Da Capo – Episode 22

Suteki na omoide
Wonderful Memories

Nemu manages to regain consciousness, to the relief of Jun’ichi and his friends. Yoriko asks Jun’ichi for her “wages”: a date at night. Together they share Yoriko’s dream, going to school together and building wonderful memories with the boy Misaki fell in love with. In the end, Yoriko finally returns to her mistress as her cat. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 22”

Tsukihime – Episode 8

“Origami” (檻髪)

When Shiki returns home, Akiha collapses shortly after a conversation with him. Kohaku claims she will be fine, and Shiki stays with her through the night. The next day, he is strangely asked by Ciel to allow things to stay normal longer. At home, he sees Akiha taking blood from Kohaku’s breast. Arcueid later reveals that Roa reincarnates in the bodies of families with inhuman characteristics, leading Shiki to believe that Akiha is Roa. Later that evening, Shiki follows Akiha, watching her hair turn red. Shiki then goes with Arcueid, but after leaving her, he is attacked by a man who can see the same lines as him, and Shiki is cut across the chest. After Ciel forces the man to retreat, Shiki collapses. Continue reading “Tsukihime – Episode 8”

Da Capo – Episode 21

Sakura no kesshin
Sakura’s Determination

Having realized she lost to Nemu, Sakura decides to move on, but when word of Nemu’s unusual condition reaches her, she rushes to her side. A chat with Yoriko prompts Sakura to make a fateful decision. Believing the magic has become troublesome Sakura sacrifices her most important thing and withers the magical cherry blossom tree. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 21”

Tsukihime – Episode 7

“Blue Sin Mark”
“Aoi Toga Ato” (蒼い咎跡)

Akiha agrees to go with Shiki and his friends to an amusement park, and they are joined by Arcueid whom they meet on the way. The group enjoys the rides, although Shiki is exhausted in the process. As the group squabbles over where to go next, Yumizuka manages to break the animosity between Ahika, Arcueid, and Ciel, and the group ends up going to an onsen. Once there, Yumizuka divulges her envy of Arcueid’s beauty, but Arcueid replies that she cannot have a significant relationship with Shiki because she is not human. Meanwhile, Akiha and Ciel converse, with Ciel revealing that she believes Akiha is not human, causing Akiha to storm off. Continue reading “Tsukihime – Episode 7”

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – Episode 12

“5th Period Hot Spot”
“Go Jikan Me no Hotto Supotto” (五時間目のホット·スポット)

A classmate accidentally opens Sousuke’s biohazardous container, causing a classroom quarantine. Sousuke later learns that the contents were not pathogenic, but destroys synthetic clothing instead. Relieved that there is no outbreak, he now fears the repercussions from his angry classmates. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – Episode 12”

Da Capo – Episode 20

Surechigau kimochi
Feelings in Disagreement

Seeing Jun’ichi and Nemu closer than ever before, Sakura tries to pull them apart using Jun’ichi’s sense of honor regarding the promise they made under the cherry blossom tree six years ago, sparking a heated quarrel between the two girls. Unable to keep a certain promise from their childhood Jun’ichi makes a decision. That night, Nemu collapses in Jun’ichi’s arms, with cherry blossom petals falling from her lips. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 20”

Tsukihime – Episode 6

“White Dream”
“Shiroi Yume” (白い夢)

Shiki overhears at school that three students went missing the previous night while they were in the city. When he returns home, Akiha has tea with him after dinner, and allows him to have a television, even though she normally dislikes noisy objects. Shiki manages to leave home and meet with Arcueid, who reveals she had been working to get money. They then notice the three supposedly missing students, whom Arcueid identifies as being under Roa’s control. Arcueid dispatches two, and Shiki manages to defeat the third. Afterwards, Shiki takes Arcueid through the city, and promises to go on a date with her later. Continue reading “Tsukihime – Episode 6”

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – Episode 11

“Uncontrollable Bluebird”
“Mamanaranai Burūbādo” (ままならないブルーバード)

A lack of space for all of Jindai High’s student organizations prompts a review of each group’s numbers. Because they only have two members, the social science club agrees to give up their room through a contest to see which club can recruit the most members of the opposite gender. Sousuke participates, but his poor social skills fail to attract anyone to his club. Kaname, feeling sorry for Sousuke, decides to help out so he can avoid a bet he made with another club. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – Episode 11”

Da Capo – Episode 19

Shiawase na jikan
A Blissful Time

The transformation in Jun’ichi and Nemu’s relationship becomes the talk of the school; Miharu even supports them. Sakura and Suginami warn them against taking the relationship further, in spite of Jun’ichi and Nemu aren’t related by blood. Jun’ichi mediates with Sakura. Nemu collapses during a student council meeting, and that night she and Jun’ichi become even closer despite the warnings. Sakura senses Jun’ichi’s determination. Continue reading “Da Capo – Episode 19”

Tsukihime – Episode 5

“A Bow of the Sky”
“Sora no Yumi” (空の弓)

Embarrassed, Shiki goes down to meet Arcueid, who wants him to start helping her hunt vampires. They agree on a meeting time, and Shiki manages to leave home with the aid of Hisui, the other maid. After meeting Arcueid, she explains that she is hunting a vampire named Roa, who reincarnates by transferring his soul from host body to host body after he is killed. Shiki and Arcueid are confronted by a pair of dead humans under Roa’s control, and Arcueid quickly dispatches them. The next day, Shiki is confronted by Ciel, and she takes him to her tea room, where she tells him to be wary of Arcueid. Arcueid treats Shiki to dinner that night, but quickly leaves after seeing his blood. Continue reading “Tsukihime – Episode 5”