Wind: A Breath of Heart – Episode 1

Saikai no Melody
The Melody of Reunion
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Samurai Champloo – Episode 5

“Artistic Anarchy”
“Utter Indifference / Bajitōfū” (馬耳東風)

Fuu is targeted as a kidnapper group’s next victim. Will the others be able to save her in time? Continue reading “Samurai Champloo – Episode 5”

Samurai Champloo – Episode 4

“Hellhounds for Hire (Part 2)”
“Tacit Understanding 2 / Ishindenshin sono ni” (以心伝心 其之弐)

A dice rolling contest will decide the fate of the gang warfare. Who will end up dying as a result? Continue reading “Samurai Champloo – Episode 4”

Samurai Champloo – Episode 3

“Hellhounds for Hire (Part 1)”
“Tacit Understanding 1 / Ishindenshin sono ichi” (以心伝心 其之壱)

Mugen and Jin, annoyed with Fuu’s demands, disband the group at a fork in the road, each taking separate paths, unknowingly joining the ranks of two gangs involved in a conflict. Fuu is captured by yakuza and turned into a harlot and dice dealer, supervising the dice game between Mugen and Jin that ultimately reminds them of their promise and duty. Continue reading “Samurai Champloo – Episode 3”

Samurai Champloo – Episode 2

“Redeye Reprisal”
“Veritable Pandemonium / Hyakkiyakō” (百鬼夜行)

Following the previous episode, a bodyguard of prefect’s son plots revenge against Mugen after he sliced off his arm in the restaurant. To do so, he convinces his large, ogre-like companion from his remote hut in the woods to kidnap Fuu. Continue reading “Samurai Champloo – Episode 2”