Love Hina Again – Episode 3

“Naru” (なる)

Things are a little strange after Kanako, Keitaro, and Naru were in the annex. Both seem to have dreams with Moe as guide showing there true feelings and past promises. Naru still can’t show her feelings for Keitaro, causing Shinobu, Matoko, and Kanako in particular much frustration. Kanako tries to find both of there feelings using her usual method of disguise. To her disappointment, Naru seems too confused. Both of them are in love of course, however Naru’s too afraid to face Shinobu and Motoko. Kanako tries to lure Keitaro again as Naru. Knowing its really her Keitaro goes after her to explain how he loved her as a kid sister. Keitaro’s feelings goes against the abandoned annex’s spell. He and his sister are brought to its top floor. Naru in an effort to find Keitaro’s ring to confess and prove her love tries to go to the top floor clock. But she must go through her own friends, the residents of Hinata. As Naru makes her way up, Keitaro apologizes for forgetting his annex promise to Kanako, but explains how he’ll love her as a sister. Naru retrieves the ring and finally confesses her love to Keitaro Urishima. Being one of his promise girls Moe helped Naru and Keitaro. Continue reading “Love Hina Again – Episode 3”

Full Metal Panic! – Episode 12

“One Night Stand”
“Wan Naito Sutando” (ワン·ナイト·スタンド)

The Behemoth chases Sousuke, Kurz, Kaname, and Tessa through the city streets while Mithril dispatches the Arbalest to fight the Behemoth. With the help of Tessa and Kaname’s Whispered abilities, Sousuke locates the Behemoth’s weak spot and destroys it. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 12”

Full Metal Panic! – Episode 11

“Behemoth Awakening”
“Behemosu Kakusei” (ベヘモス覚醒)

The hostage exchange goes awry, and instead Tessa and Kaname are taken to the terrorists’ hide-out inside a tanker. Sousuke regroups with Kurz and Melissa to rescue their friends. During the rescue attempt, Takuma activates the massive Behemoth AS. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 11”

Full Metal Panic! – Episode 10

“Run, Running, Ran”
“Ran Ranningu Ran” (ラン·ランニング·ラン)

Kaname visits Sousuke’s apartment, becoming involved with Mithril’s situation. They realize that the apartment is no longer safe, taking Takuma to the Jindai High campus for safekeeping. However, the terrorists locate him and capture Tessa and Kaname. Sousuke is forced to give up Takuma for the two girls. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 10”

Full Metal Panic! – Episode 9

“Dangerous Safe House”
“Abunai Sēfu Hausu” (あぶないセーフハウス)

Tessa is sent to see Takuma Kugayama, a young boy captured at Narita whom Mithril suspects of being capable of operating the Lambda Driver. However, the A21 terrorist group attacks the compound to free their comrade, but Tessa flees with him to Sousuke’s safe house. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! – Episode 9”