Grisaia no Kajitsu – Episode 13

10 Centimeter Field of Fire

With Yuuji’s encouragement, he and Amane decide to go face their past together. However, Yuuji does have one doubt about Amane’s story: “Did Kazuki really die?” Yuuji heads to the accident site with Amane leading the way to find answers. Continue reading “Grisaia no Kajitsu – Episode 13”

Grisaia no Kajitsu – Episode 12

Angelic Howl III

It has been several days since falling into the abyss. The girls exhaust their food on hand and don’t have the willpower left to believe they’ll be saved. Slowly but surely they begin to break. Continue reading “Grisaia no Kajitsu – Episode 12”

Grisaia no Kajitsu – Episode 11

Angelic Howl II

The Takizono basketball club members who have narrowly survived the bus’ fall can’t reach anyone for help. They’ve been left behind in what seems like Hell on Earth. In the middle of that hopeless brush with death, Amane meets a girl who calls herself “Kazuki Kazami.” Continue reading “Grisaia no Kajitsu – Episode 11”

Grisaia no Kajitsu – Episode 10

Angelic Howl I

Amane has shown one-sided favor for Yuuji, who she should have been meeting for the first time, ever since the day he transferred in. Yuuji is left wondering if there isn’t a more compelling reason she is always so devoted to him other than “love at first sight,” even though it hasn’t been long since she got to know him. Continue reading “Grisaia no Kajitsu – Episode 10”