Wind: A Breath of Heart – Episode 12.5

Omoi Todoku Toki
Distant Feelings

It’s the school festival that day and everyone has something going on. Makoto and Tsutomu are having fun together until Shikouin has Tsutomu help her pass out fliers. Nozomi is in a play, Hinata is running a maze, and Wakaba and Minamo are both doing cafes. Later on, Minamo and Makoto go to see a play and, while leaving, run into Hikari. Hikari is no longer herself, however, but is now Aya. Makoto and Hikari seem to recognize each other, but later, when talking to Minamo, Makoto says he can’t remember Hikari’s face. She seems to have faded not just from everyone’s memories but also from pictures as well. She now lives on a new life.

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