Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 38

“Great Treasure Okinawa”

Eikichi learns of a hidden treasure somewhere on one of Okinawa’s islands and decides that a special class trip is in order. During the expedition, Anko and her friends tie up Noboru to leave him in the jungle, but end up getting lost in the process. Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 38”

Love Hina – Episode 15

“I Love You!? Romantic Confession Inside a Cave: Tall Tale”
“Suki! Dōkutsu no naka no Rabu Rabu Sengen Horaana” (好き!洞くつの中のラブラブ宣言 ほらあな)

Keitaro is forced to look after Seta’s adoptive daughter Sarah while the archaeologist is on a dig. A series of events leads them to the darker part of Hinata House, where everyone make a startling discovery. Continue reading “Love Hina – Episode 15”

Love Hina – Episode 14

“Naru’s Crush Is Now a Tokyo U Professor: Turning Into Love?”
“Saikai? Naru akogare no hito wa ima Tōdai Kōshi Rabu he na” (再会?なる憧れの人は今東大講師 ラブへな)

There is a financial crisis at Hinata House: if the residents don’t come up with 67,000 yen in three days, the utility companies will cut off all services. Keitaro ends up working for one of Tokyo U’s scientists, not to mention his hyperactive daughter, but doesn’t know about the old connection between this man and Naru. Continue reading “Love Hina – Episode 14”

Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 37

“Living Together”

To make it a trip to remember, Eikichi assigns his students to co-ed rooms. Noboru is perplexed with Eikichi’s decision to assign him with Anko and her friends. Eikichi helps Noboru make the most of a bad situation with a good old-fashioned prank on the girls. Continue reading “Great Teacher Onizuka – Episode 37”

Love Hina – Episode 13

“The First Kiss Tastes Like Lemon? Marshmallow? Grown-up”
“Hatsu kisu no aji wa remon? Mashumaro? Otona” (初キスの味はレモン?マシュマロ? おとな)

After spying on one of Keitaro’s failed attempts to kiss Naru, Shinobu ends up worrying who her first kiss will be with. Her mind says Keitaro, but with Su added into the equation, who knows who it will be? Continue reading “Love Hina – Episode 13”

Love Hina – Episode 12

“Changing After the Wedding? Swordmaster Motoko’s Sunday Best: Feminine”
“Oironaoshi? Kengō Motoko no Haregisugata Onna no ko na” (お色直し?剣豪モトコの晴れ着姿 女の子な)

Motoko has a secret fear: turtles. So when Naru’s pet Tama-chan falls in with the laundry, Motoko finds herself asking everyone for clothes, even Keitaro! The only problem is, without her own clothes, she cannot summon her ki, and therefore has no skill with the sword. And when Su’s robotic Tama-chan comes crashing towards Hinata House, the residents definitely need a swordswoman. Continue reading “Love Hina – Episode 12”