Iketeru Futari – Episode 9

Intiative! Koizumi Akira’s Night of Burning Passion!
Sakite! Shōzen no Moeru Yoru
先手! 小泉明の萌える夜♥

Koizumi’s dad is back and it seems as though he is unaware of the kinds of stuff his daughter gets into. Later on Saji confronts Koizumi who is busy pulling the same prank on men again and because she forgot her key-card, she ask Saji if she can spend the night at his place.less- Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 9”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 8

Sweet Heart Valentine Special
Suwīto Hāto Barentain Supesharu

It’s Valentine’s day and Saji seems really busy fantasizing rather than thinking of what to do. He later comes up with the idea to make her chocolates, but how will things pan out? Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 8”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 7

Broke Up! A Prickling Attack Helps…Right-
Sekkō! Ni wa Chiku-chiku Kōgeki ga… Chiku?
絶交! には、チクチク攻撃が…チク?

It doesn’t take long for Saji to get on Koizumi’s bad side, by fantasizing about her during class. Saji is lost in trying to figure out their relationship and tries his best to win over Koizumi, again with help from her classmates. Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 7”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 6

Can’t Feel Any Worse- Get More Panties!
Tsuishi ga Fukeba, Panti ga mo ~ Karu?

Saji seems to be failing maths and straight away ask Koizumi for help, but as usual she rejects him. At that moment Yuki arrives and offers to help that doomed idiot. What’s this, is Koizumi jealous? Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 6”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 5

Watch Out for the Lovers’ Sudden Kiss
Abunai Koibito? Ikinari Chu~
アブナイ恋人? いきなりでチュ〜

After the events of yesterday Koizumi and Saji are somehow back to the way they started, Saji continuously following her around and Koizumi denying any feelings for him. Saji is just confused and decides to follow her in hope of discovering her secret. Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 5”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 4

At Last, The Bed..
Semete Beddo de

Koizumi has got a cold so her classmate Arigase decides to take her home. Nevertheless, Saji uses this as an opportunity and helps to take Koizumi home. Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 4”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 3

Squishy Squishy and Wobble Wobble

Saji is on the prowl in search for Koizumi, while she tries her best to flee, Saji gets the better of her. Koizumi manages to escape not without beating sense into Saji, as if that would work. The two classmates of Koizumi begin to tell Saji about Koizumi, but even they find her a bit of a mystery. Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 3”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 2

Throb to the Beat, Wobbling Breasts
Bīto de Pikkun, Kyonyū de Purun

Saji’s wakes up feeling very confident about him and Koizumi because of their night out. However Koizumi is incredibly annoyed him constantly following her and she repeatedly rejects him. Will Saji persevere or just give up? Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 2”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 1

SOS! Alice in Shibuya
SOS! Shibuya de Arisu♥
SOS! 渋谷でアリス♥

It all begins with a 16 year-old boy named Keisuke Saji, dreaming as usual about girls but is abruptly woken up. Then all of a sudden his Dad’s mobile rings and he answers it to hear what seems to be a young girl on the other end. Who is this girl and why is she calling his dad? Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 1”