Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 8

“Senpai in Trouble”
“Senpai ga Pinch,” (先輩がPinch,)

After Ichika enjoys her first Japanese festival, Remon pops out of nowhere to challenge everyone to a test of courage at a dark shrine. During the test Rinon appears to Ichika, telling that an emergency beacon has been activated. True enough, a Federation lifeboat (a rescue drone) comes to rescue her (it’s more of taking her by force), but Ichika refuses, saying she has still a lot to do. Then again, when Kaito hears Ichika scream, he rushed to where she is, abandoning his partner Kanna. Even with the help of Rinna, one of Ichika’s machines, Kaito dies rescuing “the one he loves.” Ichika, however, manages to reverse Kaito’s death. Kaito awakens and sees himself with Ichika inside a ball of light, and mysteriously returning to the same spot. Everyone catches up to the two and sees Ichika incessantly apologizing in front of Kaito. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 8”

Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 8

“Escape Through the Sewer”
“Tōbō no Chikasuidō” (逃亡の地下水道)

Saito examining the fighter jet when the elves later comes to take him and Tiffa to a council to prejudice to what going happen to them, concerning they are a user of Void and Gandalfr thinking that they will bring destruction to the world. Saito tries to protect Tiffa from getting harmed by them and the elves without questioning comes to a conclusion to have them terminated. While being in jail, Saito also becomes Tiffania’s familiar when they kiss and a runes appear on his chest! Revealing that she really did summoned Saito back in Romalia. Saito and Tiffa are able to break out and try to escape underground thanks to the efforts of Arie, Luctiana, and her uncle Bidalsha. These helpers are now considered as traitors who have sided with a Void mage, Tiffa. Meanwhile, aboard the Ostland the gang flies into elves’ territory, Neftes, at full speed to pass and to avoid chaos, but later gets caught by a patrol ship. Louise concentrates on her desire to meet Saito, and vice-versa. Louise subconsciously cast a spell that causes a large magic hole to open for Saito, which is the escape route for them. When Louise began to faint, Saito held her hand, his newly gained familiar’s power sends some of his energy to her and Saito hugs Louise. They escape and convince the elves to let them go home, with Luctiana and Arie tagging along. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 8”

Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 7

“Senpai’s Feelings”
“Senpai no Kimochi.” (先輩の気持ち。)

Ichika’s worries are banished when she gets to the root of what’s going on with Kaori and Kaito; while Mio does her best to protect Tetsurō from a ravenous Chiharu—to a point of revealing a secret. The group wrapped up their filming the next day, as Kaori and Chiharu leaves for the airport right after filming. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 7”

Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 7

“Elves from the Desert”
“Sabaku no Erufu” (砂漠のエルフ)

As Tabitha about to depart for Gallia, the Gensou Siblings (Jack, Bleu, and Janette) attack De Ornielle to kill Saito, so a battle between them and Saito and company breaks out. As the battle goes on, a trio of elves sneaks in to capture Tiffa, but Saito confronts them. The fourth sibling, Damian, appears and uses alchemy to cease the fighting, and one of the elves uses that magic with his own to capture both Tiffa and Saito. Later, the two awaken in a desert oasis and meet their captor, a female elf named Luctiana. At Tristain, Henrietta tells Louise they cannot send a rescue party since Romalia is handling the situation, but Louise resolves to save Saito anyway. Luctiana tells Saito and Tiffa she is holding them to study human culture, and also reveals the reason why they were kidnapped was because Tiffa is a Void mage, a power which elves fear, and because Saito is Gandláfr. As Louise prepares to leave she is joined by Siesta and Tabitha, who are then joined by the rest of their friends on the Ostland. Saito and Tiffa try to escape, but are unable to since a magic binds them to the area. Saito assure Tiffa that they will escape, and the two decide to go for a swim in the oasis, where Saito discovers a submerged fighter jet. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 7”

Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 6

“Senpai’s Rival”
“Senpai ni Raibaru.” (先輩にライバル。)

As Ichika is pondering on what Tetsurō told Kaito that night, thanks to Tetsurō’s sister, filming for their movie goes to Okinawa, where Kaito meets a childhood friend, and her companion is attracted to Tetsurō. This puts Kanna and Ichika at an unease, especially when Kaori, the girl, says that Kaito is her fiance. Mio, on the other hand, is uneasy herself when Chiharu, Kaori’s companion, sets her sights on Tetsurō. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 6”

Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 6

“Trouble at the Outdoor Bath”
“Haran no Rotenburo” (波乱の露天風吕)

A hot spring is discovered at De Ornielle, so Saito decides to modify it into a bath and invites everyone he knows to try it. Louise later thanks Tabitha for helping her make up with Saito, but Tabitha warns her that she meant every word and next time she will take Saito for herself. That night, Illococoo reminds Tabitha that she is running out of time with her decision, so Tabitha chooses to make her move on Saito. Her attempt is quickly stopped by Louise. The following morning, everyone arrives where they are greeted with everyone else invited. Upon everyone else’s arrival, Siesta and Louise soon spot a hooded figure entering the mansion. Louise and Siesta capture the figure, who turns out to be Henrietta, who explains she wanted to try the hot spring. As Henrietta and Louise bathe, Louise confronts Henrietta on her feelings towards Saito, which soon turns into a cat fight since Henrietta confessed that she loves Saito. They soon make up; although Henrietta tells Louise she will still pursue Saito. Later, Saito talks with Henrietta to assure his feelings for Louise clear and the life he had back in his world, but Henrietta reassures him that she has not given up on him. The girls then enjoy a group bath but Tiffa soon becomes light headed from soaking too long, so she stays in for the night as everyone else leaves. With everyone gone, Louise and Saito bathe together in the hot spring and promise to die together, and kisses. The two soon return to their room where they passionately kiss. As Louise lies down, she signs at Saito that she wants to have sex. But as Saito discovers Tiffa asleep in their room, Louise misunderstands her presence and blows Saito up in anger about breaking his promise not to cheat on her. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 6”

Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 5

“Senpai Is a Heroine”
“Senpai wa Hiroin.” (先輩はヒロイン。)

Ichika becomes the heroine of the independent film the gang were planning before summer break. Kaito agrees, while helping Ichika look for that particular place she is looking for. Kanna becomes uneasy when the lines for the film becomes somewhat uncannily realistic, especially in the scenes involving Kaito and Ichika. Even Kaito was surprised by Ichika’s questions that evening. As the next day was a rainy one and filming is cancelled, Kanna goes to Kaito’s house to bring some nozawana. That evening, Tetsurō, after meeting an uneasy home-bound Kanna, sneaks into Kaito’s room. He tells him that she, his childhood friend, is in love with him. Ichika overhears the conversation. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 5”

Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 5

“The Maidens of De Ornielle”
“Do Oruniēru no Otome-tachi” (ド・オルニエールの乙女たち)

In De Ornielle, Tabitha still hasn’t decided if she wishes to be queen of Gallia yet, Illococoo says she wants to be married and have a baby before she becomes queen. Louise and Saito spend time with each other on a hill and they share a kiss. Eléonore soon comes over and tells Louise that she can’t live with a random noble like Saito and demands her to return home. Louise then convinces her sister to let her stay by promising to have Saito act like a noble. Louise starts training Saito for the whole day and the two inevitably argue, leaving Saito sleeping on a busted lounge chair in the basement. Later that night, as Louise is worried in bed, Saito discovers a hidden passage that leads to a secret room with a mystical mirror. He touches the mirror and discovers that it’s portal that leads to Henrietta’s mirror. Henrietta goes through the mirror and meets with Saito. As Louise explores the mansion to search for Saito, she finds Saito in the room where she sees him and Henrietta kissing. Her tears fall as she quietly leaves the passage unnoticed. Saito tells Henrietta that he truly loves Louise and cannot accept Henrietta’s feelings. Saito soon leaves to hear Derflinger tell him that Louise was there, crying, and Saito ran off to find Louise leaving on a horse. Louise just smiled and apologized for not realizing his feelings towards the princess. At the Magic Academy, Tabitha then tells Louise that she would have Saito as her husband. Kirche explained to Louise that queens (i.e. nobility) can’t freely fall in love since they are often betrothed so she must honest with Saito and tells her true feelings as to not put him in a struggle. Saito is afterward seen on the hill again, thinking about going back to his world since Louise is not there with him. Louise comes back to Saito where and confesses that she wants to be with him forever. Saito happily tells Louise that she is the one who he is in love with and they embrace each other. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 5”