Iketeru Futari – Episode 2

Throb to the Beat, Wobbling Breasts
Bīto de Pikkun, Kyonyū de Purun

Saji’s wakes up feeling very confident about him and Koizumi because of their night out. However Koizumi is incredibly annoyed him constantly following her and she repeatedly rejects him. Will Saji persevere or just give up? Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 2”

Iketeru Futari – Episode 1

SOS! Alice in Shibuya
SOS! Shibuya de Arisu♥
SOS! 渋谷でアリス♥

It all begins with a 16 year-old boy named Keisuke Saji, dreaming as usual about girls but is abruptly woken up. Then all of a sudden his Dad’s mobile rings and he answers it to hear what seems to be a young girl on the other end. Who is this girl and why is she calling his dad? Continue reading “Iketeru Futari – Episode 1”