goes a little crazy when her obsession with yaoi is revealed and she accidentally reveals her perverted fantasies to the rest of the club, forcing Kyosuke to call up Kōhei to calm her down. At the end of the day, Kyosuke admits that, despite feeling lonely without Kirino, he won’t stop helping out Ruri, which makes her feel a bit happier. Continue reading “Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai – Episode 13”

K-On!! – OVA

“Keikaku!” (計画!)

Shortly before episode 14, after receiving souvenirs from Tsumugi’s trip to Finland following the summer festival, the girls decide to plan for an overseas trip after graduation. They practice various things for overseas travel, only to realize that, besides Tsumugi, none of them has a valid passport. While lining up to hand in their passport applications, Ritsu realizes she forgot her identity card so she sends her little brother Satoshi to fetch it. Mio needs to take a suitable photograph to complete her application, but keeps getting bothered by the others while attempting to take it. With everyone having their own ideas of where they would like to go, Yui suggests that they go on a second trip after Azusa graduates. Continue reading “K-On!! – OVA”